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Borough of Oakland Police Department : Email Tax Scam Warning

May 16,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Oakland Nj, Borough of Oakland Police Department is warning residents to beware of an email from a company named ontracksolutions requesting resident to pay their property tax payment to them through their website. This email which also states it comes from the Oakland Tax Assessor is not real and was not sent from the Borough Of Oakland. Do not pay this as it is a scam!!! See the below sample of this email:
To: “Your name will be here”
Subject: Invoice # 6856473259
This is a friendly reminder that your bill from Oakland Tax Assessor is due soon. If you have not already sent or scheduled a payment, please do so now. Payment options are also available on link:
>>> http:// “The link has been deleted”
Thank you,
Oakland Tax Assessor