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Contractor Leaves Ridgewood Resident in the Lurch


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police report that on January 3rd, a McKinley Avenue resident responded to Ridgewood Police headquarters to report a theft in the past. The victim reported a contractor removed construction plans and permits from the residence without authorization. The stolen items were valued at approximately $20,000. The victim reported the contractor has failed to respond to communications at this time and wished to document the incident at this time.

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Ridgewood Water Construction near Ridgewood High School

Ridgewood Water Construction near Ridgewood High School

photos courtesy of Ridgewood Water

October 2,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood water offer a construction Update for the Water Main Replacement Project: Ridgewood Water’s contractor is finishing up the first water main replacement at the East Ridgewood Ave. stream crossing near the Ridgewood High School. The contractor will begin to mobilize materials and equipment to the North Irving St. stream crossing in Ridgewood on or after October 2.

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N.J. experiences largest private sector job growth in 16 years


“We’re actually now over-performing the rest of the country, and I would suggest to you that the reason that there is that lag is because New Jersey is still a very expensive place to work and do business, and if the legislature had been willing to do other tax cuts and other measures that I put and recommended on property taxes and income taxes, perhaps we’d be in even better shape and it would’ve happened even faster. But, we’re certainly better off than we were from 2001 to 2009, when there was zero net private-sector job growth during a time” Governor Chris Christie



03/13/17 03:08 PM EDT

Gov. Chris Christie on Monday heralded the state’s fiscal health as new figures showed New Jersey last year experienced the largest spike in private sector job growth since 2000.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the state gained 60,800 private sector jobs last year, meaning New Jersey recovered all of the jobs it lost during the recession, and then added another 65,000 jobs.

“This didn’t happen by accident,” Christie, a Republican, said at a press conference in Englewood Cliffs. “The tax cuts we put in place, holding the line on other taxes, the 2 percent property tax cap — all of these things are bearing fruit.”

Christie also said the state has shown strong gains in construction, the tourism industry, and the number of new businesses filings, and has seen a decline in foreclosures.

“It’s great news for the state and we should stop the drumbeat that somehow New Jersey is underperforming from a jobs perspective,” he said.

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Due to development of Ridgewood CBD we have been forced to close the store

underground skateshop

This is not the end!!

To all our Ridgewood customers, we are sad to announce that on April 2nd we will be closing our doors to the Ridgewood location. Due to circumstances out of our control with the development of the town we have been forced to close the store. But as the say, “when one door closes another one opens”, which is exactly what we are doing!!! We are currently in the process of building our flagship store in downtown Newark. We hope to have this is open by April 30th. Its 1500 sqft space located on Halsey St.

We would like to thank each & everyone of you that has supported the store and the scene for the past 3 years, you guys have been great and will truly be missed. We know that a great shop relies on its community and we thank you for being part of it.

We will continue to serve the community in the area and at Ridgewood Skate Park and we will still have the Nutley store and online store where you can still continue to support us.

We will keep you all updated via social media on the progress of the Newark store and as soon as we have a set date we will inform you all of the grand opening

Once again, we thank you for your support.

Mark & Clint

Underground Skate Shop #2 

 Address: 43 Hudson St, Ridgewood, NJ 07450
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High Density Construction the doom of Ridgewood’s Central Business District?

Brake o rama Ridgewood
photo by Boyd Loving
March 21,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, with the March 23, meeting just around the corner and the almost certain approval by the Village Council of 4 major developments in Ridgewood’s central business district and a new parking garage on Hudson Street , the only question that remains to be asked is will any Ridgewood merchants actually survive construction?

Readers predict massive traffic jams and a central business district that will remain nearly inaccessible during  construction phase.
While the Mayor and rest of the council majority continues to assure us the the 5  simultaneous developments will have no impact on life in  the Village . That’s no impact on traffic, schools, water ,and sewage the experts tell us.

Many merchants already claim with out more parking they are done , so how the Ridgewood blog asks can a small business stay afloat  with virtually no traffic for two years??
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Construction at Ridgewood Park & Ride and Benjamin Franklin Middle School?

ridgewood park and ride

August 18,2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Any of readers notice the giant steel structure being erected next to the Ridgewood Park & Ride?Also, what are they doing at the Ben Franklin Middle School? They ripped up most of the grass around the front and side of the school.

In case you are unaware This bus stop is extremely convenient for anyone who commutes into work, or just wants to go into NYC for the day.  The Shortline bus will pick you up here, and drop you off right at Port Authority, which is located in Midtown on 42nd St. and 8th Ave.  The trip takes exactly 35 mins from Ridgewood Park & Ride to Port Authority, and vice versa as long as there isn’t heavy traffic.

