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MS-13 killers Use New Jersey Sanctuary Status to hide from the law

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TRENTON NJ,  Fulfilling its statutory mandate to keep the public informed about the operations of organized crime in New Jersey, the State Commission of Investigation today introduced a new project, “Organized Crime Spotlight,” that will periodically provide up‐to‐date profiles of significant criminal groups impacting the State and region. The inaugural report focuses on La Mara Salvatrucha, commonly referred to as MS‐13, a criminal street gang known for extreme violence.  

The State Commission of Investigation is an independent New Jersey watchdog agency  established in 1968 to investigate organized crime and corruption, waste of tax money and  other abuses of the public trust. Copies of public reports are available at the Commission’s  offices or via its Web site at  

The Commission found that while aggressive law enforcement efforts and prosecutions at the state and federal levels have been somewhat effective in suppressing MS‐13, it remains a persistent threat in New Jersey, preying primarily on immigrant communities through extortion, robbery and street‐level drug sales.  With a ceaseless thirst to command respect through fear, its trademark ideology of advancing in rank through violence and its rivalries with other groups, murder is always just a spark away for MS‐13 members, the SCI found.  

The most infamous example of MS‐13’s savagery in New Jersey was the slaying of three individuals – and the grave wounding of a fourth – in a Newark schoolyard on the night of Aug. 4, 2007. Six of the gang’s members, including the leader of the Newark clique, are serving long prison sentences for the grisly attack. Such vicious incidents of violence have been less frequent in recent years, and some policing experts believe elements of MS‐13 may be intentionally lying low to avoid law enforcement scrutiny.  

Further, the Commission learned that New Jersey is a central command post for the gang’s operations on the East Coast.  Over the past decade, an effort by MS‐13 leaders in El Salvador to exert greater control over U.S.‐based cliques, or sets, has taken root. These cliques take orders directly from compatriots in El Salvador for killings and pay tribute by wiring cash to leaders in the Central American nation.  New Jersey has played a prominent role in this movement with leaders in Monmouth and Hudson counties directing operations along the East Coast.  

Founded by immigrants fleeing war‐torn El Salvador in the 1980s, MS‐13 originated on the streets of Los Angeles. New Jersey law enforcement officials identified the first MS‐13 members in Elizabeth, Union County, in the mid‐1990s. Today, MS‐13 members are scattered throughout the state from Union City to Morristown, Trenton to Red Bank, and Lindenwold to

Along with outlining the gang’s origins, expansion, structure and activities, the report also highlights some of the obstacles facing law enforcement as well as approaches some officials have used to tamp down violence and to prevent vulnerable teenagers from bolstering MS‐13’s ranks.  

Combating MS‐13 presents unique challenges to law enforcement due to the insular nature of the gang, which often targets immigrants from El Salvador as both victims and as potential recruits. In some municipalities, outreach is hampered by a lack of Spanish‐speaking officers. Law enforcement officials across the State told the Commission efforts are ongoing to build relationships with these communities but that many people, principally those who are undocumented, are fearful of deportation or of retaliation by the gang.  

Notwithstanding these challenges, law enforcement in some jurisdictions, particularly in Hudson County, have adopted strategies that have successfully headed off potential violence and muted the gang’s predatory behavior. Most notably, law enforcement officials in Union City, Hudson County, told the Commission that while many MS‐13 members are present in the city, the gang does not conduct overt criminal activity there because of a zero‐tolerance approach that involves multiple city departments and the school system.  Some measures taken in Union City include a midnight curfew on those under 18 and a requirement that building owners swiftly remove graffiti, such as gang‐related tags, or face significant financial penalties.  

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Mail Boxes Raided on Spring,South Irving and North Walnut in Ridgewood


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Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood police have reported that on December 23rd, Ptl. Jack Knudsen responded to South Irving and Spring Avenue on a report of a burglary into a postal mailbox. Upon arrival postal mail was discovered outside of the mailbox and it was determined to have been forced open. The Ridgewood Post Office and the Postal Police were notified. A second mailbox was also discovered to have been forced open on North Walnut Street.

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Glen Rock Police : Man Stole Baby Jesus from Nativity Scene

Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Police Department – ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY: This morning at approx 06:59 hours, an unknown white male in his early 20s allegedly took a baby Jesus from a Nativity Scene in the front yard of a home on South Highwood. Anyone who can help identify the suspect or has additional information is asked to contact the GRPD Detective Bureau at 201-670-3948 or 201-670-3947.

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Senator Anthony Bucco Calls on Governor Murphy to Lift People Up ,Not Pull Them Down


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Trenton NJ, Senator Anthony Bucco (R-25) said Governor Phil Murphy’s talk of advancing “tax fairness” is really just an excuse to tax more to spend more.

“Governor Murphy’s interest in ‘tax fairness’ is just an excuse to tax more to fund an expensive progressive agenda that New Jersey will never be able to afford,” said Bucco, the Senate Republican Budget Officer. “If the governor were truly concerned about ‘fairness,’ he would find ways to lift struggling people up by cutting their taxes, instead of pulling down those who have managed to succeed in New Jersey by increasing tax burdens that are already excessive.”

Bucco suggested cutting taxes for lower-income workers or increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit as non-punitive tax policy changes that the governor could pursue with bipartisan support.

“If the governor continues to equate ‘tax fairness’ with ‘tax increases,’ that should be seen as a clear sign that his rhetoric is nothing more than convenient cover for a money grab that would allow him to spend more.”

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Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office warns of “diversion burglaries “

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Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office warns of “diversion burglaries ” .A diversion burglary is a specific type of theft that involves one or more suspects portraying themselves as public utility workers, inspectors, or officials of some kind who need to enter your home under the pretense that they are there to help.

