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Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney Named Honorary Chair for the American Kennel Club

Wyckoff NJ, local Assemblyman Kevin J Rooney was named Honorary Chair of the American Kennel Club and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

“I am honored and excited to announce that I will be serving as an Honorary Chair for the American Kennel Club and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show‘s Meet the Breeds Event this weekend! The tenth annual event gives dog lovers the unique opportunity to meet and play with more than 100 different breeds in booths individually decorated to depict each breed’s country of origin, historical purpose/function, and attributes as a family pet, all while learning about responsible dog ownership and which breeds may be right for them. Events like these serve an important role in teaching animal care and making sure we do our part to give every animal, big or small, a great life. Taking care of animals is a passion of mine. I’ve sponsored several pieces of legislation to protect animals”

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