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NJDOT advising motorists to plan ahead for Wednesday’s storm

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TRENTON  NJ, New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) officials today issued a Winter Weather Congestion Alert and are implementing the Department’s Business Day Protocol for Wednesday, February 20, based on the forecast for expected snow and freezing rain beginning tomorrow morning and continuing throughout the day, which may result in difficult driving conditions, particularly during the Wednesday evening commute.

The Department is advising motorists to plan ahead and to consider curtailing travel tomorrow if possible. Snow is expected to begin tomorrow morning in South Jersey and move north. It is expected to intensify in the afternoon and at some point it is expected to turn to freezing rain, which may cause difficult driving conditions.

NJDOT will be deploying the necessary resources in advance of the storm and is coordinating its response with NJ Transit and the toll road authorities to ensure the best response for New Jerseyans.

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Reader says , “The problem is that we have too many short term residents”

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The problem is that we have too many short term residents. People are able to get elected because they have friends and contacts they make due to their young children in school . Where else could a short term resident like aronson or zuzsy get elected?
Many towns with a more stable population (instead of NYC people who live here for a 10 year term) would never elect some new resident to an important position. I am surprised that a long term resident such as hauck would go along with the apartment deals, but I guess she was close enough to aronson that he could literally whisper in her ear to convince her to go along with making this “east Montclair ”
I can tell you that as a life long resident who has the best interests of the village at heart, I would never get elected because the new residents are a larger voting block. Hence the decline of what we expect for the character of our village.
And if elected I doubt I could sit up there and put up with the general public or nasty anonymous online comments.
A real solution with be for all property taxes to reflect the purchase price of the home . This is done in florida. It protects the long time residents From tax increases that benefit the new people who push their agenda. Let them pay for their own schools and parking garages

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Ridgewood NJ, NJ TRANSIT’s Board of Directors today approved Raymond P. Kenny as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Rail Operations at today’s special Board of Director’s meeting.
“Ray is a national expert in the railroad industry and his knowledge of the complexities of the rail system in our region is unmatched,” said New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner and NJ TRANSIT Chair Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti.  “His leadership and management skills will be invaluable as we move NJ TRANSIT forward.”
“Ray has a long and accomplished railroad career and we look forward to tapping his wealth of industry knowledge as we continue to transform NJ TRANSIT into a national leader,” said Executive Director Kevin Corbett.  “Ray understands railroading from every angle, having started as a ticket clerk at LIRR and rising through the ranks to eventually lead LIRR as the busiest railroad in the country.”

Kenny has nearly 50 years of railroad industry experience including serving as former acting President of the MTA Long Island Railroad (LIRR).  He has an extensive background in managing large teams in both transportation operations and capital improvements.  

Most recently, Kenny has served with WSP as a consultant for operations and planning for agencies across the nation including the Gateway project, the Northeast Corridor Future project, business processes at Metro-North and emergency management plans at Metrolink in Los Angeles.

He began his transportation career in 1970 as a ticket clerk at LIRR. In 1975, he entered railroad dispatching for LIRR before rising through the ranks at LIRR with positions in personnel training and capital construction prior to leading the Transportation department.

Prior to NJ TRANSIT, Kenny served with WSP as a consultant where his experience included helping to improve Metro-North’s business processes including train crew availability, assisting Metrolink in Los Angeles with emergency management plans, a subject matter expert on the NEC Future project, which is a comprehensive planning effort to define, evaluate and prioritize future investments in the NEC, a subject matter expert for the Gateway project in the design of a new Penn Station New York and staging of train operations to facilitate construction.  Most recently, Kenny was assigned to the Hartford, CT rail project as a commissioning agent, ensuring project schedule compliance on the start of a new rail line.

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from the Village Manager Heather Mailander

Ridgewood NJ, The 2019 Annual Commuter (Ridgewood Parking Permits – RPP) are currently for sale at the Reception Desk in the lobby of Village Hall, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except holidays.  All applicants must bring their driver’s license and vehicle registration(s) for car(s) they wish to list on their permits, as the RPPs allow up to 3 cars on each hang tag.  The RPPs allow commuters to park in designated Ridgewood parking lots without having to pay the parking meters.  The following is a summary of the Ridgewood Parking Permits (RPPs) and their prices:

Premium RPP – $1,300 annual fee – ALMOST SOLD OUT – A maximum of 155 Premium RPPs will be sold, on a first come, first served basis.  There are only 33 Premium RPPs left to be sold – This permit allows Ridgewood residents to park in the Train Station lot, Prospect Street lot, and all Ridgewood lots, including Route 17 Park and Ride lot.  A Premium RPP may not be used in the Hudson lot.

Hudson Lot Permit – $1,300 annual fee – allows Ridgewood residents to park in the Hudson parking lot only, with a guaranteed parking space.  When the Hudson parking lot is closed, due to the construction of the parking garage, those residents with a Hudson parking lot permit will participate in a ride share program, through December 31, 2019.  Residents who purchase Hudson parking lot permits must purchase a premium Ridgewood parking permit at the end of 2019 in order to continue to participate in the ride share program until the parking garage opens in 2020.  Hudson Lot permit holders may use their permits in any lot on Saturdays.

Non-Premium RPP – $975 annual fee – allows Ridgewood residents to park in Chestnut Street lot, North Walnut Street lot, Cottage Place lot, and Route 17 Park and Ride lot. 

