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Reader says one would think it would take a miracle, or at least some extremely fortuitous set of circumstances going Lonegan’s way, to enable him to flip the seat back into republican hands

Lonegan Official 8

The fifth congressional district was recently gradually trending blue, out from under Garrett who was still showing up well for re-election every two years until he was ambushed in 2016 via a disingenuous (but admittedly politically successful) LGBT line of attack. He had all the integrity in the world (particularly compared to the average DC swamp denizen) and yet was ruthlessly trashed because he would not yield to pressure to deviate from his strong sense of traditional personal morality. Say what you want but Garrett was not going to do like Obama did and blatantly flip-flop on his belief regarding marriage only being between one biological man and one biological woman. It’s 2018 now, though, and what with the proportional advantage the Democrats have amassed in terms of affiliated registered voters in the 5th Congressional district (gubernatorial candidate Guadagno found voters living in this district considerably less inclined toward her message than did Christie when he ran twice), one would think it would take a miracle, or at least some extremely fortuitous set of circumstances going Lonegan’s way, to enable him to flip the seat back into republican hands.

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Ridgewood MLK Day Fiasco

Josh Gottheimer

January 18,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, This past Monday the Martin Luther King, jr. interfaith celebration was held. It was intended to be a celebration of the teachings of Dr. King and was to include Rev. Sampson, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in New York as the guest speaker, followed by an outdoor rally and a light lunch. The program was also to feature Ridgewood and Glen Rock student speakers and musical performances by the Indian Hills Chamber Choir and Men of Umoja chorus.

Much of the event was beautiful until Aronsohn and Gottheimer turned it into their own personal soapboxes.

It turned into a political rally of sorts. After Pastor Mack Brandon introduced Rep. Gottheimer and welcomed him to the podium, suddenly FORMER Mayor Aronsohn shoved his way to the front, all but pushing Gottheimer back down. Aronsohn then proceeded to give an unscheduled speech (unscheduled, but not unplanned, because he had a paper in his hand as he bulldozed his way to the altar). Following this ridiculous display, Aronsohn himself went on to welcome Gottheimer to come and speak, even though Gottheimer had already been invited to the microphone by Pastor Brandon a few minutes earlier. People were kind of shocked by Aronsohn going off-script and just inserting himself into the event. Gottheimer then proceeded to give a political rally type of speech, not one honoring Dr. King and his principles and teachings, but one that was self-promoting, all about him and his agenda.

Politicians (or wannabe politicians like Aronsohn) should be banned from speaking at such an event. It was a disgrace.

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Josh Gottheimer and Phil Murphy are playing games, using gimmicks and illusions to take the eyes of the public off the true issue in New Jersey

phil murphy

New Jersey’s career politicians, like the Clinton Speech writer Gottheimer and out of touch elitist Phil Murphy are playing games, using gimmicks and illusions to take the eyes of the public off the true issue in New Jersey, the grotesquely high taxes it squeezes out of its very own citizens. They want to deflect the blame to D.C. and take the voter’s attention off their fellow Democrats. My friends, the citizens of New Jersey are not that stupid, our people want the politicians to cut the ever ballooning taxes that plague our state.

What needs to be done requires strength, intelligence and an uncompromising will to reduce spending in this state. It requires the leadership that will reverse this state’s anti-business climate to increase the tax base while reducing the tax burden. Sadly, I do not see any of this in Trenton. I see the grandstanding we are all accustomed to, not the leadership we so desperately need.

Gottheimer, who faces a challenge this November, may have gotten this idea from his former employers, the Clintons. Maybe his next suggestion is to have the Clinton foundation administer the charity.

The municipal, county and state officials should do what taxpayers want them to really do — cut taxes, cut spending — not come up with tax loopholes that either won’t pass muster or won’t be sustainable.

Gottheimer said, “The tax hike bill Congress passed last year is a ticking time bomb for New Jersey,” we are proudly declaring that New Jersey won’t shy from a fight. We won’t be America’s piggy bank.” I say to him, I no longer want to be Trenton’s piggy bank and the only ticking time bomb you need to worry about is the mad as hell citizens that want real tax reductions, not a pass the potato blame game.

“This is not partisan,” Mr. Murphy said. “This is a smart versus not smart.” I say, this is lazy and opportunist verses hard diligent work and tenacity. New Jersey is done with tricks and gimmicks, bring us change or resign! Pension reform, re-working the school funding formulas and instituting a pro-business environment is needed now.

Joseph Caruso
Your Friendly Neighborhood Taxpayer

Organization For Economic Growth

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Gottheimer and Murphy Throw New Jersey Tax Hail Mary

Josh Gottheimer

January 6,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Fair Lawn NJ , Apparently the “Tax the Rich” philosophy of New Jersey lawmakers only applies to when Trenton taxes the rich and not anyone else . The “Taxing the Rich” mantra has driven the state to fiscal suicide and has become a euphemism for taxing everyone on everything .

