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Cory Booker Plays Blame Game on Odessa Mass Shooting , Omits to mention Mobile Alabama shooting


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Ridgewood NJ, while the media is once again going into overdrive with the Mass Shooting incident in Odessa Texas , there is hardly a mention of Mass shooting in Mobile, Alabama where a black teen shot 10  people .

Mobile police report that A 17-year-old was arrested after 10 people were shot following a high school football game .The victims in the shooting, which happened in Mobile, ranged in age from 15 to 18. They were rushed to area hospitals, and officials said.No one died.

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NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt Takes a Stand for Legal Gun Owners

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Trenton NJ, this week, the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted on a set of new bills that would add new restrictions on purchasing and owning firearms in New Jersey. NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, standing up for legal gun owners, released the following statement:

“It’s time that New Jersey Republicans stop worrying about who they might offend and start standing up for what they believe in.  That includes protecting the rights of New Jersey’s legal gun owners.

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U.S. Attorney’s Office And Law Enforcement Partners Seize 352 Firearms In Fiscal Year 2018


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Newark NJ, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced today that the District of New Jersey seized 352 firearms as part of criminal prosecutions in Fiscal Year 2018.

The District of New Jersey worked jointly with its law enforcement partners, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, the U.S. Marshal’s Service, and numerous agencies of the State of New Jersey.

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Reader calls 3D Printer Gun Story a non-story ginned up for elected officials to grandstand on

This is a non-story ginned up for elected officials to grandstand on. The plans for the single-use 3D-printed hand gun, having been downloaded 1,000,000+ times already, are out on the internet for all to see through republishing sites. The dark web cares less about copyright than the gun laws of an individual country. As for being able to trace ownership, any cop will tell you that any gun used in the commission of a crime has been reported lost, stolen or destroyed by the registered owner. So, let’s talk about how dangerous to public welfare a weapon that can poorly fire a single bullet will be. Last month in Chicago there were about 25 people shot each week with already illegal guns and a total of 1,600 people shot this year in that one city. Why are we talking about this and not that?

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Reader says “gun control” equals good guys won’t have guns, bad guys will

Reader says , LOL Murphy was too busy crying about the media “releasing” his sons medical records. This is a perfect example of how gun control and tighter gun laws are not going to stop much or ANY of our countries gun violence. This was a gang rivalry which means 99% of the guns used we’re probably bought off the black market, has nothing to do with people who are willing to buy a gun legally, Same thing with columbine, all the guns those kids had we’re from the black market as well. The liberals don’t understand that you can take all the gun stores THAT DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY. Eventually, good guys won’t have guns, bad guys will….and that’s when humanity starts screwing itself over, but after all….that’s what the liberals want.

So what no protests ,or school walk outs , no blame the NRA?  The facts remain the same controlling legal gun ownership has almost no impact on gun violence . “This was gang warfare. And it’s probably the most common form of gun violence seen in major cities on a yearly basis. But nobody is talking about it the way they will if a deranged white guy with a rifle commits the far more rare mass shooting of that type. There’s a gun violence problem here that could be addressed, making a serious difference. But places like Baltimore, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois still have municipal leaders who can’t bring themselves to pass harsher laws to put away first-time offenders who commit gun crimes. They prefer to focus on justice reform, emptying the prisons more quickly and blaming the police.”

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Ending Gun Violence in Schools More than Just Banning Guns

Maryland School Resource Officer Blaine Gaskill

March 24,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The handgun used in a shooting at a Maryland high school was legally owned by the gunman’s father, authorities said Wednesday. A reader replied to the sad story ,“I don’t understand. If a law was passed to outlaw a 17 year old from owning a gun how ever did he have a gun? He was breaking the law? What about the gun free school laws? Do you think he broke those too? How crazy is that?!? Why, if people keep breaking laws like that, how are we ever to keep our schools safe? I’m confused.”

Maryland generally prohibits any person under age 21 from possessing any “regulated firearm” (handgun or assault weapon).1 Maryland also prohibits any person from transferring a regulated firearm to a transferee who the person knows or has reasonable cause to believe is under 21 years of age.

Maryland also prohibits any person from selling, renting or transferring ammunition for a regulated firearm to a person under age 21, or any ammunition to a person under age 18.3 Maryland also prohibits the sale or transfer of a rifle or shotgun to a person under age 18.

Maryland law provides that a person “may not store or leave a loaded firearm in a location where the person knew or should have known that an unsupervised child would gain access to the firearm.”1 This section does not apply if:
The child’s access is supervised by an individual age 18 or older;
The child’s access was obtained as a result of unlawful entry;
The firearm is in the possession or control of a law enforcement officer while the officer is engaged in official duties; or
The child has a certificate of firearm and hunter safety.2
State administrative regulations may impose storage requirements in certain locations.

Federal law :

Dealers may not sell or deliver a handgun or ammunition for a handgun to any person the dealer has reasonable cause to believe is under age 21.