If you take a bus before 7 AM it is a 35-40 minute ride on the shortline, however, if you leave even half an hour later at 7:30 AM you can probably tack another 10 minutes onto that (and probably another 5-10 minutes more if you leave around 8 AM). These times are for the bus ride only.

During rush hour buses going into the city have their own dedicated lane into the tunnel so you don’t have to deal with the traffic that someone driving a car does, but there is traffic at the entrance to the bus lane off of the turnpike as all of the buses merge into that lane. Hence the later you leave the more likely you are to get caught at the entrance to the bus lane and the additional time I quoted above. For what it is worth accidents in the bus lane are very rare so large delays are unusual if you are on a 7 AM bus .

You can find the link to the bus schedule online (…) or at the little trailer located at the Park & Ride, which is also where you can buy tickets.  The tickets are $9 either way, though you can buy a month’s worth of tickets that amount to $6 per ticket.  If you want to park your car here, you need a pass which I believe you can purchase at the same trailer.  Otherwise, you can just opt to do metered parking with quarters.  Either way, get here early in the morning on weekdays, since most of the parking spaces get taken before morning rush hour is over.

Also, we recommend you arrive at least 5 minutes earlier than the expected time on the bus schedule, because the drivers don’t always match the time correctly.  Sometimes they run a bit late, but worse is when they get here early and decide to leave early.  Just account for that if you’re on a tight schedule.

The AirBrook shuttles to Newark Airport also run from the park and ride there is the ticket trailer all the way in the back behind the parking lot.

Please note to be careful when you’re driving in to the Park & Ride, because the entrance is also right next to the Park & Ride exit; and just before that, is another ramp that leads onto route 17.  People often dart out onto Route 17 without even checking so be very careful when entering/exiting.

One more note ,the helix that approaches the Lincoln Tunnel is going through a multi-year construction project. The delays magnify during construction periods which is thankfully not often rush hour . Rush hour for NYC is traditionally thought of as 6:30 am to 9:30 am.

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Below, please find the road details and permits, which could cause traffic delays, for today, August 6, 2014:

NJ Transit – West Glen Avenue Trestle Painting Project. NJ Transit anticipates the work will require alternating lanes of traffic (one lane closed to do the work). Each lane closure should take no more that 1 ½ weeks, for a total of 3 weeks of lane restrictions. Work will begin at 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday, though some Saturday work may be required to keep to the schedule.

Police officers will be used for traffic control.

PSE&G Energy Strong gas main work– Vesta Court/Meadowbrook (Crew 1) Starting at 7:30 am. (Ferriera Construction) This will be ongoing for many weeks.

PSE&G Energy Strong gas main work – and Rose Court (Crew 2) –

Cablevision starting at and meeting at the train station 8 am, corner of Franklin and North Broad. 

PSE&G (Electric) East Ridgewood Ave/Duck Pond. Starting at 8 am

PSE&G (Gas) – 274 East Glen Avenue – 8 am – 3 pm. Two (2) police officers assigned.

Meter Closing:

Cottage Place – Meter Numbers: 198 and 199 (This is scheduled to go through August 15th).

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Construction to begin on Ridgewood High School Learning Commons


Construction to begin on Ridgewood High School Learning Commons

JUNE 6, 2014    LAST UPDATED: FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 2014, 12:31 AM

A new, state-of-the-art media center will greet Ridgewood High School students next fall.

After a year-long wait, construction will begin on renovations to the school’s library on Tuesday, June 10.

The library will be closed to students until the end of the year, and the literary collection and computers will be packed up before demolition, according to the organizers on the project’s parent committee — RHS Home and School Association President Carol Olson, Jaime Frederick, Tina Telesco, Lori Weil and David Zrike.

“Every effort is being made to minimize disruptions to the students and the majority of the library dislocation and construction will take place during the summer,” the organizers said in a recent letter thanking residents and district officials for their support.

The design will “honor the feedback received from students, faculty and parents,” the group added. The final project, they said, will include both individual and group study spaces, including four conference rooms; areas to accommodate different activities; improved lighting and aesthetics; more and better technology; more seating and a variety of comfortable furniture; computer and printing stations; and enhanced research service.

The history of this project traces back to the spring of 2012, when a parent-driven fundraising campaign commenced to turn the old student library, last renovated in the 1960s, into what is called a “learning commons” — a study and work space that goes beyond the traditional definition of a “library.”

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