Today, in a desperate last ditch attempt to prop up Trenton, Congressman Josh Gottheimer and Governor-elect Phil Murphy have joined together to offer a new Tax Plan for New Jersey. Murphy and Gottheimer’s “Hail Mary” Tax Bill looks to restore State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction by providing a tax deduction for taxpayers who make charitable contributions to their state or other local governments.

The two will be joined by Congressman Bill Pascrell and the mayors of Fair Lawn, Paramus and Park Ridge who all expressed support for the plan and their eagerness to implement it, with state support, in their communities. The Tax Hike Bill took a two-by-four to the State of New Jersey, gutting the State and Local Deduction (SALT), sharply limiting New Jersey’s property tax deductions, and imposing a massive Tax Hike on Jersey families and businesses. The Tax Hike Bill was largely paid for on the backs of New Jersey taxpayers and, according to experts, will bring property values down by as much as twenty percent and send businesses and jobs to other states.

Plan restores the value of the State and Local Tax (SALT) Deduction by providing a tax deduction for taxpayers who make charitable contributions to their state or other local governments. States and local governments can establish or support funds that pay for local services, including schools, law enforcement, and infrastructure. Taxpayers can make “voluntary contributions” to these funds, for which they will receive an offsetting tax credit. The contributions will be deductible for federal tax purposes under existing law, even for those who pay the alternative minimum tax. This structure effectively restores the benefit of the lost state and local tax deduction to the extent of the contributions for most taxpayers who itemize.

The plan also does not to restore any level of fiscal sanity to the state on New Jersey .

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Josh Gottheimer voted NO on giving New Jersey families much needed tax cuts

Josh Gottheimer

December 23,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, reader asks , “So Josh Gottheimer’s big ‘tax cutting’ campaign pledge was that he would lower corporate tax rates.
This tax bill does exactly that, but Gottheimer did not vote for it? Was he opposed to the middle class tax cuts that were paired to his favored corporate tax cuts? ”

Gottheimer voted no on tax cuts ,these tax cuts will allow North Jersey families to keep more of their money and New Jersey businesses to invest more in the local economy.

During his election readers poked fun , “There is a Gottheimer poster wrapped around the bear by the Franklin Ave underpass that says ‘Lower taxes’

I am still confused about whether that is a legit poster or someone just being sarcastic.”


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The Clinton Foundation Is Dead — But The Case Against Hillary Isn’t

International Leaders And Luminaries Attend Clinton Global Initiative

While everyone’s been gearing up for President Trump’s inauguration, the Clinton Foundation made a major announcement this week that went by with almost no notice: For all intents and purposes, it’s closing its doors.

In a tax filing, the Clinton Global Initiative said it’s firing 22 staffers and closing its offices, a result of the gusher of foreign money that kept the foundation afloat suddenly drying up after Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency.

It proves what we’ve said all along: The Clinton Foundation was little more than an influence-peddling scheme to enrich the Clintons, and had little if anything to do with “charity,” either overseas or in the U.S. That sound you heard starting in November was checkbooks being snapped shut in offices around the world by people who had hoped their donations would buy access to the next president of the United States.

And why not? There was a strong precedent for it in Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. While serving as the nation’s top diplomat, the Clinton Foundation took money from at least seven foreign governments — a clear breach of Clinton’s pledge on taking office that there would be total separation between her duties and the foundation.

Is there a smoking gun? Well, of the 154 private interests who either officially met or had scheduled phone talks with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state, at least 85 were donors to the Clinton Foundation or one of its programs.

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All I want for Christmas is for you to take that sign at the underpass down


December 19,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Hey Josh, we get it it, you won. All I want for Christmas is for you to take that sign at the underpass down.

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Democrat Running for Congress Accused of ‘Manipulating’ Govt. Document

Josh Gottheimer
November 8th 2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackensack NJ, The Washington Free Beacon just posted an explosive story about Josh Gottheimer’s dirty campaign tactics, which including spreading lies and forging government documents:

Rep. Scott Garrett’s (R., N.J.) reelection campaign sent a cease and desist letter Thursday to the New Jersey Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey after his Democratic opponent, Josh Gottheimer, created false government documents for a campaign ad.

The letter charges that the Gottheimer campaign “deliberately and fraudulently altered the original letter in order to mislead the public and the press to falsely believe that the letter had come from the Office of Congressional Ethics.”

When the allegations first arose, the Gottheimer campaign initially admitted it had manipulated the image in question. The campaign then walked back that claim, saying it had not manipulated the document but instead “the image used in the ad was a visual representation of what office the complaint was filed to,” the New Jersey Star Ledger reported.

