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NFL Prevails in New Jersey Super Bowl Tickets Court Case


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, The New Jersey State Supreme Court today ruled the National Football League did not violate New Jersey’s ticket brokering law when it did not make at least 95 percent of tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII, played at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands, available for sale to the general public.

NJBIA filed an amicus brief, supporting the NFL’s position that it did not violate the law that was intended to limit ticket brokers’ ability to hoard tickets. Attorney Jeffrey Jacobson of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, argued NJBIA’s case.

“The Supreme Court’s unanimous opinion adopted our interpretation of the statute that the NFL gets to decide how to distribute tickets to its own events, and, therefore, was not a ‘person with access’ to tickets prior to their release for public sale,” Jacobson said.

NJBIA was concerned that if New Jersey law requires every event promoter to make 95 percent of tickets to their events available to sell to the general public, as the plaintiff argued, it would be difficult to attract top-tier events to the state.  The Army-Navy game, for example, could not reserve more than 5 percent of tickets for the Army and the Navy; and awards shows could not reserve seats for award nominees.

“We’re pleased with this ruling as the case could have had a detrimental impact on New Jersey’s economy and businesses that would benefit from our state attracting marquee events,” said NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka.

The case centered on Josh Finkelman, who bought tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium through the secondary market, allegedly purchasing two tickets with an $800 face value for $2,000 apiece.

He then sued the NFL arguing that because it only sold 1 percent of tickets to the general public through a lottery – which the plaintiff had not entered – it violated New Jersey’s unique law that prevents someone with access to tickets prior to their release for public sale cannot hold back more than 5 percent of them.

The court ruled, however, that the tickets withheld by the NFL were never intended for public sale, and, therefore, did not violate the 5 percent rule.
Shortly before the oral arguments were heard, the Legislature repealed the 5 percent holdback limit. Nevertheless, the court decision is an important one because it shields businesses from retroactive liability. Had the court found in favor of the plaintiff, potentially every playoff game or other event held in New Jersey during past six years could have been subject to litigation, Jacobson said.

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New Jersey PBA Condemns NFL for , continuing disrespect for American police officers


Dear Commissioner Goodell,

Your league is at it again. On behalf of the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), I am writing to you to condemn in the strongest possible terms the continuing disrespect for American police officers evinced by many of the NFL’s players.

Continue reading New Jersey PBA Condemns NFL for , continuing disrespect for American police officers

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NFL Ratings Continue Huge Drop for ‘Sunday Night Football’


December 12,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Week 14 and the NFL ratings implosion continues .Sunday Night Football represented one of the NFL’s last chance to right the ship ,but no dice, didn’t happen.

The NFL Sunday night match with two very viable playoff teams ended up a ratings disaster . The Week 14 battle betweem the Ravens and the Steelers ended up a 39-38 victory for Pittsburgh. Ratings were down 30% in the from last year’s Week 14 match-up between the Giants and Cowboys.

Overall, the game earned an 11.6 rating which was still good enough to win the sleepy Sunday night for NBC. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter “…even with such a tight match-up, this week’s marquee primetime game was down 11 percent” from last week.

Add these awful numbers in with the rest of the awful primetime numbers for the NFL this year. Plus the league’s well-advertised attendance problem, and it’s easy to understand why networks like Fox sports are unable to afford to send people to the Super Bowl this year, due to revenue losses from the NFL.

Long time watchers of the sport lament the “end of the NFL” and perhaps the end of network television as we know it .

Not everyone is suffering however the Commissioner Roger Goodell continue to fail upwards signing a new contract last week, worth up to $200 million.

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NFL commissioner “NO CLUE ” why NFL rating are in a death spiral 


November 1,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, out of touch NFL commissioner “MR NO CLUE ” Roger Goodell said that the league does not think it has lost viewers despite a 10 percent drop in television ratings this season.At the same time, however, he acknowledged that league officials are trying to understand what has caused the drop and how to address it.

Unfortunately for “MR NO CLUE ” ,if the NFL’s TV ratings keep declining as they have so far in the 2016-2017 season, it could put the corporate behemoths that own the broadcast and cable networks in a bind. After all, they’ve spent tens of billions on rights for the NFL and other sporting events in recent years, betting that they’ll turn a profit from selling ad time.

The nosedive in viewers came coincidently as the NFL American Anthem protests heated up .

ESPN once the darling of cable TV has been in a death spiral ever since it adapted a left wing anti American narrative .What’s a deteriorating business look like? In the month of October ESPN lost over 15,000 subscribers a day in October per the latest Nielson estimates. Worry at the network is that ESPN pays $2 billion a year to the NFL for Monday Night Football and one NFL wild card playoff game, as ESPN’s business collapses that ESPN’s decision on whether or not to bid to keep Monday Night Football would be the first big test of how rapidly that business is deteriorating.

