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Sighting Bias , Webber Opts out of Meeting with Star-Ledger Editorial Board

photo courtesy of the Webber for Congress campaign

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Morris Plains, NJ , the Webber for Congress campaign announced Jay Webber will not be sitting for an interview with the Star Ledger Editorial Board.

In the August 12th editorial, the board wrote “It’s impossible to say what voice Webber is hearing inside his head, ” seemingly implying that Assemblyman Webber has some kind of mental deficiency that is driving him to conclusions that they wrongly characterized as “lies.”

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Jay Webber Demands Murphy Explain Where Tax Hike Dollars Went ,After Epic NJ Transit Failure


the staff of Ridgewood blog

Whippany NJ,  Again, New Jersey Transit has let down their riders by cancelling over 20 trains last night. Alerts stated that all of the cancellations were because of a lack of engineer availability. The problems of NJ Transit today are ones Jay Webber worked to stop years ago. In 2011, the Legislature and Governor Christie passed legislation that required all new public employees to live in New Jersey. Jay was one of only a handful of lawmakers to vote against the bill. Just a few years later, many people, including Governor Phil Murphy, believe this legislation has resulted in an engineer and staffing shortage that has led to many of NJ Transit’s train cancellations and delays.

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Top Law Enforcement Officials Call On Sherrill To End The Witch Hunt On ICE Agents


July 34,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Whippany NJ,  Following a week where nearly 200 Democrats in the House refused to vote for a resolution in support of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon and Sussex County Sheriff Michael Strada are joining Jay Webber in calling on Congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill to reject her party’s effort to disband and tarnish the organization.

“I stand with the women and men who serve and sacrifice as ICE agents and employees,” said Webber. “It is important that our elected representatives support the law enforcement community, especially as we all work together to try and solve the opioid crisis. It is unconscionable that Mikie Sherrill actually organized a rally that called for the abolition of ICE, and refuses to back down from that indefensible position.”
Sheriff Gannon added, “Every branch of law enforcement is intertwined and reinforces one another’s responsibilities. In addition to identifying, investigating and prosecuting dangerous illegal immigrants, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) also plays an especially critical role in keeping drugs off of our streets, seizing hundreds of thousands of pounds of illegal narcotics every year. We need a Congressional representative who will protect the mission of ICE as we continue to battle the opioid crisis. Jay Webber has proven time and again that law enforcement can count on him, which is why I give him my full support. ”
“Mikie Sherrill is adding fuel to a very dangerous fire by sharing the stage with her radical supporters as they call for the abolishment of ICE,” said Sheriff Strada. “Every Sheriff’s office and local police department would be in a tough spot if we did not have Immigration and Customs Enforcement supporting us, and vice versa. If people want to send someone to Washington who will be tough on crime and have the backs of the law enforcement community, then they need to get out and support Jay Webber.”