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Early Results For Ridgewood Board Of Education : Kaufman Wins !

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , these are Ridgewood results only :

Ridgewood BOE

Kaufman 3899

Loncto  2562

Bergen Executive

Tedesco 5769

Schmeltz 3211

CD 5

Josh 6152

McCann 3152

NJ Senate

Menendez 5238

Hugin 4036

Bergen Sheriff 

Cureton 5123

DiLorenzo 3342

Tormo 317

Kugler 131

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A dog is a Ridgewood Students Best Friend


Dogs help Ridgewood students lower stress levels

JANUARY 28, 2016    LAST UPDATED: THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 2016, 11:41 AM

Ridgewood High School students in the midst of stressing over midterm exams were given a reprieve over the past couple weeks, thanks to the timely arrival of some therapy dogs.

Robert Bell, the district’s supervisor of wellness, worked in conjunction with a non-profit called Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs in order to bring five specially trained canines to the high school over four mornings, allowing students to relax between exams and forget about their studies for a while.

“It’s a great opportunity for the kids,” Bell said, noting that the students really seemed to be enjoying themselves, as evidenced by the laughter ringing up and down the hallway.

According to Bell, Ridgewood High School is the first public school to attempt such a de-stressing technique. The program is often used at colleges and universities.

“In all of our research, we haven’t found a public high school that has tried this,” Bell said. “We specifically went for professionally trained dogs, working with outside organizations, bringing in five dogs a day and putting them in different locations throughout the building.”

He explained that the high school’s version of the event is a litmus test, by which the district’s administrators will decide if it is worth bringing to other Ridgewood schools. He also noted that other public schools have contacted the high school about the program.

“We get a lot of phone calls about it, just how this process is working,” Bell said. “I think there’s interest out there at the public school level.”

While the program seems to be an enjoyable one, it is also economically feasible, according to Bell.

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Campaign season now under way in Bergen County


Campaign season now under way in Bergen County

Politics is practiced year-round in Bergen County, and street-level campaigning has been going on quietly all summer. But both Republicans and Democrats say the Rutherford Street Fair on Labor Day signals a more intense phase of electioneering. (Ensslin/The Bergen Record)