Garrett and his campaign have strongly pushed back against the ad and its allegations. Garrett said at a press conference on Wednesday that he is not under investigation and accused Gottheimer of creating a false document to score political points.

“It turns out that in Clinton crony boot camp, they not only teach how to destroy government documents, they teach how to forge them as well,” Sarah Neibart, Garrett’s campaign manager, said in a statement to the Washington Free Beacon.

“Clinton protégé Josh Gottheimer’s forgery of government documents is a clear violation of state and federal law, and we expect that the New Jersey Attorney General and U.S. Attorney General will begin an immediate investigation into these actions,” she added.

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Ridgewood Councilmen Ramon Hache: “Get out there and vote today, regardless of who your candidate is. You can’t complain about what’s wrong if you don’t do anything about it”

Vote Ridgewood NJ
file photo by Dana Glazer

November 8,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Councilmen Ramon Hache reminds everyone to ,”Get out there and vote today, regardless of who your candidate is. You can’t complain about what’s wrong if you don’t do anything about it. And if you think your vote doesn’t count, it actually counts a lot less if you don’t vote. Voting is not just a right, it’s a privilege. If you can vote, it means you have the privilege of being a citizen of the United States. Despite all our problems, this is still the greatest country in the world. We are fortunate to live in a country where there can be an orderly transfer of power every four years. This country is still the number one destination for people all over the world who are looking for opportunities and a better way of life. Don’t throw away your privilege.”
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I didn’t think anything could be more offensive than the anti-semitic flier circulated about Josh Gottheimer, but Alfred Doblin managed to prove me wrong

Bergen record Newspaper-vending-machine2

file photo by Boyd Loving

Jewish Constituents on The Record’s Hateful Editorial: What They’re Saying

Hackensack NJ, In response to The Record’s hateful editorial published this morning comparing Garrett for Congress Campaign Manager Sarah Neibart to a Nazi, Jewish constituents across New Jersey are speaking out.

Michael Celler, Former Jewish Liaison, Office of the Governor, Livingston, NJ: “I didn’t think anything could be more offensive than the anti-semitic flier circulated about Josh Gottheimer, but Alfred Doblin managed to prove me wrong. I was sickened when I read his comparison of a young Jewish woman to a Goebbels-esque Nazi, it is the most hateful thing Doblin could have said about a Jewish person. As the grandson of four holocaust survivors, I’m appalled by his words, and he should immediately apologize for his disgusting comparison. There is enough anti-semitism in the world, we don’t need more of it perpetuated by Editorial Writers who don’t have a clue.”

Yitz Stern, Teaneck, NJ: “While I have no interest in debating the pros and cons of either candidate in the 5th Congressional District racetomorrow, I do find it appalling that the Record’s Editorial Page Editor chose to make a shameful comparison between how the Nazis spoke back when they were rearing their ugly head and what a young Jewish woman said when she rejected a hateful and unattributed anti-Semitic flyer that was circulating.  I have the privilege of working on Holocaust education with K-12 educators throughout the State. I can assure you that Mr. Doblin’s comments are not the type of message we want to disseminate to our children. Let us remember that when we commemorate Kristallnacht the day after Election Day.”

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, Teaneck, NJ: “The accusation directed at Sarah Neibart by Alfred Doblin comparing her to Nazism is despicable and beyond the pale of public discourse, and it should be immediately repudiated.”

Councilman Mark J. Schwartz, Teaneck, NJ:  “As a Bergen county resident, a local Teaneck councilman, and most importantly as a Jew, I find it outrageous that The Record would publish such a nasty and defamatory article comparing Ms. Neibart to murderers and war criminals. When I heard that The Record was bought by a national company, I was hopeful, and still am, that perhaps the slanting would straighten up – and we, as Bergen county residents, would receive honest and impartial reporting that we deserve.  It appears though that The Record models themselves after the New York Times, and not the Wall Street Journal. I am demanding that Alfred Doblin apologize to Ms. Neibart, and encourage him to explain why he chose to submit this article mere hours before the polls open on Election Day.”

Mark S. Levenson, West Orange, NJ:  “I was appalled and disgusted by Alfred Doblin’s editorial in today’s Record that compared Sarah Neibart’s statement to “exactly what the Nazis would say.” Doblin’s point could well have been made without trying to drag a person I know  (and respect) through the mud with an out-of-bounds outrageous character assault.   The race for the fifth Congressional District has not distinguished itself for its civility, but to lay the blame on one side–the side Doblin vehemently  disagrees with– is wrong.  Doblin is entitled to trumpet his political views and preferences, but gratuitously throwing “Nazi” barbs at a granddaughter whose family fled Nazi-occupied Europe is beyond the pale.  Trying to justify this by stating that his (Doblin) family also fled Nazi-occupied Europe does not undo the damage done. An apology is owed to Sarah Neibart, and in the same space as was offered up the hurtful insult.”

