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There is a constitutional obligation for municipalities in New Jersey to foster some degree of affordable housing

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Ridgewood NJ, it seems many in Ridgewood are unaware of the so called Mount Laurel doctrine, the Mount Laurel doctrine is a controversial judicial interpretation of the New Jersey State Constitution. The doctrine requires that municipalities use their zoning powers in an affirmative manner to provide a realistic opportunity for the production of housing affordable to low and moderate income households.

The doctrine takes its name from the lead case in which it was first pronounced by the New Jersey Supreme Court in 1975: Southern Burlington County N.A.A.C.P. v. Mount Laurel Township (commonly called Mount Laurel I), in which the plaintiffs challenged the zoning ordinance of Mount Laurel Township, New Jersey, on the grounds that it operated to exclude low and moderate income persons from obtaining housing in the municipality.

In 1985 the New Jersey Legislature responded by passing the Fair Housing Act. Accepting the premise that there was some constitutional obligation for municipalities to foster some degree of affordable housing, this legislation created an administrative agency, the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH), to establish regulations whereby the obligation of each municipality in terms of the number of units and how the obligation could be satisfied.

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Valley Hospital Van Dien Campus and Affordable Housing


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Ridgewood NJ, Part of that affordable housing plan involves an alternative approach to The Valley Hospital campus on Van Dien Avenue. Valley is moving its main hospital to a 372-bed facility on Route 17, expected to be completed by 2023. Its Ridgewood campus will then become a medical services hub. 

“It is our intent to maintain a vibrant campus that will include a walk-in care center and a range of outpatient services,” Megan Fraser, vice president of marketing and public relations for The Valley Hospital, said in an email.

I suspect everything that The Valley has at 1200 East Ridgewood Avenue will move to Van Dien after all is said and done.  The property at 1200 East Ridgewood would then go up for sale – High density housing with an affordable housing component is my bet for that location, just like their property on North Maple where the old Ford dealer was.

Also, I question whether the YMCA really needs to be physically located in Ridgewood any longer.  I would not be surprised if their property goes on the chopping block and gets sold to a developer who wants to build high density housing.  Properties within walking distance to the train station are, and will continue to be, in very high demand for luxury apartments, especially when Midtown Direct Service begins on the NJ Transit Bergen & Main Lines. 

I suspect that the YMCA might build a state of the art facility in the industrial section of Glen Rock – Harristown Road or maybe Fair Lawn – Pollitt Drive.

The Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club property will also be in play within the next few years.

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New Jersey Affordable Housing – Time to Make it Fair!

New Jersey is….

1st in the nation for highest property taxes
3rd most expensive state to live in
5th in the nation for highest per student school spending
5th in the nation for highest state income tax
6th most expensive state to purchase a home
#1 most densely populated state in the nation with 1,216 people per square mile

Land is at a premium and developers want to cash in and develop every last inch

FACT: Renting or owning a home should be affordable to NJ residents who qualify, but not at the expense of local ordinance that is contrary to NJ municipal land use law.
FACT: NJ’s affordable housing (AH) mandates are not working and our government is not listening to the voice of the people – who support AH but want it to be implemented fairly, honestly and sensibly.
FACT: The current pace of proposed AH development is not reasonable or sustainable and will be catastrophic to towns, schools, volunteer emergency services, infrastructure and to NJ’s natural resources, ecosystems, waterways and environment.

What We Want
1) We believe municipal AH obligations should not be determined by the courts and that there should be clear, statewide guidelines to follow.
2) “Builder’s remedy” lawsuits should be eliminated as a mechanism used to satisfy a municipality’s AH obligations.
3) We believe the laws governing AH must consider the impact on our schools, roads, traffic and congestion, emergency services and the preservation of open space and our quality of life.
4) NJ’s environment must be protected from sprawl and overdevelopment; AH should not be built on environmentally-sensitive land or land that has been remediated from contamination.
5) AH that is built should not “expire” and should count towards all future AH rounds and obligations.
6) We, the residents of NJ, seek to disband the Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC) who takes our hard-earned tax dollars to enrich the wallets of lawyers and developers at the expense of NJ’s future.
7) We, the people, demand a bi-partisan review of AH and legislative reform to make NJ’s affordable housing fair.

We are calling for reasonable ways to address the current problems to enact clear legislative guidelines that will: 1) ensure that AH benefits those in need; 2) implement a regional or statewide approach; 3) expand the ways in which municipalities can address their fair share of affordable housing—FAIRLY!

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Prominent Bergen County Developer Indicted

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Edgewater NJ,  The former CEO of Mariner’s Bank and an accomplice both were charged today for their roles in a scheme to obtain nominee loans from Mariner’s Bank, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.

