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Reader says, I teach my kids before you walk into a street anywhere in the world you look both ways it’s just common sense

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That’s got to be one of the stupidest laws that we ever heard of allowing people just don’t walk from the sidewalk and curb into the street where traffic is rolling down the road and a minimum of 25 mph. I don’t give a shit about what law, I teach my kids before you walk into a street anywhere in the world you look both ways it’s just common sense. I love it when you get these idiots will just walk into the street with their head down, And then they have their phone on listening to music looking up at the space you idiots. I blame the parents for not teaching your kids from right and wrong that more is wrong. If someone is driving down Ridgewood having you at 25 mph the law, and a fool just went into the street without looking are you kidding me. And what about these jaywalkers that walk out between garage and getting it put cameras put cameras all around the CBD and you’ll see the stupidity thank you-year-old friend.

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Reader says Gas Tax Deal , The only common sense was reduction in the estate tax

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The only common sense was reduction in the estate tax. It should be immediately eliminated if the full gas hike is immediate. Everyone I know has already changed their domicile to Florida and “self-exiled” for 182 days per year in order to preserve their money.
Forcing those with expendable income to go elsewhere for 6 months a year hurts nj economy but you can’t explain that to some moron democrat .
The gas tax massive increase will get pissed away by the democrats who control the state legislature.
The proper way to get more bang for the buck is to allow non Union construction companies to perform the work. I see the same 3 contractors doing the majority of the work.
That explains why it costs nj 2 million per mile, the most in the USA

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Pedestrians must show common sense



Pedestrians must show common sense

Regarding “Pedestrian safety must start from ground up” (Page L-1, March 1):

My route home from work often takes me through Ridgewood, and it is a white-knuckle driving experience after the sun goes down. Pedestrians dart out from between parked cars, cross at unmarked crosswalks and give no indication of planning to cross until a car is practically on top of them.

Many also wear dark clothing that makes them difficult to see. Combine these dark-clad wraithlike figures with the blinding quality of today’s headlights, and it’s a wonder the number of pedestrian deaths isn’t higher.

I’m all for yielding to pedestrians, but one would think that when faced with a multiple-ton vehicle, hedging your bets is just not a great idea. I realize that “look both ways,” as I was taught as a child, no longer works on the congested roads of today. But I would ask that pedestrians please be sensible. Don’t jaywalk. Don’t assume cars will stop. Don’t use your baby in a stroller as a human shield. Verify that drivers can see you before crossing.

A little courtesy both ways could help pedestrians and drivers.

Jill Cozzi

Washington Township, March 2