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Readers Voice Concern Over Ken Smith Construction


“At around 12:30 PM today (Wed. 2/6), as I was driving east toward Franklin Ave. under the train trestle, the car in front of me stopped with its left blinker flashing to turn into the construction site. Good think I was driving very slowly. This made me and everyone behind me wait until that car was gone in a place where left turns have never been permitted. Cars driving west did not stop because they aren’t accustomed to it and even if they wanted to be accommodating, might have figured that it could be dangerous for them to stop suddenly immediately after going through the light at Broad St. An accident is waiting to happen and meanwhile it’s going to be a big problem if left turns continue there.

The council needs to force the developer to block off that entrance before an accident blocks the entire underpass. Imagine how that would go, with everyone funneled down Broad and under the Ackerman Ave. overpass. Now imagine it at 5 PM.”

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Reader states yet another infamous blunder on the part of a previous Village Council (perhaps the BIGGEST of all)


And yet another infamous blunder on the part of a previous Village Council (perhaps the BIGGEST of all):
In conjunction with the conversion to high level platforms at Ridgewood’s train station, NJ Transit initially offered to build a LARGE parking garage (not just a single level deck) AT NO COST TO THE VILLAGE. The site selected by NJ Transit was the Ken Smith property.
The sitting Village Council back then balked at the idea. The owners of Ken Smith Lincoln Mercury had no interest in selling their property and the Village Council did not want to use eminent domain and be known as the Council that forced Ken Smith out of business.
As you know, Ken Smith was subsequently forced out of business when Ford Motor pulled their franchise and the property is now being developed as mixed use retail and high density housing.

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Professionals detail proposed site plans for Ken Smith property


Mark Krulish , Staff Writer, @Mark_Krulish4:29 p.m. ET Jan. 18, 2017

Testimony continued Tuesday evening in front of Ridgewood’s Planning Board regarding an application to build a mixed-use project at the former site of Ken Smith Motors.

Experts appearing on behalf of the developer, KS Broad Street LLC, spoke about changes being made to the site in the proposal and answered questions raised by village professionals.

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Store opens at Ridgewood site eyed by developer


Mark Krulish , Staff Writer, @Mark_Krulish1:56 a.m. ET Jan. 15, 2017

RIDGEWOOD — The site of a former car dealership is once again a hub of commercial activity while an application before the village Planning Board, which would radically alter the property, awaits approval.

It has been nearly 4 1/2 years since Ken Smith Motors shuttered its doors after more than 60 years in business at its prominent location on Franklin Avenue next to the railroad underpass.

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The Village of Ridgewood should Offer developers incentives to build public parking

Parking CBD

Offer developers incentives to build public parking

Editor, The Ridgewood Blog:

I get frustrated beyond belief whenever any member of the Village Council mentions all of the public parking spaces that will be permanently “lost” when the Brogan and Ken Smith properties are both fully developed (portions of both properties are now configured as surface parking lots and provide public parking to commuters and/or employees of CBD located businesses).

Yes; parking spaces will be lost during construction, but they don’t necessarily have to be lost permanently if someone on the Village Council would heed to my suggestion of offering incentives, in the form of tax abatements, exemptions, or reductions, to any developers who incorporate a public parking component into their development plans.

Believe me, if it were financially advantageous for a developer to incorporate a public parking deck/garage into their plans, they would rush to do so in a flash.  Money talks, nobody walks.

So let’s get with it Village Council members – how about picking up the phone today and calling J. T. Bolger, Ned Cancelmo, John Saraceno, and Mike Smith to see what they have to say?

Boyd A. Loving
Ridgewood resident

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Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Warns Village Business owners on New Parking Rules

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Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Warns Village Business owners on New Parking Rules 

To all business owners and employees in Ridgewood
important notice about parking!

Please read carefully.
Effective November 1, 2014
The Village of Ridgewood will begin strictly enforcing
REPEAT PARKING VIOLATIONS – on that date the police department will begin issuing tickets to vehicles that remain in a parking space beyond 3 hours.
This means that you will no longer be able to extend the time at the parking meter by adding additional quarters to the meters at the end of the time allowed.
The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce and the Village of Ridgewood have arranged for a limited number of employee parking spaces at the former Ken Smith Motors Lot (at the corner of N. Broad St. and Franklin Ave)
Beginning October 20, 2014, PARKING PERMITS maybe purchased at Village Hall (first floor receptionist desk)-for $80 per month – Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm – you must have proof of employment and your driver’s license with you at the time of purchase – cash/check and/or credit cards accepted.
For additional information call
Village Hall 201-670-5500 x 200
Spaces at Ken Smith are extremely limited.
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Ridgewood in talks to allow parking at closed car dealership


Ridgewood in talks to allow parking at closed car dealership


RIDGEWOOD — Village officials announced a potential partnership with the owner of a former car dealership to provide more than 100 new parking spaces downtown — an attempt to alleviate the parking problem in town.

Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld cautioned that no deal had been signed, but said at a recent meeting she was excited about the potential arrangement, which Ridgewood officials continue to negotiate.

As proposed, the deal would see the dismantling of the building on the Ken Smith Motors site on Franklin Avenue. Under the plan, the village would handle selling parking passes for the lot to employees working in the Central Business District.

That would leave more parking for visitors to downtown Ridgewood.

In addition, Sonenfeld told the council she has been exploring ways for the village to fund its own parking garage.

An $8 million loan, she said, would cost taxpayers $600,000 annually for $20 years.

– See more at:

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Finally – A parking solution that makes sense


Finally – A parking solution that makes sense
September 11,2014
Boyd A. Loving
2:18 PM

Our prayers have been answered – Hallelujah!

Village Manager Roberta Sonnenfeld announced on Wednesday, 09/10/2014 the Village’s intent to lease a portion of the former Ken Smith Motors property, on Franklin Avenue near North Broad Street, for purposes of providing parking for the employees of businesses operating in Ridgewood’s Central Business District (CBD).  It is believed that the proposed private/public partnership endeavor will free up many parking spaces on streets in the CBD for shoppers and restaurant goers.

No formal agreement had been reached as of Ms. Sonnenfeld’s announcement, but was revealed that Village parking enforcement agents will patrol the lot for violators, and that the Village will receive 10% of gross revenues.  More details are expected to be released once a formal contract is signed.  No word on the Village’s contribution, if any, to expenses such as building demolition, line striping, etc.

The announcement came with this advisory – the solution will not be long term in nature because the property owner wishes to develop it at a later date.

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Readers debate the future of Ken Smith

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Readers debate the future of Ken Smith 

Reader says Failure to turn the Ken Smith lot into a parking garage with some kind of overpass walkway to get to and from it would be to miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fix much of the parking problem, at least for commuters, for once and for all. VILLAGE COUNCIL–HELLO–THIS IS IMPORTANT. Take out a bond and pay it back with parking revenue.

Other readers disagree and say It will never become a government operated parking garage. They don’t want to lose the property tax revenue.

Others sarcastically argue to Add a few more buildings to vacant lots and soon no traffic at all! The perfect solution to our parking and traffic problems. Why didn’t we think of this earlier?

And finally one reader observers Although only 3 applicants are currently before the board, the Ken Smith site’s property still will fall within the new high density zone. Apparently that property owner is buying up more land surrounding what they currently own. Probably a smart tactic to sit on the sidelines while others duke it out. Either way any zoning benefit will be realized on this site as well.

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