They aren’t there to help. In fact, they are hoping you won’t ask too many questions or verify their identity. They are hoping you’ll simply allow these strangers into your home so they can distract you a while.

As one of the bogus utility workers keeps you busy in one room or on the front steps of your home, the other will wander off to steal jewelry, money, or other valuables inside.

Don’t fall for these con artists. Always be wary of strangers dropping by.

Ask for identification and keep them waiting outside while you call your local police to verify. Don’t permit unknown visitors into your home. Keep in mind the diversion style burglary method next time your doorbell rings.

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Man Who Robbed Paramus Hotel and 13 Others at Gun Point Sentenced

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NEWARK, N.J. – An Essex County, New Jersey, man was sentenced today to 252 months in prison for robbing 14 hotels in New Jersey and New York, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced today.

Tremone Burnett, 46, of Orange, New Jersey, pleaded guilty before U.S. District Court Judge Katharine S. Hayden in Newark federal court on Sept. 12, 2018, to two counts of an indictment charging him with one count of conspiracy to commit robbery and threaten physical violence, and one count of using a firearm during a crime of violence. Judge Hayden imposed the sentence today in Newark federal court.

According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:

From April 24, 2014, through June 19, 2014, Burnett robbed 12 New Jersey hotels and two New York hotels at gunpoint. The New Jersey hotels were located in Carteret, Lebanon, Newark, Rockaway, Secaucus, Avenel, Parsippany, Paramus, Weehawken, and Edison; the New York hotels were located in Airmont and Nanuet. In each robbery, Burnett wielded a handgun and, in some instances, tied the victim’s hands and feet. During one of the robberies, Burnett discharged his firearm.

In addition to the prison term, Judge Hayden sentenced Burnett to five years of supervised release.

U.S. Attorney Carpenito credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Gregory W. Ehrie in Newark; the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, under the direction of Acting Prosecutor Theodore N. Stephens II; and the Newark Department of Public Safety, under the direction of Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose, with the investigation leading to today’s guilty plea. He also thanked the Carteret, Edison, Lebanon, Rockaway, Parsippany, Weehawken and Woodbridge Township police departments in New Jersey; the Clarkstown and Ramapo police departments in New York; the N.J. State Police; and the Bergen County, Hunterdon County, Middlesex County, and Morris County prosecutors’ offices for their work on this case.

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Reader says ,” it reminds me of Yugoslavia under Tito”

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Hey Village council – – you are really doing a nice job maintaining the charm of the Village.
Between the wild construction, parking garages built to satisfy the whims of developers, restaurant owners and other oligarchs, the concrete slabs, VIP’s who are more equal than others, and now, the guard towers, it reminds me of Yugoslavia under Tito. Where are we putting the barbed wire?

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog 

Ridgewood NJ, Since turning back the clocks, there have been some home burglaries in the Village.  These typically haveoccurred during the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., when it is dark and no one is home.  There have also been burglaries from vehicles parked indriveways. 

Please be aware that Public Safety is the Village of Ridgewood’s #1 priority, and our Police Department is giving their full attention touncover every detail and piece of information, so that they can identify those involved in the burglaries.  In addition, there are extra Policepatrols on the streets.  If you are aware of a burglary which has occurred near your home, and have home security cameras or a Ring doorbellcamera, please contact the Ridgewood Police Department, at 201-652-3900, and let them know.  The videos obtained from these cameras will assistthe Ridgewood Police Department in their investigation.

Here are some helpful tips to be used to protect your home and vehicles from burglaries:

  1. Lock doors and windows (house and cars).  Remove your fobs from your cars and bring them into your house.
  2. Routinely check that home security/safety systems are working properly. 
  3. Promptly clear property/driveway of newspapers. 
  4. Promptly empty mailbox, clear delivered packages and register for delivery notifications. 
  5. DO NOT post real-time information on Facebook/Instagram/social media including:
    • a. Real-time photos and/or livestream from vacation, parties, concerts, theater, sports events, dining out and food images, etc. DOING SO PUBLICLY BROADCASTS THAT YOU’RE NOT HOME!
    • b. Real-time Information about work commute, work location, shopping, etc.  
  6. CAUTION: do not accept Facebook/social media friend requests without confirming the authenticity of the individual making the request – LOOK, THINK & RESEARCH before accepting. 
  7. NOTE:  Many members of local Ridgewood Facebook groups are not from Ridgewood
  8. NEVER HESITATE: IMMEDIATELY report suspicious vehicles, persons, and activity to the RIDGEWOOD POLICE DEPARTMENT – remember for an emergency dial 911 and always have the RPD non-emergency number handy 201-652-3900
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Burglary Prevention Tips from the Township of Washington Police Department

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TWP of Washington NJ, The Township of Washington Police Department are urging all residents to be diligent this holiday season by locking their homes, setting alarms, and leaving lights on both inside and outside of their homes. According to the FBI, nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. during November and December each year. Burglars don’t have time to break into heavily secured homes. This is because most burglars do not want to get caught. Chances are that they will target your home if they know it’s not well secured and that you are not home. Burglars are opportunists, eliminate opportunities for them by locking all doors/windows/gates. Also, secure your vehicles as burglars will attempt to gain entry into them as well.

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Readers Debate Crime Wave at Bergen County Wild Duck Pond in Ridgewood

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I am SHOCKED. This is depressing. I never knew this can happen in Ridgewood. These things do not happen in the Bronx in the middle of the day let alone a small, cozy town in Bergen County. If this has been happening on a regular basis why is no one arrested? Why can’t there be hidden cameras in these places? If there is no punishment things will get worse.
And I am sorry but continually advising people to not leave stuff in their cars is insulting. It is suggesting we have to accept crime as a normal thing and accept that we have no power over criminals.

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