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NJ Attorney General Grewal Announces Takedown Of Major Fentanyl And Heroin Mill In Hudson County


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Harrison NJ, Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal today announced arrests of three men in the takedown of a major fentanyl and heroin mill in Harrison, N.J., that distributed its narcotics in wax folds stamped with the same brand names that have been linked to 227 overdoses, including 84 deaths. Approximately 32,500 individual doses and four kilos of fentanyl and heroin were seized in the investigation.

The arrests were made in an ongoing investigation by the New Jersey State Police Opioid Enforcement Task Force and the Division of Criminal Justice. They were assisted by U.S. Homeland Security Investigations, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Morris County Sheriff’s Office, Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, Passaic County Sheriff’s Office, Cliffside Park Police, Nutley Police, Harrison Police and Newark Police.

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MS-13 killers Use New Jersey Sanctuary Status to hide from the law

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TRENTON NJ,  Fulfilling its statutory mandate to keep the public informed about the operations of organized crime in New Jersey, the State Commission of Investigation today introduced a new project, “Organized Crime Spotlight,” that will periodically provide up‐to‐date profiles of significant criminal groups impacting the State and region. The inaugural report focuses on La Mara Salvatrucha, commonly referred to as MS‐13, a criminal street gang known for extreme violence.  

The State Commission of Investigation is an independent New Jersey watchdog agency  established in 1968 to investigate organized crime and corruption, waste of tax money and  other abuses of the public trust. Copies of public reports are available at the Commission’s  offices or via its Web site at  

The Commission found that while aggressive law enforcement efforts and prosecutions at the state and federal levels have been somewhat effective in suppressing MS‐13, it remains a persistent threat in New Jersey, preying primarily on immigrant communities through extortion, robbery and street‐level drug sales.  With a ceaseless thirst to command respect through fear, its trademark ideology of advancing in rank through violence and its rivalries with other groups, murder is always just a spark away for MS‐13 members, the SCI found.  

The most infamous example of MS‐13’s savagery in New Jersey was the slaying of three individuals – and the grave wounding of a fourth – in a Newark schoolyard on the night of Aug. 4, 2007. Six of the gang’s members, including the leader of the Newark clique, are serving long prison sentences for the grisly attack. Such vicious incidents of violence have been less frequent in recent years, and some policing experts believe elements of MS‐13 may be intentionally lying low to avoid law enforcement scrutiny.  

Further, the Commission learned that New Jersey is a central command post for the gang’s operations on the East Coast.  Over the past decade, an effort by MS‐13 leaders in El Salvador to exert greater control over U.S.‐based cliques, or sets, has taken root. These cliques take orders directly from compatriots in El Salvador for killings and pay tribute by wiring cash to leaders in the Central American nation.  New Jersey has played a prominent role in this movement with leaders in Monmouth and Hudson counties directing operations along the East Coast.  

Founded by immigrants fleeing war‐torn El Salvador in the 1980s, MS‐13 originated on the streets of Los Angeles. New Jersey law enforcement officials identified the first MS‐13 members in Elizabeth, Union County, in the mid‐1990s. Today, MS‐13 members are scattered throughout the state from Union City to Morristown, Trenton to Red Bank, and Lindenwold to

Along with outlining the gang’s origins, expansion, structure and activities, the report also highlights some of the obstacles facing law enforcement as well as approaches some officials have used to tamp down violence and to prevent vulnerable teenagers from bolstering MS‐13’s ranks.  

Combating MS‐13 presents unique challenges to law enforcement due to the insular nature of the gang, which often targets immigrants from El Salvador as both victims and as potential recruits. In some municipalities, outreach is hampered by a lack of Spanish‐speaking officers. Law enforcement officials across the State told the Commission efforts are ongoing to build relationships with these communities but that many people, principally those who are undocumented, are fearful of deportation or of retaliation by the gang.  

Notwithstanding these challenges, law enforcement in some jurisdictions, particularly in Hudson County, have adopted strategies that have successfully headed off potential violence and muted the gang’s predatory behavior. Most notably, law enforcement officials in Union City, Hudson County, told the Commission that while many MS‐13 members are present in the city, the gang does not conduct overt criminal activity there because of a zero‐tolerance approach that involves multiple city departments and the school system.  Some measures taken in Union City include a midnight curfew on those under 18 and a requirement that building owners swiftly remove graffiti, such as gang‐related tags, or face significant financial penalties.  

