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Readers Voice Concern Over Ken Smith Construction


“At around 12:30 PM today (Wed. 2/6), as I was driving east toward Franklin Ave. under the train trestle, the car in front of me stopped with its left blinker flashing to turn into the construction site. Good think I was driving very slowly. This made me and everyone behind me wait until that car was gone in a place where left turns have never been permitted. Cars driving west did not stop because they aren’t accustomed to it and even if they wanted to be accommodating, might have figured that it could be dangerous for them to stop suddenly immediately after going through the light at Broad St. An accident is waiting to happen and meanwhile it’s going to be a big problem if left turns continue there.

The council needs to force the developer to block off that entrance before an accident blocks the entire underpass. Imagine how that would go, with everyone funneled down Broad and under the Ackerman Ave. overpass. Now imagine it at 5 PM.”

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Developing Your Ecommerce Store Brand

CBD ridgewood ArtChick

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, With billions of consumers shopping online everyday, neglecting your ecommerce brand is never a good idea. To lead a small business well, you must be able to present a consistent brand. By developing a consistent brand and molding it to consumer expectations, your ecommerce site can become very successful. However, making too many changes to your brand may alarm a steady flow of consumers. However, neglecting to create and evolve your brand can stunt ecommerce growth. Consider some ways that you can develop a top-tier ecommerce brand for a business that thrives.

Stick to Your Brand’s Values and Mission Statement

If you look around at every eminent online retailers, they are known for stellar values and outstanding mission statements that revolve around the consumers that they serve. Consistency with your brand’s values and mission statement is key to building a solid brand. The sooner that you commit to developing an original brand, the quicker that your ecommerce store can reap the benefits. Developing a brand online requires defining a clear mission that resonates with customers, and sticking to the values that consumers look for. Once you start to define the pillars of your brand, you can construct your ecommerce store to reflect them. Brand pillars provide a strong foundation, so your business plans and marketing strategy should support these factors. Brands that build a reputation for quality products, meaningful innovations, and excellent customer service often outshine their competitors.

Use Social Media to Skyrocket Your Brand

The Pew Research Center reports that tons of people from various demographic populations log in to social media on a daily basis. Social media platforms are ripe with branding opportunities. In this day and age, any ecommerce store that wants to attain maximum growth must brand itself well on social media. This makes social media a ripe terrain for popularizing your brand and taking your ecommerce store to the next level. In addition to spreading knowledge of your brand using great posts and vivid images, the capacity to go viral at a moment’s notice is very real. Collaborating with social media influencers who have responsive followers can also prove to be a source of welcome attention and sales.

Utilize Split Testing to Increase Conversions

Using split testing can help you decide the best brand colors, logo designs, headlines, captions, placement settings, and a host of other factors to increase conversions in your ecommerce store. If customer traffic is already booming and feedback is positive, then no major changes are necessary. Instead, you can influence customers to promote and share information and reviews about your business. Examining your conversion rates to determine traffic flow and click-through rates to your landing and checkout pages can help you benefit from the traffic you have, and raise those rates.

Alter the Consumer Experience Through Feedback

Maintaining consistent feedback with consumers is important to build a recognizable brand. An ecommerce store that lacks an alluring brand can quickly fall to the wayside. Business owners who are deciding what changes to make to their site should consider consumer feedback before making a move. If people are already responding to you brand, you may simply need to increase traffic. Using a effective magento enterprise alternative can help business owners create a captivating ecommerce site that proves a superior experience for consumers. With an attractive ecommerce site, it is easier to get consumers to make a purchase, and return for more. However, if people already approve and celebrate your brand, making too many changes to can shake up loyal members in your customer base.

Changing your company’s logo or name is often not a good idea if you have already created a significant following, but focusing on improving customer the experience is necessary. Although a brand’s mission and overall values should remain consistent, the experience your brand offers may require an upgrade The Medium suggests that customers are looking for a fantastic experience, and you can elevate your brand by providing one. Modern consumers appreciate and enjoy a highly functional website, excellent loading speeds, a smooth purchasing process, and a variety of payment options. By enhancing factors that affect the customer experience, you increase satisfaction and maximize customer retention.

