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Reader says By using the word sexting you are re victimizing the victims.


Are you sure that was the word you wanted to use when referring to 13 yr old little girls?
Do you know what today is ? It’s the international Day of the Girl !
By using the word sexting you are re victimizing the victims.
Sometimes you need to think before you quickly react and send these emails
I recall when there was a horrible fight between two boys your email was void of the incident that started it …. that being the a forward of a nude photo of one of their girlfriends…. why no mention of “sexting” then ? Maybe had the dialogue been opened then none of this would have occurred ???????
To re victimize a victim is shaming them. They are little girls !
Did you forget about the media 5 yrs ago all over the HS bc of the Ridgewood nudes post ….. I don’t recall you calling that sexting !
This is a sad situation and should be treated as such for the victims and they should all learn from it in a sensitive manner

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Fire Prevention Week in Ridgewood

photo courtesy of the Ridgewood Professional Firefighters FMBA Local 47

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on Wednesday 10/10/2018,  as part of Fire Prevention Week “A” Shift went around to all the Ridgewood schools with the HSA Presidents on board the Fire Trucks to conduct a Fire Drill. These are timed each year to see how fast everyone evacuates the building and a helmet trophy is awarded to the school with the most improved time which this year went to GW Middle School! This year as always was a lot of fun for all involved!

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Reader says Sad fact is many of the ‘speeders’ in the morning are parents taking their kids to school


Sad fact is many of the ‘speeders’ in the morning are parents taking their kids to school. The peak for speeding is 7:45-7:55. Facing the possibility of being late for GW, they avoid the traffic light by cutting over to N Hillside and then crossing over W Ridgewood to get to S Hillside and the entrance to the West Side Pres. parking lot. They sometimes take the bump on S Hillside so fast I can hear the car scraping on the ground. Every single day this happens and there is never a cop to witness it. Only a matter of time before there is an accident. Drivers need to slow down and walkers need to cross the street with caution and with their cell phones put away.

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Reader says an AM walk near Ridge or GW Middle School will lead to the conclusion that the 25 mph speed limit is ignored.


I would recommend the author of the post to take a walk near Ridge and GW schools between 7:15-8am on any week day. An honest observation will lead to the conclusion that the 25 mph speed limit is generally ignored. North Monroe is a speedway.
I support a Village wide 25 mph limit because slower is better in tight quarters. I would like to see greater enforcement of such. Claims that state that more accidents happen at 25 mph are more likely wishful thinking than fact. While I don’t have the stats to say its wrong,t logic tells me that higher speeds are more dangerous in tight quarters. With that said, I feel the author only proves my point (that being slower is better) as there is very little compliance with the 25 mph limit anyway.

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Ridgewood schools chief says student safety is priority


JUNE 29, 2015    LAST UPDATED: MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015, 2:52 PM

Ridgewood Schools Superintendent Daniel Fishbein sent out a letter last month in response to two incidents that took place in the district.

Incident at GW

The letter described the recent “swatting” incident that took place at George Washington Middle School, in which someone phoned in a false shooter threat that the school nonetheless took seriously for safety’s sake.

The incident forced the school into lockdown procedures, with the students hiding in classrooms and the teachers working with police officers to ensure safety.

“Unfortunate as the swatting incident was, it proved that our response plan is effective in this type of emergency,” Fishbein said. “The first Ridgewood police car arrived at GWMS within 39 seconds. Four municipalities responded swiftly in a coordinated effort. Some police were responsible to enter the building while others secured the area around the school.

“Our communication to parents and guardians went out as quickly as we had factual information to report,” he said.

Fishbein described the way that parents attempted to go to the school during the threat, and explained that they would be turned away until the threat had abated.

He also expounded upon the fact that the fire department’s phone lines were tied up by concerned parents inquiring about their children’s safety.

Fishbein expressed relief that Ridgewood police officers are trained in live-fire drills at the schools, allowing them to handle such situations with practiced ease.

How are these results positive? They were discovered during a false alarm, mitigating their potential for disaster and allowing the school to make the appropriate responses and adjustments for the next time such an event should occur, if one ever does, Fishbein said.

Incident at BF

The next portion of the letter focused on the recent incident between a former janitor and student at Benjamin Franklin Middle School.