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Glen Rock Officials Condemn Swastika Incident At School

The Mayor and Council condemn any and all acts of hate. Hate speech and hate in any form is not welcome in Glen Rock.

While the Superintendent and BOE are the appropriate lead on the response in the schools to this incident, we have offered our help and support in any way that they deem necessary.

In the wake of this incident, we urge our community to come together; for us all to speak with our children and our neighbors; to discuss the impact of our words and actions on others, whether or not the intent is malicious.

As a governing body, we will continue to work with the Superintendent and the schools as appropriate, to reinforce the culture of empathy and inclusion that is the hallmark of our community in Glen Rock

Mayor Bruce Packer

Council President Kristine Morieko

Council Member Michael O’Hagan

Council Member Amy Martin

Council Member Bill Leonard

Council Member Arati Kreibich

Council Member Mary Barchetto

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Glen Rock Approves $14.7 Bond Referendum

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Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock referendum narrowly passes according to the unofficial results posted on the Glen Rock Schools Facebook page. The
$14.7 million bond referendum question  had 937 yes votes and 879 no votes.

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No Threat Made Against Glen Rock Public Schools


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Glen Rock NJ, Glen Rock Public Schools has issued the following statement on their Facebook page :

To all Parents and Community Residents,
I have been apprised of a rumor circulating in town about a threat to our High School. I want to dispel this rumor. There has been no threat made.
Bruce Watson, Superintendent

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Glen Rock Schools Find US Armed Forces Offensive

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Glen Rock NJ, in a case of political correctness run amuck , Glen Rock Public Schools backs out of an American Legion Coloring Contests as cartoon of US Military is called offensive .

Statement from Bruce Watson, Interim Superintendent regarding the American Legion Coloring Contest :

“I have received a number of emails regarding my decision not to have our 4th and 5th grade students participate in this year’s American Legion Coloring Contest. This has caused me to pause. Perhaps I had too much concern for the impact of the picture. Today we look at everything thru a different lens when it comes to our students. There was no disrespect intended to our veterans and now after listening to parents, I will reverse this decision and allow the pictures to go home for parents and students to decide if they wish to compete.”

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Glen Rock High School Athletic Complex Turf Field Sinkhole Under Repair

Bruce Watson Interim Superintendent

Photo Glen Rock Board Interim Superintendent Bruce Watson

August 10,2017

Bruce Watson Interim Superintendent

Glen Rock NJ, On Saturday, Aug. 5, a sinkhole appeared at the southeast corner of the football field.
District employees quickly responded to the situation and secured the area. The hole was appropriately covered, gates to the field and track were locked, and signage was posted, letting the public know that the area is temporarily off limits. For safety purposes, lights were left on overnight and security personnel were in place on Sunday, to discourage anyone from disregarding the signs and entering the field complex.

On Monday, Aug. 7 the district reached the Contractor of Record, Quality Electric. After assessing the situation, the contractor informed the district late Tuesday, Aug. 8 that the damage will be repaired at no cost to the board since all work is still covered under the warranty. Further, the district has been notified that Quality Electric will be using Land Tek (the company that installed the turf football field) to repair the damage and restore the field. Land Tek is scheduled to begin the work on Thursday, Aug. 10; completion is anticipated by the weekend.
The district intends to have the field complex ready for the start of next week’s athletic practices.
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