Unlicensed persons may not sell, deliver or otherwise transfer a handgun or handgun ammunition to any person the transferor knows or has reasonable cause to believe is under age 18, with certain exceptions



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Reader says “arming teachers” is a liberal talking point attempting to advance a FALSE NARRATIVE

Maryland School Resource Officer Blaine Gaskill

photo Maryland School Resource Officer Blaine Gaskill

“arming teachers” is a liberal talking point attempting to advance a FALSE NARRATIVE that all teachers will be issued guns as standard practice without any training and who will keep wear these weapons as side arms or keep them on their desks similar to other school supplies..
“arming teachers” is actually ALLOWING teachers or other on-site school personnel WHO ALREADY are qualified, responsible and trained gun owners who will receive additional training as needed and/or fully training and qualifying personnel (who MAY be classroom teachers or school personnel) to become qualified to handle weapons in an emergency situation.
You know… like the armed security guards and police officers were trained.
You are just selling a disingenuous narrative to divert attention from the fact that armed onsite personnel IS EFFECTIVE in STOPPING SCHOOL GUN VIOLENCE AND SAVING STUDENTS LIVES.
Your position is not helping children. It is allowing children to be murdered.
But you also know this.

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Armed Campus Security Officer Stops Maryland School Shooting


March 20,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hillsdale NJ, Just five weeks after the high school shooting that left 17 people dead in Parkland, Florida, communities across the country are still wrestling with the idea of how to make students safe in schools. Since then the public has been treated to a litany of gun control is the answer , blame the NRA , and student walk outs.

Today a student who shot and critically wounded two fellow students at a Maryland high school on Tuesday morning, died after exchanging gunfire with an armed campus security officer. Yes an armed school resource officer keep the incident from spiraling out of control .

“Our school resource officer who was stationed inside the school was alerted to the event and the shots being fired,” Cameron said. “He pursued the shooter, engaged the shooter; during that engagement he fired a round at the shooter. Simultaneously, the shooter fired a round as well.”

Interesting WCBS 880’s Sean Adams did a report yesterday on one local school Pascack Valley School District has been employing retired police officers to help secure schools. Chip Stalter a former Chief of Police in Hillsdale and Mike Niego a retired Hillsdale police captain..

Perhaps instead of playing the political blame games and organizing “student led walkouts” Ridgewood Schools should get serious about school safety and looking for real answers.

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“if you see something say something” , Well that didnt work so what now ?


February 25,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, we have been told over and over “if you see something say something” , but if the latest school shooting is any indication ,when you say something you get ignored.

With great sadness the Ridgewood blog has had to report the latest mass shooting . It is ever parents worst nightmare. As usual the media has hijacked the dialogue always leaving out significant details .

First the FBI ignored a warning that 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz might attack a school, failing to act on a call just weeks before Cruz allegedly carried out a shooting rampage at a high school in South Florida on Valentine’s Day. An easily traceable Internet threat in is was made and ignored by the Feds.

Next we learned by documents obtained by CNN, that law enforcement officers responded to Cruz’s house on 39 occasions over a seven-year period .

Classmates claimed in post incident interviews the Cruz often introduced himself as a “school shooter” .

Worse yet according to CBS an armed on duty school security officer waited outside the building till the shooting stopped at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School .

CBS also is reporting that documents released by the sheriff’s office show that the school resource officer had information about the suspect and his “potential to carry out a school shooting two years before it happened.” But it’s his actions the day of the shooting that led to his suspension.

It just keeps getting worse and worse. CNN reports it wasn’t just Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson who waited outside during the shooting, apparently, the first three officers to arrive on scene joined him in waiting outside, hiding behind their cars with their guns drawn.

This is only a brief outline of the systematic breakdown that took place in Broward County and proof positive government solutions

And of coarse the media plays the blame game and blames President Trump and the NRA neither of which had anything to do with the shooting . The blame game works for politicians but never fixes any problems.

Blaming guns is like blaming cars for drunk drivers . And blaming guns like all “virtue signaling” will not solve any problems . On 9/11 we lost 2997 people with out a gun , in the Oklahoma City bombing we lost 168 people with the use of common fertilizer as a bomb.

If you want real solutions its time to address the real problems and ask real questions ; First why do we only talk about mass shootings , but never the 40 plus people a day who are gunned down by illegal firearms in cities like Chicago, Newark or Paterson? Why have mass shooting increased since the 1960’s , Why are they almost always committed by Democrats? Why does the FBI always seem to drop the ball ? Why if we can try to make it about race its a big deal and if we cant its not? Why are prescription drugs almost always involved ? Why do school administrators and most parents seem oblivious to problems right under their very noises ? Why can a person who being investigated by law enforcement buy guns ? Why is there not a uniform gun data base , like ATM’s or use block chain ? I am sure there are many more questions that need to asked and answered .

And of coarse the big big problem , I will quote my friend Jessica ” it isn’t an AK-47 problem, it’s not an NRA problem…it’s a people problem! Children aren’t raised to respect anything or anyone! We need to stop over indulging our children and start giving them spankings, discipline and teaching them how to respect!! Wake up people! “

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Christie spares Marine from prison over gun conviction

By Sergio Bichao April 14, 2017 4:48 PM

New Jersey 101.5 video archive

A Marine veteran from Virginia who was convicted in New Jersey of possessing a legally owned gun without a state permit will not go to prison after his sentence was commuted Friday by Gov. Chris Christie.

The Afghanistan war veteran is the 10th person whose weapons-related conviction or sentence has been pardoned or commuted by Christie. Like the other cases, Hisashi K.D. Pompey is an out-of-state resident who got entangled by New Jersey’s strict gun laws.

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