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Council members Look to delay Parking Meter Rate Increases until after the 2020 Ridgewood council election takes place

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June 8,2018

by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, It is being suggested that members of the Village Council whose terms will expire in 2020, and who will likely choose to run for reelection, are favoring a parking garage funding proposal that would defer payment of bond/loan principal for at least one (1) year, and perhaps as many as four (4) years, after the garage opens. This would enable any increase in parking meter rates, and/or an extension of effective parking meter times/days of week, to be delayed until after the 2020 election takes place. Of course, any deferred payment of bond/loan principal would mean an increase in the total interest payment on the bonds/loan.

Alternately, it could be the desire of all members of the Village Council to preclude taxpayers from “connecting the dots.” That is, to prevent taxpayers from realizing that Parking Utility revenues previously allocated to the VIllage’s General Fund (used to provide for routine municipal services – sanitation, police, fire, streets, etc.) would be earmarked instead to fund debt service payments for the parking garage. This would undoubtedly result in property tax increases to retain existing municipal service levels, or suffer service level cuts. Deferring payment of the bond/loan principal would push any such tax increases or cuts in municipal service levels out well beyond the garage’s opening. In short, many taxpayers would be unlikely to “connect the dots” at that point, and not realize that increased meter rates and/or extensions of effective parking meter times/days of week were not sufficient enough to entirely fund the parking garage.

Why does it always seem to be all about them and not about those who elected them to serve?

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Reader says Sonenfeld was incompetent, defensive, “attitude” prone, disrespectful of council members and the public, all too willing to do the former mayor’s bidding


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You can keep someone around with a less-than-great attitude if they’re highly competent, experienced, and brilliant. Maybe you can keep someone around who’s less than great, but their sunshine makes everybody happy and they get things done. People kept saying that at least she wasn’t an alcoholic like previous managers. Can you imagine hearing someone say that about yourself in your job? Talk about faint praise.

She worked hard–many hours–we know this because she mentioned it a lot. But what was she doing? Working on projects behind some council members’ backs and intended to foil the wishes of residents. Determinedly following through on Aronsohn’s plans. This woman was a hiring disaster except for the person who hired her. Unqualified for many important Village Manager tasks, requiring expensive outsourcing and in one case, the excuse for creating an HR position for a friend that quickly morphed from part time to full time. Let’s get rid of that person and that position soon.

Sonenfeld was incompetent, defensive, “attitude” prone, disrespectful of council members and the public, all too willing to do the former mayor’s bidding. Shockingly, did not hesitate to chew out council members–totally unacceptable. Expressed far more personal opinions than a manager should.

Waster of money, pusher of projects we didn’t need–most recently the digging up and overhauling of Van Neste, which fortunately was caught in time. Cashed in her favor-chips with that HR job and giving her Health Barn friend part of a municipal park (let’s rip up that contract asap). Never learned the true role of a village manager. We will be far better off without her. Aronsohn’s legacy is now diminished in the most significant way since the council election. CLEAN HOUSE. (Judge Pfund needs to go, too.)

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Nasty Outbursts by Council members Now the Norm at Ridgewood Village Council Meetings

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

January 31,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Other than by possible anonymous postings, we have not heard a word from Paul, Albert or Gwenn. Sadly, this is not surprising. Paul and Albert lost their tempers and spewed innumerable nasty adjectives to discredit a resident who was acting completely in accordance with the law, and Gwenn sat quietly and allowed this verbal onslaught to carry on. This is one of many, way too many, such meetings at which Paul, Albert, and Gwenn have allowed and enabled the public crucifixion of an elected official, an appointed official, or a member of the general public.

Whether a resolution is inserted into the code at a future time to require that all recording by private citizens must be announced, the fact is that at this time such an announcement is not required. Thus, their nasty characterizations were way, way out of line. It is entirely possible that they went over the line into libel and slander. Lawyers can decide about that. Well, lawyers other than the one who calls himself Deputy Dawg.

We, the people, have all the dates and transcripts of their vicious outbursts dating back 4 years, and in Paul’s case 8 years. For Albert and Gwenn, who are running for reelection, we will be happy to replay these over and over and over for the voting public to be reminded of your true colors. We do not need to say anything; your own words will say it all.

To use one of Albert’s favorite catch words – GOTCHA!