Gender-swap experiment shows Hillary even less likable as a man

Amber Athey Investigative [email protected]_atheyon Mar 09, 2017 at 8:26 AM EDT

An experiment designed to reveal gender bias by reenacting the presidential debates with the candidates’ genders reversed found that Hillary Clinton would have been even less likeable as a man.

The two NYU professors who designed the experiment were “unsettled” to discover that audience members actually […]

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Democrats in the Wilderness

Inside a decimated party’s not-so-certain revival strategy.

DOVERE January 19, 2017

Standing with some 30,000 people in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia the night before the election watching Hillary Clinton speak, exhausted aides were already worrying about what would come next. They expected her to win, of course, but they knew President Clinton was going to […]

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The real reasons for Russian electoral meddling

The money quote:

“And even if Putin did favor one candidate, I’m skeptical that he would prefer Trump. After all, it was President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who were repeatedly outplayed and embarrassed by Putin on Ukraine, Syria and the Baltics. At the very least, Putin’s preference would seem debatable.”

President Obama, Hillary […]

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Says Put Up or Shut Up

Kremlin slams ‘extremely scurrilous’ US hacking accusations

AFPDecember 16, 2016

Tokyo (AFP) – The Kremlin on Friday slammed Washington for pointing the finger at President Vladimir Putin over cyber attacks targeting the US election, after Barack Obama pledged to retaliate against Russian hacking.

“At this point they need to either stop talking about this or finally present some […]

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Democratic donors call for Clinton campaign post-mortem

The wealthy Democrats who helped pump over $1 billion into Hillary Clinton’s losing effort want answers.


12/15/16 06:15 PM EST

NEW YORK — When Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine greet the very top fundraisers and donors to their failed campaign at New York’s Plaza Hotel on Thursday evening, many of them will have one question […]

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Trump’s incoming chief of staff suggests Hillary Clinton is backing away from a deal worked out between the two presidential campaigns

Donald Trump’s incoming chief of staff suggests Hillary Clinton is backing away from a deal worked out between the two presidential campaigns on how the loser would concede to the winner.
Reince Priebus tells “Fox News Sunday” that Clinton’s team “cut a deal” with Trump’s team specifying that once The Associated Press called the race in […]

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Is The Clinton Foundation Doomed?

Clinton Scandal: Is the Clinton Foundation, after being rocked by a series of scandals, going down for the count? Reports suggest that may be the case, as donations to the once-popular “charity” plummet.

It’s unlikely anyone was as disappointed as Bill Clinton at the defeat of Hillary Clinton for the presidency. Her election would have ensured […]

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Seething liberals vow revolution in Democratic Party

BY JONATHAN EASLEY – 11/12/16 06:00 AM EST

The Republican civil war was supposed start this week.

Instead, a ferocious struggle has erupted on the left over the smoldering remains of the Democratic Party.

Liberals are seething over the election and talking about launching a Tea Party-style revolt. They say it’s the only way to keep Washington Democrats […]

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Reader says I really do not understand why people would feel so depressed over an election

I really do not understand why people would feel so depressed over an election. The people spoke and one candidate won. Will this vilified new president really be having such a negative impact on people’s lives? Or is it just like a sport, your team lost a final game and you’re hung over a couple […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Celebrity Feminism Was a Failure

Her reliance on Hollywood endorsements reflected a deeper problem in the Democratic Party: superficial progressivism packaged as real social justice.


November 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton will not be our first woman president, a symbolic blow made more painful by the fact that she lost to a raging misogynist and sexual predator. Donald Trump is now […]

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