Fred Daibes, the former CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Mariner’s Bank, and Michael McManus, the CFO of Daibes Enterprises, a consortium of companies specializing in real estate development, were charged by a federal grand jury with one count of conspiracy to misapply bank funds and to make false entries to deceive a financial institution and the FDIC. Daibes, 61, of Edgewater, New Jersey, also was charged with five counts of misapplying bank funds, six counts of making false entries to deceive a financial institution and the FDIC, and one count of causing reliance on a false document to influence the FDIC. McManus, 61, of Madison, New Jersey, was charged with four counts of misapplying bank funds, one count of making false entries to deceive a financial institution and the FDIC, one count of causing reliance on a false document to the influence the FDIC, and two counts of loan application fraud. The defendants will have their initial appearances and arraignments at a later date.

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BREAKING NEWS: NJ DEP to Send Investigators to Toll Brothers Site in Upper Saddle River

photo Derek Michalski of GreenUSR and CBS

May 25,2018

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Upper Saddle River NJ, On the one-month anniversary of the infamous discovery of the pumping of runoff consisting of a suspension of carcinogenic toxic soil by Toll Brothers directly into Pleasant Brook—a practice that has been apparently ongoing now for more than four consecutive months—at 6:19 PM tonight GreenUSR Attorney Gart Molander received the following text message from the NJ DEP:

“I work for the NJ DEP and have no information on what the locals did or how they have handled this issue. Today is the first time my office (Bureau of Emergency Response) was notified of this ongoing issue. As mentioned, I am sending someone from the County to investigate. They will advise me if there is any action necessary by the State. Thanks“

Apparently neither Mayor Minichetti, her Council, the Borough Administrator, nor Boswell Engineering deemed it necessary to report these ongoing erosion control problems, including the pumping of muddy runoff containing high levels of arsenic and lead directly into our precious waterways, from the biggest construction site in the history of Upper Saddle River to the NJ DEP Emergency Management Program.
We are now on the NJ DEP’s radar screen and let’s hope that finally reasonable minds will prevail to shut down this unprecedented environmental disaster.

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Upper Saddle River Attorney Files Criminal Complaint against Developer Toll Brothers for Alleged Intentional Discharging Storm Water

May 16,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Upper Saddle River Nj, In the spirit of the below Toll Brothers settlement GreenUSR member accompanied by his lawyer Garth Molander, Esq. filed criminal complaint against Toll Brothers with the local prosecutor‘s office for alleged intentional discharging storm water into Pleasant Brook and dumping remediated arsenic and lead sediment into local waterways. Instead of following the above settlement agreement Toll Brothers recklessly dumped heavy mud for four consecutive months and didn’t take any precautions to protect our beloved GreenUSR environment.

“EPA estimates the settlement will prevent millions of pounds of sediment from entering U.S. waterways every year, including sediment that would otherwise enter the Chesapeake Bay, North America’s largest and most biologically diverse estuary. The bay and its tidal tributaries are threatened by pollution from a variety of sources and are overburdened with nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment that can be carried by stormwater.”
( ) ”

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Reader says One way or another trees will come down and cement will be poured.

high density housing

if you do not want anything built in the Village how do you propose that Ridgewood meet it’s state mandated COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) obligation ? All of the proposed developments will have a set-aside for affordable housing. If the private sector does not provide it then Ridgewood must…..and.they will do it using your tax dollars.. Time to get real.. Something is going to get built regardless of all the yapping you and others do.. One way or another trees will come down and cement will be poured.

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Paramus rejects proposal to build a mutifamily housing development near New Bridge Medical Center

over developement

December 11,2017

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Paramus NJ, on Thursday night Paramus officials rejected a proposal to build a mutifamily housing development near New Bridge Medical Center. The Paramus Zoning Board of Adjustment unanimously denied Highview Homes’ application to build a 35-unit development on a nearly 2-acre lot on Sorbello Road. The Red Bank-based applicant sought multiple variances, including for multifamily use and height.

According to the “We Are Paramus ” Facebook page , “Great job by the zoning board for hearing the voice of 3,711 residents that voted to stop high density housing in our borough. Thank you for putting the residents first and not the over developing machine!” Others argued that , “This vote is a direct result of the master plan which was passed well before this years election.”

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Reader calls Fair Share Housing a bully


Fair Share Housing will bully their way as they know nobody will bother to fight them. It takes balls to stand up and this VC and the village in general is full of lightweights who are more concerned with leaf collection than the long term livability in this place. I would rather see us risk a lawsuit than just crawl under a rock and be inundated with hundreds of apartments who will basically spell the end for Ridgewood and the birth of New Hackensack.