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Ridgewood Council Holds Vigorous Debate on Elks Club Purchase

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photo by Boyd Loving

July 12,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village of Ridgewood debated moving move forward with the purchase of the Ridgewood Elks club , Councilwomen Bernie Walsh objected to the purchase of the Elks Club for Ridgewood Water , at $200,000 over the appraised value plus $500-700 to 1.5 million in renovations for 30 people . Walsh reiterated that the purchase was just for Ridgewood Water.

Walsh went on noting that class “A” and class “B” office space are plentiful in Bergen County and there was no need for such a major under taking . Walsh felt is was just, “not a smart idea at this time”.

Former Mayor Knudsen pushed the idea for consolidation of space as well as the Elks is last contagious piece of property near the Municipal complex creating greater efficiencies  . Mayor Hach wanted confirmation on the renovation estimates because there seemed to be significant disagreement about what was or was not estimated .