Affordable Housing Litigation and how its effecting the Village of Ridgewood

January 16,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, councilmen Ramon Hache gave us an update of the Affordable Housing Litigation and how its effecting the Village of Ridgewood .

According to the councilmen , “This litigation continues from 2015 when the Village filed its Declaratory Judgment complaint in Superior Court seeking approval of its adopted housing […]

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Reader says This town is on the path of no return

I agree with most of what you say but not voting for Aronsohn. I won’t vote at all. Now I have understood what RW politicians are made of, it is NJ after all. They can tear their pie anyway they want but I won’t support any of them. This town is on the path of […]

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Reader says High density housing set the stage for developers to subdivide and cram lots

High density housing set the stage for developers to subdivide and cram lots. This is only the beginning and there is no recourse to stop them. It’s all now permissible and within code. How does Planning Board say No? Attorneys will milk this.

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Note From the Ridgewood Blog Editor Turning Ridgewood into a Dump , will Cost a Fortune and do Nothing to enhance property Values

Reader said, “Nice to see that ya’ll are finally taking your head out of your asses and realize that you have been getting screwed for years. And James, stop with the Union City crap. It’s getting old. We don’t need “massive upgrades” to anything. Do we need extra capacity to bring the town into the […]

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Village Hall Court Room– 7:30 P.M.

(all timeframes and the order of agenda items below are approximate and subject to change)
7:30 p.m. – Call to Order, Statement of Compliance, Flag Salute, Roll Call – In accordance with the provisions of Section 10:4-8d of the Open Public Meetings […]

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Reader calls Fair Share Housing a bully

Fair Share Housing will bully their way as they know nobody will bother to fight them. It takes balls to stand up and this VC and the village in general is full of lightweights who are more concerned with leaf collection than the long term livability in this place. I would rather see us risk […]

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Reader says Bergen County and towns like Ridgewood in the cross hairs

Remember 2-5 years and the current Valley location will be a good number of affordable housing units
The same folks who vote for leaders who support these ideas seem to be shocked when it hits home
The new governor and team are all for this with Bergen County and towns like RW in the cross hairs
Valley will […]

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Reader says Affordable housing can be beneficial to a handful of people but can be devastating to so many more

This affordability thing is one of the most perverted things I have come across.. How can an organization such as Fair Share housing have so much leverage in dictating their agenda. How can they play as they wish with the quality of life of so many towns, villages and people who have worked hard to […]

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Bergen County Towns Vote to Reject Forced Overdevelopement thru Affordable-housing

November 18,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hillsdale NJ, Ballot questions were overwhelmingly approved in four Bergen County towns, Residents in Hillsdale, Park Ridge and River Vale voted this month in support of non-binding questions that called for the towns to stop issuing permits for large-scale housing projects until statewide affordable-housing rules are established. Dumont voters […]

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Reader Challenges Candidate Vagianos to Make His Views on “Affordable Housing” Clear

Speaking of the wall, did anyone see the summary of Vagianos’ housing comments as they appeared in the Ridgewood News? I am hoping they were mis-reported, but as I read them, he won’t comment on his view of the multi-family housing debacle in our state because the Courts are dealing with it.

Has he never taken […]

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