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Ridgewood Mayor Guest of Honor at the Dominican Parade of Hudson County

photo courtesy of Ramon Hache

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West New York NJ, Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache was the  guest of Honor at the Dominican American Parade of Hudson County.  The mayor said , “Muy orgulloso de haber sido Invitado de Honor en la Parada Dominicana de Hudson County” , which translates , ” Very proud to have been Guest of Honor in the Dominican Parade of Hudson County “.

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Hudson County, Woman Charged Vote by Mail Voter Bribery Scheme

you_lost _more_than_just_mail_theridgewoodblog

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Hoboken NJ, A Hudson County, New Jersey woman was arrested and charged today for promoting a voter bribery scheme by use of the U.S. mail, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced.
Lizaida Camis, 55, of Hoboken, is charged by complaint with a violation of the Travel Act for causing the mails to be used to aid voter bribery contrary to New Jersey state law. She is scheduled to have her initial appearance today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Falk in Newark federal court.

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Only One Vote of approval will select New Jersey’s next Governor



In the era of Trump, not much attention is being paid to the NJ Gubernatorial race right now, but for those who understand what happened last November with the Presidential election, where thousands of New Jersians who rarely voted and democrats who were tired of back-room deals and politics as usual, came out and voted for Donald Trump. This should give New Jersey residents some pause when considering options for the Democratic primary race. When Gov. Christie ran for his second term, he took NJ 60.3% to 38.2%.  One of the arguments from the Democratic candidate was that the power boss/es did not come out for her for whatever reasons.

In this year’s Democratic primary, we have several candidates but some corrupt party bosses are crowning their favorite, even before a single “public” vote has been cast. If the residents of New Jersey do not stand up and fight for their right to select the candidate they want to represent them, then the only vote that counts and that has already been cast, is that of the Democratic Chairman for Passaic County.  To better understand how control is maintained, we must understand that this chairman controls all the County agencies including the Board of Elections and Freeholders, Passaic County Technical Institute, Sheriff’s Department and Passaic County Community College just off the top of my head.  Now to be fair, the departments are run by different staff and professionals but the key elected positions and in some cases executive jobs are mostly the result of political deals made by the Democratic chair.  This was not done overnight. It took years for such a process to work, but now that all county and state elected officials are controlled by the Passaic County Democratic Chair, with the exception of Congressman Bill Pascrell who is focused influencing Trenton, have selected a candidate with no governing experience at all but with deep pockets to fund other candidates the chairman has in mind.

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Mystery Solved: Unnamed Beneficiary of Suicide Lobbyist Was Bill Pascrell

Bill Pascrell

Pharma lobbyist Evan Morris helped Jersey Dems but also helped himself

The must-read story for the political class this week is “The Rise and Fall of a K Street Renegade” from the Wall Street Journal. In brutal, delicious detail—the $2,000 bottles of wine (buy one and the second is free!), the $300,000 mahogany speedboat called Mulligan (a golf term to go with the eight private golf club memberships)—Brody Mullins details the spectacular rise and tragic fall of pharma lobbyist Evan Morris. Morris lived a life that would make Jack Abramoff blush and the article suggests that consultants who participated in the kickback scheme could face “fraud or other charges,” with federal prosecutors already showing evidence to a grand jury.

The lobbyist himself, however, won’t be facing any charges. Morris, just 38 and with a bottle of Petrus by his side, shot himself in July 2015, just as Roche lawyers finally noticed massive amounts of money being paid to consultants who seemed to be lining Morris’ pockets in return.

Naturally, for a political story this juicy, there’s a Jersey angle. The story includes a passage in which Morris helps the Washington trade group Biotechnology Innovation Organization hire former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for its 2014 convention. She received $335,000 for her appearance and he arranged additional six-figure donations to the Clinton Foundation. But that largesse was simply a continuation of earlier Clinton-reflected glory, which brings us to Hudson County.

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N.J. bill would fund sanctuary cities denied federal dollars by Trump


James — you should post this and then seek comment from the progressive Clinton/Gottheimer fans. How much are they willing to pay Hudson County over and beyond the Abbott money already going there?

