Princeton Council Criticizes ‘Fair Share Housing Center’ As Affordable Housing Trial Continues

Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi  asks , “How and why does a not for profit entity have so much power over government in the State of New Jersey? Inquiring minds want to know. ”

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Princeton Council members expressed anger and frustration at their regular meeting Monday night after being presented with a […]

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Holly Schepisi New Jersey State Assemblywoman for District 39 accuses the founder of Fair Share Housing of creating a “totally false” narrative 

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August 31,2017

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River Vale NJ, In this interview the founder of Fair Share Housing stares that municipalities aren’t being forced to allow builders to build 5 market rate units for an affordable unit and that the narrative is “totally false.” For my friends around the State facing lawsuits […]

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N.J. Real Estate Power Rankings: The 15 hottest markets

Glen Rock Places Number 12

Posted August 24, 2017 at 08:12 AM | Updated August 24, 2017 at 09:58 AM

Stephen Stirling | NJ Advance Media for

NJ Advance Media is launching a feature this week dubbed the New Jersey Real Estate Power Rankings.

Every three months, we will rank the top 15 real estate markets and chart […]

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Van Emburgh Avenue Apartment complex would have negative impact on local community

Our quiet, serene, beautiful and peaceful neighborhood on Van Emburgh Avenue stretching from Washington Township into Ridgewood and made up of 100 percent single family homes is about to be shattered by a court-ordered imposition of a 44-unit apartment complex. This mandate is to satisfy some nebulous rules about complying with Affordable Housing politically-correct social […]

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Assemblywomen says she hopes to force change by guiding a movement of civil disobedience.

August 21,2017

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River Vale NJ , Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi asks, “If the Democratic front runner for Governor boldly says NJ won’t comply with many federal laws he disagrees with, why can’t our suburban communities fight back against ridiculous NJ policies that the democratic controlled legislature refuses to change?”

Schepisi said she hopes to […]

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Ridgewood planners hear details on special-needs housing at Sealfons site

Nicholas Katzban, Staff Writer, @NicholasKatzbanPublished 11:22 p.m. ET Aug. 16, 2017

RIDGEWOOD — The president of Bergen County’s United Way this week offered details on special-needs housing that could be coming to downtown Ridgewood.

Thomas Toronto testified before the Planning Board on Tuesday about an agreement his organization has brokered to include special-needs housing as part of […]

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Judge ruled South Brunswick must build 3,000 units of affordable housing, but township wants decision set aside due to ‘appearance of impropriety’

New Jersey’s only municipality to receive its affordable-housing obligation from a judge’s order is continuing to appeal that number, even as construction is underway on the first new […]

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“For the naysayers who don’t believe court-forced overdevelopment in New Jersey impacts environmentally sensitive areas please read this article.” , Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi



Court defers to DEP’s expertise regarding wetlands, endangered species, and impact of proposed sewer connection on water quality

A state appeals court approved […]

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Reader Says My hat goes off to Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi but she seems to be lonely in this fight Against Over Development

My hat goes off to her but she seems to be lonely in this fight. I don’t see any uproar from anybody else on the Republican side at least. Democ-rats agenda will continue the path of destruction in the name of socialism. Socialism tries to narrow the gap by destroying the rich so they can […]

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Maybe its time to build large-scale apartment/condo structures out of non-combustible construction

August 2,2017

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Edgewater NJ, One year ago today, a fast-moving fire sparked by a maintenance worker’s blowtorch climbed up the walls and through unsprinklered spaces of the Avalon Edgewater apartment complex.

The blaze was first reported at 4:22 p.m. on Jan. 21, 2015, sending 500 first responders to the Russell Avenue complex.

Before […]

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