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Ridgewood East side Sanitation Collection Uncompleted due to Equipment Breakdown



March 29,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village website reports that due to equipment breakdown, the East Side sanitation collection was not completed Tuesday, March 28.   On Wednesday, March 29 Village crews will collect the remaing  East Side sanitation before beginning the West Side Bulk Collection scheduled for 3/29.

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Ridgewood Residents of the East Side are required to bring their sanitation to the end of their driveways for collection due to the snow and ice conditions

snow day
February 15,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog


Ridgewood NJ, Wednesday, February 15th  – Residents of the East Side are required to bring their sanitation to the end of their driveways (near the curb but not in the street) for collection due to the snow and ice conditions.  This is for the safety of our sanitation workers.  If you are a senior citizen or  need assistance, please call the Sanitation Office at 201/670-5585 and they will respond.

Recycling  Collection will be Area 6 – as is printed in the calendar.

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Readers says Mayor Aronsohn will pay at the Next Election


file photo by Boyd Loving

The terrible three campaigned heavily for Mr. (RBSA) Albano and he was defeated heavily, squished under the shoes of the sane voters of Ridgewood. Councilwoman Hauck was seen and heard in the hallway outside the Annie Zusy room talking into her cell phone while the vote counts were being revealed, and she was referring to the Ridgewood voters as idiots. They wanted Albano something fierce. Remember, we all just get one vote, so you are wrong, they will not get reelected. No way.

And it isn’t over yet. in the council’s attempt to put the kabash on the Friends of Sciedler’s resolution ,they voted in a resolution that allows for interested parties to come forth with a use for the house and funding options. They accomplished that. While people are disillusioned, the wheels are still turning. Perhaps an ordinance, ” Preserve the Status Quo” which would prevent any destruction of the house and trees before a formalized plan for the property is adopted could be passed or at least argued for. We may have a new council in May which is better in tune with the people. Regarding our former mayor, we would be lucky go have him back and/or Bernie. I can only hope.

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Ridgewood endorses 2012 report on Schedler property


AUGUST 13, 2015    LAST UPDATED: THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 2015, 3:32 PM

Two resolutions related to Ridgewood’s historic Schedler property were put to a vote Wednesday night, with the governing body deciding in favor of endorsing recommendations made for the property by the village’s Open Space Committee and voting against the authorization of filing a Bergen County Historic Trust Fund matching grant for money related to the 200-year-old Zabriskie-Schedler house.

The subject of the Schedler property was revived last week as residents appealed to the council to support a grant that would be used to stabilize the house. The grant had a deadline of Sept. 3.

After a lengthy discussion and public comment, two resolutions were considered on Wednesday’s agenda. One resolution adopted the recommendations set forth in a 2012 Open Space Committee report that determined the Schedler property should be developed for recreational purposes, including a 90-foot baseball field with an overlay multi-purpose field for soccer and lacrosse.

The resolution also makes several other recommendations, including leaving the fate of the Zabriskie-Schedler house in the hands of the Village Council. It also provides guidelines for “interested citizens” to “raise and expend private funds for the purpose of stabilizing the house until a decision is made by the Village Council,” which some council members said made the second resolution to approve the grant unnecessary.

Mayor Paul Aronsohn stated his belief that the Open Space Committee report strikes “the right balance” and meets the needs of all Ridgewood residents.