By Steve Strunsky | NJ Advance Media for
on February 07, 2017 at 8:06 PM, updated February 08, 2017 at 9:27 AM

UNION CITY — New Jersey lawmakers from immigrant-rich Hudson County on Tuesday announced a bill that would provide state aid to sanctuary cities denied federal funds for failing to comply with immigration rules.

The bill was introduced in both houses of the legislature on Tuesday by State Sen. Brian Stack, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, all Democrats from the 33rd District.

The three held a press conference in the garage at City Hall in Union City, where Stack is also the mayor.

“Union City, technically, has always been a sanctuary city,” said Stack. “We have never turned away anybody, documented or undocumented, when they come in looking for help.”

The difference now is that President Donald Trump issued a Jan. 25 executive order intended to, “ensure that jurisdictions that fail to comply with applicable Federal law do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by law,” specifically targeting sanctuary cities and states.

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Measles, again — baby could have spread infection in northern NJ

New Jersey Department of Health

By Adam Hochron January 30, 2017 6:17 PM

WAYNE — The New Jersey Department of Health has confirmed a travel-related case of measles in Passaic County.

According to the department, the disease was found in an unvaccinated 7-month-old who had come to the state through international travel, and who may have exposed others between Jan. 17 and 23, including at two local hospitals.

The child visited the emergency department of St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital from just before 7 a.m until 1 p.m. on Jan. 21, according to the health department. The child as at the Pediatric Emergency Department at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center two days later from 6:30 a.m. until 3:45 p.m.

While it has been more than a week since the child was at either hospital, and is currently recovering at home, the health department warned that symptoms may not develop until as late as Feb. 15.

Also, according to the health department, this case of travel-related measles is not connected to a man from Hudson County who also contracted the disease traveling abroad.

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Trenton Democrats Want to Make Drinking Coffee While Driving In N.J. Illegal

August 6,2016

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Ridgewood NJ , New Jersey Democrat Lawmakers are at it again ,and they want to take away your morning coffee. Under the guise of trying to crack down on distracted driving NJ Democrats are looking to ban anything that takes your hands off a steering wheel, including eating, drinking coffee.

Democrat lawmakers are currently pushing a bill, A-1908, that specifically prohibits a driver from engaging in any activity such as eating, drinking or using electronic devices not related to the operation of the vehicle. New Jersey already bans cellphone usage while driving.Violators could face fines from $200 to $400 for the first offense, $400 to $600 for a second offense and $600 to $800 for a third or subsequent offense. A third violation may also result in a driver’s license suspension of up to 90 days and a motor vehicle points penalty at the court’s discretion.

No surprise the bill is sponsored by Assemblyman John Wisniewski, a Democrat in Middlesex County, and Nicholas Chiaravalloti, a Democrat in Hudson County. The bill is modeled after a similar law in Maine that punishes drivers for using an electronic device, applying cosmetics or performing personal grooming while driving.
The bill was introduced early this year and has been referred to the Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee. No votes have been scheduled so far but its August and the only people left in Trenton are the people with no friends perhaps sizing up another opportunity to pick New Jersey tax payers pockets clean.
Democrat Wisniewski has pushed similar bills in the past, saying that, ” education is an important goal not ticketing everyone who drives.” Sure John and have I got a bridge to sell you.
Once again Trenton is in a desperate quest for funds and clearly willing to say or do anything to get into your pocket. Will they next announce that the “Coffee fines” will make up for the public pension short fall or fund the Transportation Slush Fund ,we mean Trust Fund. Stay tuned you cant make this stuff up.
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Ron Simoncini previously linked to a Hoboken, Hudson County mess with some dubious mail-in ballots ?

Hudson County Machine Politics

May 3,2016

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Ridgewood NJ, Progress Ridgewood? Ridgewood 2020? The Truth About Ridgewood Facebook page moderated by Ron Simoncini who was previously linked to a Hoboken, Hudson County mess with some dubious mail-in ballots. Google away using search terms Simoncini, Hoboken, mail in ballots, etcetera. Isn’t Mr. Simoncini the big time supporter behind the Weitz, Willet, Brooks ticket? Pay attention Ridgewood. Link here to one article but there’s more if you care to dig for The Truth. By the way Ridgewood had over 450 votes by mail for garage referendum in Nov. hmmm..–Rent-control-referendum-results-stand–and-shed-light-on-dubious-election-pastime–?instance=latest_story