The overflow of technological changes has caused many business owners to revamp their brands to gain customers and maintain relevance in the market. If you already have a unique brand, you should think twice about changing major factors associated with it. If your site is having trouble attracting consumers, then revamping your brand may be one of the wisest choices that you can make. Companies are also making the decision to link together with other companies (B2B) to grow to tremendous heights. Understanding if you need to be more flexible with your brand depends on the feedback you receive from customers. In order to make the right decisions, you need to have an accurate perspective of how consumers see your brand , and then use that information to guide you forward.

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The Future of Ridgewood’s Central Business District


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood ‘s central business district has been the point of contention . In the age of internet shopping , the debate is hot an heavy over how to make the CBD more appealing and more competitive.

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Ridgewood Visions the Future

abraham godwin ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, the Village of Ridgewood officially launched Our Village, Our Future, a Village-wide visioning process that will inform the creation of its next Master Plan. The website will serve as the main online portal for Our Village, Our Future.

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Here Comes the Hudson Garage

parking garage cbd

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Hache gives us a rundown on the Hudson Street parking garage . According to the Mayor ; Parking in our Central Business District continues to be one of the most important issues for our residents, employees and business owners. 

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Andrew Zimmer Host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Food will be Appearing at Bookends in Ridgewood

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Bookends in Ridewood will host Andrew Zimmern on Thursday, February 7th @ 6:00pm. Zimmer is the Host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Food, and the James Beard award-Winner, Andrew Zimmern, will take a quick photo & sign his new book:AZ and the lost City of Ophi  .

Appearing authors will only autograph books purchased at Bookends and must have valid Bookends Receipt.

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Reader says ,”It’s not a Ridgewood thing that we no longer have a downtown of butcher, bakers, and candlestick makers”


It’s not a Ridgewood thing that we no longer have a downtown of butcher, bakers, and candlestick makers. Brick and mortar retail, anywhere, has been dying for years and is now dying at a very rapid rate. Next to wind things up are the banks, closely followed by pharmacies. This might not seem like much of a big deal to most, but these banks pump in a lot in the ways of rents, taxes, employment, and just a physical presence. What we are left with are the service businesses (hair/nail, cafes, & restaurants). The profit margins on these places is razor thin and it’s why they turn over frequently.

No amount of increased parking is going to change anything.

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Reader says ,”The newer people will never believe that it was once possible to have a charming town”


“The newer people will never believe that it was once possible to have a charming town. One had all types of stores. One could buy reasonably priced clothing and the merchants even notified you if you had a child that needed special skinny sizes when they received a shipment you could use. You could walk into a hardware store with a handful of screws and say “I need more of these.” We had our own butcher shop which had great meats at reasonable prices–and hired Down’s syndrome individuals to keep it clean. We had a news, stationery, business supplies and gift shop where you could buy anything practical you needed. If we didn’t have it in Ridgewood, it probably was not made. Now we have a great selection of restaurants and not much else.”

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Real Estate Professional Joins Special Properties’ Ridgewood-West Office as Realtor Associate®

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

RIDGEWOOD NJ , Special Properties Real Estate Services, LLC, an exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, has welcomed Eric Martens as a Realtor Associate in its Ridgewood-West office in Ridgewood, NJ. His addition is part of the agency’s ongoing growth and expansion throughout northern New Jersey.

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Ridgewood Public Library and Ben&Jerry’s present Ridgewood Read it&Eat it photo challenge


1) Starting on Feb. 1st, 2019, every purchase made at Ben&Jerry’s Ridgewood location will include a Photo Challenge Card.

2| Stop by the Ridgewood Public Library to locate item specified on your Photo Challenge Card.

3| Once item is located at the library take a picture with the item, Photo Challenge Card, and yourself in front of the Ben &Jerry’s Photo Opp (located at
the Ridgewood Public Library’s lobby area).
4| Post picture on Instagram with the hashtag #ridgewoodreaditandeatit.
Don’t forget to tag us @benandjerrysnj and

Enter as many challenges as you like. Each entry will be submitted into a weekly raffle. One winner per week will be drawn and prizes may vary. ALL entries will be entered into a Grand Raffle Prize. Two lucky
winners will be selected to win either a year of free ice cream (one pint each week) or a catering party courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s. Names will be drawn at the Ridgewood Public Library’s Library Con on Saturday,
March 9 @ 3pm (125 N. Maple Ave., Ridgewood NJ 07450).
Please contact Ridgewood Public Library, Youth Services Dept. (201) 670-5600 ext. 110 or Ben & Jerry’s (201) 689-1122 for more information.

Have fun!!!!