Ms. Neibart penned an open letter to The Record editor Alfred Doblin regarding his editorial, which can be read below:


I think there’s no doubt we can all agree that this election season has crossed the Rubicon in terms of political rhetoric. But Monday, November 7, 2016 completely changed my world. That’s the day The Bergen Record published my name and called me a Nazi for questioning whether Democratic campaign operatives were involved in a disgusting political stunt. The only reason you’ve attacked me is because I’m a female Republican supporting Congressman Scott Garrett, a man that you’ve chronically made your target of editorial ire.

As a professional political operative, I’ve been astounded at the political tactics of Josh Gottheimer’s campaign throughout this race. Their name-calling began early, as they manipulated the Congressman’s policy stances to paint him as a bad person. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this, as the Left often assumes that if Republicans were smarter or better people, we’d be Democrats, but this was an operation unlike any other. They started by using words like “bigot,” “extremist,” and “racist.” They absurdly alleged that my candidate supports domestic terrorism. They photoshopped a government document in order to allege the Congressman was under investigation for bribery. They’ve even claimed he hates puppies and kittens.

Today, your editorial adopts a tactic straight out of the playbook of these Democrat operatives – just as they protested businesses and people supporting Scott Garrett in order to bully them out of their political positions, you have called me the worst name imaginable, just because of my work for him.

Last week, things reached an unbelievable new low. A flyer was circulated depicting our challenger, Josh Gottheimer, as the devil. We first found out through a media inquiry, and when I saw the image, I felt a sickness in my stomach. This disgusting, hateful flyer enraged me and is not something our campaign would ever, ever consider distributing or condoning. The majority of our campaign staffers are Jewish, as am I. These flyers had been reportedly distributed everywhere – on cars, in train stations, on trees, and in elementary schools. School children had seen this horrific image.

One thing was overwhelmingly clear to me. The distribution of this flyer – though it looked crudely made – seemed like it came from a pretty sophisticated operation. It just didn’t seem feasible that it came from one unhinged lunatic supporter of our campaign. And it was suspicious to me that the Gottheimer campaign “found” these flyers first and alerted the media – and that none of our supporters throughout the community had seen them, and no one in the media had independently seen them before Gottheimer’s press release.

In your editorial this morning, you published my name and my statement suggesting that Gottheimer’s campaign had distributed these flyers. And then you said, “This is — whether Neibart was aware or not — exactly what the Nazis would say.”

You don’t know me, Alfred, but let me tell you about a few things of which I’m “aware.”

I’m “aware” of the persecution that Jews have faced all over the world, simply because of our faith. I’ve stood in a gas chamber in Poland and seen the nail marks down the wall. I’m “aware” of how people are systematically murdered for their heritage or their beliefs. I lived in Egypt under the oppressive government of the Muslim Brotherhood. I’ve been to Rwanda and seen the aftermath of those atrocities. We must be vigilant against hatred, but that conversation is completely separate from whether or not I believe Josh Gottheimer’s campaign would be so insidious as to fake an anti-Semitic flyer and then put out a press release feigning moral outrage.

My statement calling for an investigation into the origins of this flyer didn’t come from any ignorance about the history of my own heritage, it came from my experience as a political operative and my knowledge of Josh Gottheimer’s campaign. Democrats and liberal special interests across this country have taken every vote Congressman Garrett has ever made – whether it’s about protecting the First Amendment or reining in out-of-control spending – and manipulated them to expand the false narrative of the Congressman being hateful and out of touch with the Fifth District, despite repeatedly being elected as their Congressman. Why is it unreasonable for me to assume that a flyer no one in our network knew about was from the Gottheimer campaign? I believe that the Gottheimer campaign thinks that their current charges of bigotry and racism aren’t sinking in, and they wanted to do something to make sure they win Bergen County. You have stayed silent as Gottheimer’s campaign attacked Congressman Garrett’s faith, and yet you use my questions about Democrat campaign tactics as a weapon against me. This demonstrates that not only do you have a political agenda aimed squarely against Congressman Garrett, you are an intolerant man who refuses to recognize that other people are entitled to their own political ideologies without being labeled as racists, bigots or terrorists.

Alfred, you’ve lost the moral high ground to denounce this cycle’s political rhetoric, and you no longer get to call anyone else a bully, as you’ve smugly taken pleasure in doing over the past two years. This election will be over tomorrow, but you have to live with the fact that you cheapened the suffering of both of our families at the hands of cruel men committing unspeakable atrocities – all to make a political point.