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Sen. Cory Booker: ‘God bless’ the Trump protesters


Cory Booker in Ridgewood NJ photo by Boyd Loving

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., praised protesters speaking out against President-elect Trump across the nation, but urged them to not turn to the hateful speech that was a big part of the campaign.

“When you have a president that in his campaign, who ran saying things that aren’t just contrary to fact but literally threatening to use presidential power in a way that would erode the rights and privileges and equality of large sectors of Americans, then God bless the protesters,” Booker said Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

But he cautioned protesters not to “become the very thing that they’re protesting against.”

“We need to raise our voices, but we do not need to indulge in hate,” he said.

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Readers suggest Ridgewoood Kids may be over coddled ?


past tense: coddled; past participle: coddled

treat in an indulgent or overprotective way.
“I was coddled and cosseted”
synonyms:pamper, cosset, mollycoddle;
spoil, indulge, overindulge, pander to;
baby, mother,wait on hand and foot
“your sons are too old for you to be coddling them”

They broke the law so now it is time to pay. It is public information, besides a little embarrassment may go a long way and make this idiots think before doing things on impulse.

Coddling a 19 year old – please. This was incredibly poor decision making. If they haven’t learned by the time they reach the age of majority, maybe real world experience will yank the Ridgewood spoon out of spoons from their mouths.

Because they are young people who will have enough problems without this. is your life better knowing the names? Are their lives better.

Do you feel safer knowing their names? It is really about being nosey.

I don’t know what the police do all week, are these the only people that they arrested? Are there others whose names we were not told? How do they decide the names to give to the press.

In two years it will be legal anyway.

Wow, some parents are so ridiculously defensive. Your adult kid broke the law. Well, that’s how it goes. Are you going to be trying to get them out of trouble for the rest of their lives? Let the kids own up to what they did. Names ARE relevant. Sorry charlie.

Whether or you think Pot its dangerous, or want it to be legal, the fact is that its currently illegal. Smoking it makes you a criminal. Smoking it on school grounds, in public, makes you a really dumb criminal. If these kids are starting their adult lives by thumbing their noses at the law, the least of their problems is getting their names in the paper. Fly straight!

Everyone wants to see names until it is their relative/friend.

Why aren’t all names printed? Traffic accidents, summonses for leaves, sprinklers and sidewalks. This gossip, I mean, public information is important.

Do the police ever make other arrests? Aside from the RHS kids, was anyone pulled over or arrested this week? If these kids are the only ones this week then we need to look at RPD staffing.

A classic case of “think of the potential consequences before you act.”

If you don’t commit a crime you won’t be charged and your name won’t b in the paper

I think the real age of adulthood in this country is somewhere like 35 now. Anything under that and we think of them as kids.