Park and Ride RPP – $975 annual fee – this price is for both Ridgewood residents and
non-residents, and allows parking in the Route 17 Park and Ride lot.

Non-resident RPP in Central Business District – $1,950 annual fee – allows non-residents to park in the Cottage Place lot.

Ridgewood Resident Commuter Sticker – Free – All Ridgewood resident commuters who wish to park at the train station must bring in their driver’s license and vehicle registration(s) to obtain a free Ridgewood Resident Commuter sticker.  Free Ridgewood Resident Commuter stickers will also be issued to all Ridgewood residents purchasing RPPs and the Hudson Lot permit.

The Village will accept checks, cash, or credit cards (with a 3% transaction fee to the user) for payment.

There are also Central Business District (CBD) Employee stickers and hang tags that may be purchased by those who work in the CBD and allows parking at designated meters in the North Walnut Street and Cottage Place lots.

For more information, please visit our website:

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Reader says , “The cost of an annual parking pass as a resident is almost double other towns”

The cost of parking at the train station for residents is now 11.00 a day, 55 a week, 220 a month. That is not the cost of an annual parking pass just what you pay now as a resident. Almost double other towns. Also almost impossible for a resident to get a spot after 7am as out of town permits are also sold with no preference for residents. Traffic in the area is just awful getting in and out of the station with no easy pickup or discharge

Finally no overnight parking so god forbid you work at night or decide to stay in NYC for the night.

The change in Secaucus to get to midtown is ridiculous. RW has lost its role as a easy commuter station. Residents are neglected, trains are unreliable, the buses are problematic, parking is expensive, and village/school/ state taxes are a mess. Does anyone see this getting better or plans to address.

Where to go? Great question. But with kids out of schools, 35k in taxes, terrible and expense commute, 110k school budget with declining rankings and property values declining maybe the question is how soon to go ?

When many of my neighbors can appeal their taxes every year due to declining values is that a good indicator of our future values?

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Reader says , “Ridgewood and other suburbs survive due to their proximity to a major city”

Ridgewood and other suburbs survive due to their proximity to a major city. Without that income coming back those suburds quickly wither.

RW has done everything it can to force Wall Street and other high paying commuters to find a different town. From ridiculous parking fees and non availability for residents to awful traffic congestion when a train comes in. Does anyone believe that this town survives without NYC workers living here ?

Come spring we are out. We will avoid large NJ state taxes, a expensive commute that just keeps getting worse, and gain back some time.

Do the math. 40k in property taxes, 2500 annual to park, 7-11% state income tax, and almost 4000 annual for NJ transit

Good luck as you lose more NYC workers

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Reader says ,”the commute to NYC from Ridgewood is horrendous, time consuming, and undependable”

“Unless you work in Hoboken, the Exchange Place area of Jersey City, or lower Manhattan (near World Trade), the commute to NYC from Ridgewood is horrendous, time consuming, and undependable. Northern NJ communities served by NJ Transit’s Midtown Direct Service are becoming increasing more appealing to home buyers, as evidenced by the skyrocketing prices of homes and bidding wars taking place in Montclair, Glen Ridge, Chatham, Millburn, Summit, etc.”

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Reader says changes in parking are to the detriment of Commuters

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Reader responds to , ” overpriced Commuter parking is a Ridgewood quality of life Issue ”

“Amazing that this blog actually is from a year . . . and another $300 hike in the yearly fee ago . . . and nothing has changed. Actually, there HAVE been changes, but they have all been to the detriment of commuters. The new passes are $1300 per year. Want a pass for the Hudson Street lot? That will get you a parking spot until the construction begins, and the pleasure of depending on Uber to get to the station to catch your morning ride to work after construction starts. Oh, and forget about parking anywhere on the weekend, because, of course, who works on Saturday or Sunday?

Want a pass for other lots? Well, don’t count on parking in the train station unless you have a compact car. The planned renovations add spots, but they are only for compact vehicles. Because, after all, almost everyone in Ridgewood drives a compact. Unable to find a spot at the station, maybe because you aren’t there before 6:30 in the morning? Enjoy a healthy hike from across town. Hopefully, the snow and rain won’t be a problem this winter.

This is just PATHETIC. This is a real problem for anyone trying to sell their home – NO ONE in their right mind would consider moving here who works in NYC. I know we certainly would not have moved here, even without knowing the truth about the fraud underlying the reputation enjoyed by Ridgewood’s school system. The only thing worse than the stress of uncertainty about finding a parking spot is the sanctimonious disingenuousness of residents and council members who insist that protecting the access of “diners and shoppers” to parking is key to Ridgewood’s welfare.”

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Railroad Crossing Safety

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Ridgewood NJ, The Borough of Glen Rock and Glen Rock Police Department would like to remind Residents and Visitors to safely cross Railroad Tracks, by following the recommendations below from NJ Transit:
•Cross Tracks Only at Designated Locations!
•Never go around crossing gates that are down, on foot or in a car!
•Stay alert, don’t rush.
•Trespassing: It’s Not Worth the Risk!
•Trains Can’t Stop Quickly!
•Trains Can’t Swerve!
•Stay Alert Near Tracks!
•Stay Away from Overhead Electrical Wires!
•Never Throw Items at Trains or onto Tracks!
•Watch the Gap between the train & the platforms

Residents with concerns regarding railroad crossing safety can contact NJ TRANSIT Police Department at (973) 378-6565 or, Tip line at 1-888-TIPS-NJT or, by text message to NJTPD (65873).