Bergen County will be Brooklyn

State Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, who attended the meeting, said she is preparing new legislation that would potentially help towns, especially densely populated communities like Dumont, address their affordable housing obligations.

“Every municipality in Bergen County is struggling, having no idea how to address it,” Schepisi said. “My biggest concern is, if they have their way, if […]

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Reader suggest forcing Property Values Down to Create More affordable housing

file photo by Boyd Loving

Given the population decrease in NJ due to people seeking greener pastures (or just a job or lower property taxes) elsewhere, perhaps the answer is not to build additional housing units in Ridgewood to help us meet our COACH obligations, but to find some way to force the price or market […]

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Guess How Many Affordable Housing Units Could Be Coming to Bergen County?

Posted by Matt Rooney On January 25, 2017

If you missed last week’s affordable housing decision from the N.J. Supreme Court, Save Jerseyans, then get caught up ASAP right here.

The bottom line?

New Jersey communities face NEW property tax-busting affordable housing requirements, as many as 150,000 unit state-wide; the numbers are being fought-out in a number of […]

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Reader says Arohnson sold the Village of Ridgewood out to the developers

Those who attended the hearings could easily reach the opinion that Arohnson sold the Village out to the developers. He pushed for a a formula where the Village allowed land speculators and developers to build 85 regular market units for every 15 coah compliant units. Do the math – – under the Aronson Plan, if […]

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Reader says developers should be targeted for negative aspects of Build and Run

Excellent but what is the next set of actions to ensure some real actions
Are taken before events and the Developers decend on Ridgewood ,Ho HoKus Glen Rock and other Bergen county communities.?

The developers should be targeted for negative aspects of Build and Run with the Cash tactics..what banks are financing these ruinous Multi family Neighborhood […]

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NJ Supreme Court: Build more affordable housing

Ghetto Building?

Jean Mikle and Russ Zimmer , Asbury Park PressPublished 11:10 a.m. ET Jan. 18, 2017 | Updated 13 hours ago

A housing advocacy group says “tens of thousands” of new units of affordable housing could be built in New Jersey as a result of a state Supreme Court decision Wednesday.

In a unanimous decision, the court […]

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Reader asks Why all of a sudden this hysteria of pushing for affordable housing. Whose agenda is this?

If you voted for Obama or any Democrat in New Jersey it is your Agenda 

This is such bullshit. Why all of a sudden this hysteria of pushing for affordable housing. Whose agenda is this? Why stuff nice towns and villages with buildings that are out of character? Why force villages that people have worked very […]

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Readers not happy with Urbanization in Bergen County

I have loved the suburbs all my life. Very sad to watch them go. It hurts.What the hell is happening?

 I could finally afford to move into a great suburb and now I hear that Glen Rock, Ridgewood, HHK are all building low income high density housing. What is the point of this? Why is this […]

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Housing proposal on Glen Rock January zoning agenda

Matthew Birchenough , Staff Writer, @MattBirchenough2:43 p.m. EST December 29, 2016

GLEN ROCK — The Zoning Board is scheduled to hear a proposal for a high-density housing project on Prospect Street next month.

The application by Glen Park Village LLC is on the agenda for discussion at the board’s Jan. 4 work session, and the company is […]

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N.J. Supreme Court may ramp up affordable-housing requirements

Salvador Rizzo , State House Bureau, @rizzoTK6:19 p.m. EST December 1, 2016

During a tense hearing Wednesday, the state Supreme Court appeared ready to reject an argument by several towns seeking to tamp down their affordable-housing obligations.

In a series of landmark rulings dating to the 1970s, the Supreme Court said that New Jersey’s low- and moderate-income […]

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