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Facebook tips for Ecommerce


H1 Facebook ads for ecommerce

You may have heard terms such as “ecommerce marketing platform”, “ecommerce ads” and some others. We have one new one for you – f-commerce.

What is f-commerce?

The point is that ecommerce deals with different channels and Facebook is one of the most popular among them. We have taken the first letter to name a new trend.

Facebook ecosystem has dramatically changed during last five years and now the platform is a great aid for consumers      making purchases on the Internet. Ladies and gentlemen, revolution of online selling has already started and gathering pace.

Why should one have a store on Facebook?

  • 600+ million of users all over the world;
  • an average profile counts up to 130-140 friends to share shopping experience, especially if we talk about opportunities to have quality goods for lower costs;
  • an average time of visiting is more than for Google and is almost 15 minutes per day;
  • nearly 70% of users visit brand groups on Facebook to know about sales and discounts in the store;
  • 15-20% of sales are made on social media for several enterprises;
  • the carts total cost is 10% higher in the network.

H2 Tips for making successful Facebook store

Use right images

Obviously, you should take only those photos that are of high quality. Those seemingly simple “users photo” are sometimes result of photographer’s great work.

Be careful with colours – white and blue merge with Facebook design and may become unnoticeable.

Use happy people on your pics, women are even better for posting than men.

Remember, people are scrolling very quickly the newsfeed, so your photos should be something different and unusual from what they see.

When you use people for the ads – do not take stock photo, professional unnatural images are instinctively tracked by clients and call no emotions. People prefer to see someone real like friends or colleagues.

Bet on interests

Initially Facebook was, and expected by users, to be the place for friendship ,not shopping. You can touch hearts of your audience when their interest correspond with your products.

Play with the tab “Interests” in your Facebook settings to see related groups and categories. Too sizeable interests can be too far from your real audience, try something narrower to find your customer.

Work with people who have already visited your store

Even if your ads are very convincing, only 1-2% will buy. You should work with previous customers to remind about your product and show ads specially designed for them.

Note: here your focus is on those who have visited your store, but haven’t made a purchase yet.

For example, you can offer a discount for the first order that is available for a limited time: “till the midnigh tonight”.

Talk to those who filled the cart, but left it

There can be different reasons of it. But people who already started thinking about your product, are more likely to finish what they started.

Your ad should contain an image of the order your client was planning to order. The quicker you will remind them about yourAs time goes by interest lessons..

Enticing customers into your place can be a puzzle, make it easy, you will need better prices, gifts and multiply  options for people.

Upsell the orders

Larger orders can become higher by at least two variants:

offer related goods to the order, i.e., a cover case for the mobile phone, earphones and so on;

offer a product of higher price, but of better quality.

Certainly, there are people that need only particular goods at that particular moment. But, there are also those, who simply didn’t know you have other items they need. Value added additions can increase your sale size and save a customer time in the long run.

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Developing Your Ecommerce Store Brand

CBD ridgewood ArtChick

photo by ArtChick

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, With billions of consumers shopping online everyday, neglecting your ecommerce brand is never a good idea. To lead a small business well, you must be able to present a consistent brand. By developing a consistent brand and molding it to consumer expectations, your ecommerce site can become very successful. However, making too many changes to your brand may alarm a steady flow of consumers. However, neglecting to create and evolve your brand can stunt ecommerce growth. Consider some ways that you can develop a top-tier ecommerce brand for a business that thrives.

Stick to Your Brand’s Values and Mission Statement

If you look around at every eminent online retailers, they are known for stellar values and outstanding mission statements that revolve around the consumers that they serve. Consistency with your brand’s values and mission statement is key to building a solid brand. The sooner that you commit to developing an original brand, the quicker that your ecommerce store can reap the benefits. Developing a brand online requires defining a clear mission that resonates with customers, and sticking to the values that consumers look for. Once you start to define the pillars of your brand, you can construct your ecommerce store to reflect them. Brand pillars provide a strong foundation, so your business plans and marketing strategy should support these factors. Brands that build a reputation for quality products, meaningful innovations, and excellent customer service often outshine their competitors.

Use Social Media to Skyrocket Your Brand

The Pew Research Center reports that tons of people from various demographic populations log in to social media on a daily basis. Social media platforms are ripe with branding opportunities. In this day and age, any ecommerce store that wants to attain maximum growth must brand itself well on social media. This makes social media a ripe terrain for popularizing your brand and taking your ecommerce store to the next level. In addition to spreading knowledge of your brand using great posts and vivid images, the capacity to go viral at a moment’s notice is very real. Collaborating with social media influencers who have responsive followers can also prove to be a source of welcome attention and sales.

Utilize Split Testing to Increase Conversions

Using split testing can help you decide the best brand colors, logo designs, headlines, captions, placement settings, and a host of other factors to increase conversions in your ecommerce store. If customer traffic is already booming and feedback is positive, then no major changes are necessary. Instead, you can influence customers to promote and share information and reviews about your business. Examining your conversion rates to determine traffic flow and click-through rates to your landing and checkout pages can help you benefit from the traffic you have, and raise those rates.

Alter the Consumer Experience Through Feedback

Maintaining consistent feedback with consumers is important to build a recognizable brand. An ecommerce store that lacks an alluring brand can quickly fall to the wayside. Business owners who are deciding what changes to make to their site should consider consumer feedback before making a move. If people are already responding to you brand, you may simply need to increase traffic. Using a effective magento enterprise alternative can help business owners create a captivating ecommerce site that proves a superior experience for consumers. With an attractive ecommerce site, it is easier to get consumers to make a purchase, and return for more. However, if people already approve and celebrate your brand, making too many changes to can shake up loyal members in your customer base.

Changing your company’s logo or name is often not a good idea if you have already created a significant following, but focusing on improving customer the experience is necessary. Although a brand’s mission and overall values should remain consistent, the experience your brand offers may require an upgrade The Medium suggests that customers are looking for a fantastic experience, and you can elevate your brand by providing one. Modern consumers appreciate and enjoy a highly functional website, excellent loading speeds, a smooth purchasing process, and a variety of payment options. By enhancing factors that affect the customer experience, you increase satisfaction and maximize customer retention.

The overflow of technological changes has caused many business owners to revamp their brands to gain customers and maintain relevance in the market. If you already have a unique brand, you should think twice about changing major factors associated with it. If your site is having trouble attracting consumers, then revamping your brand may be one of the wisest choices that you can make. Companies are also making the decision to link together with other companies (B2B) to grow to tremendous heights. Understanding if you need to be more flexible with your brand depends on the feedback you receive from customers. In order to make the right decisions, you need to have an accurate perspective of how consumers see your brand , and then use that information to guide you forward.

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A mall in the midst of a makeover

The Shops at Riverside

Joan Verdon , Staff Writer, @JoanVerdon

The Shops at Riverside in Hackensack is in the midst of a tough challenge. The task? Keep luxury tenants such as Tiffany and Louis Vuitton — and their affluent shoppers — happy while construction crews are ripping open ceilings, removing escalators, and cutting through floors and walls.

The result is the 40-year-old mall has been living a double life. From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday, commerce continues uninterrupted and much of the experience is similar to the pre-renovation Riverside. The floors are polished to a shine, the storefront windows are gleaming, and the mood is quiet and serene.

But after the mall closes at 9 p.m., construction crews take over, unroll plastic tarps, plug in their power tools, and work until the early morning, when the cleaning team arrives to sweep, dust and polish before the shoppers arrive.