On the flip side a good season and the average TV Household ratings for the YES Network’s 2017 regular season New York Yankees telecasts were 57% higher than YES’ 2016 Yankees ratings, and were the network’s best Yankees game ratings in five years. In addition, YES’ Primetime Yankees game telecasts out-rated all other broadcast and cable networks’ Primetime schedules in the New York DMA on nights when YES televised Yankees games.

For a second straight year, the World Series had more viewers than the NFL on Sunday night. Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers drew a 12.8 overnight rating for Fox, beating NBC’s 9.8 rating for a matchup between the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers on “Sunday Night Football.” “Sunday Night Football” lost 25 percent of its viewership from last week’s matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, Deadline reported.

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NFL Favorablility Rating Tanks to Least Liked Professional Sport

Colin Kaepernick

October 8th 2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, more bad news for the NFL .The Winston Poll from the Washington-based Winston Group found that the attitude of those fans went from an August rating of 73 percent favorable and 19 percent unfavorable to 42 percent favorable and 47 percent unfavorable, a remarkable turn against the sport.

According to the poll analysis, “more critically for the NFL, the fall off in favorables occurred among important audiences. Among males, NFL favorables fell 23 percent, going from 68 percent to 45 percent. In looking at a more specific audience, males 34-54, NFL favorables fell 31 percent, going from 73 percent to 42 percent. Among this group the NFL has a surprising negative image, as it went from +54 percent in August to -5 percent in September.”

The Winston Poll was of brand images for the NFL, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, and college football and basketball. It was of 1,000 registered voters and taken August 29-30 and then again September 28-29.

In just over one month since the National Anthem protests started  the National Football League has gone from America’s sport to the least liked of top professional and college sports, according to a new poll.

August Winston Poll

MLB/61 percent favorable to 13 percent unfavorable.
NFL/57 percent favorable to 23 percent unfavorable.
College football/53 percent favorable to 16 percent unfavorable.
College basketball/48 percent favorable to 17 percent unfavorable.
NBA/47 percent unfavorable to 23 percent unfavorable.

September Winston Poll

MLB/63 percent favorable to 16 percent unfavorable.
College football/51 percent favorable to 21 percent unfavorable.
NBA/46 percent favorable to 28 percent unfavorable.
College basketball/45 percent favorable to 25 percent unfavorable.
NFL/44 percent favorable to 40 percent unfavorable.

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NFL Players Take a Knee Rating Drop , Tebow takes a knee Attendance Jumps !

Tim Tebow

September 26,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, with the ongoing political protests surrounding some players’ decision to take a knee during the national anthem didn’t help the NFL’s “Sunday Night Football” ratings.Viewership for the primetime game between the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders was down on NBC by a whooping 11 percent from the same night one year ago and 9 percent from the previous week, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The media outlet reports the game averaged an 11.6 household rating and Fox saw a 16 percent decrease in ratings for the NFL afternoon game, according to Forbes.

Meanwhile in baseball news ,New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow, who was heavily criticized by ESPN and NFL executives for taking a moment of silent prayer during games has helped attendance increased by 12.4 percent this year in the Florida State League and by 2.1 percent in the South Atlantic League.The National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues said Monday that the presence of the former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner led to an increase of over 225,000 fans in the two Class A leagues. Minor league baseball attendance rose by about 500,000 this year, but still below 2015’s level and its fifth-highest total.

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US District Court to Hear Bail Case of NFL Fan in Test for New Jersey’s current bail reform laws

former U

photo former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement

August 22,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Camden NJ, in a test for New Jersey’s current bail reform laws a US district court will hear oral arguments in the on Tuesday, August 22 at 3:00 PM in the case of Holland v. Rosen.  The case concerns a Dallas Cowboys football fan involved in a bar fight, who claims he was denied his constitutional right to bail by a New Jersey judge.

Filed by former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement on behalf of Brittan Holland and Lexington National Insurance Corporation, which represents others in Holland’s situation, the suit maintains that New Jersey’s current bail reform laws are illegal.  Clement, widely regarded as one of the greatest constitutional litigators in recent history, contends that bail is guaranteed in the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.

The case brings a different perspective to New Jersey’s controversial bail reform laws which took effect on January 1.  The outcome of the case may have an impact on bail laws throughout the country.

The class action suit of Holland v. Rosen will be heard in oral arguments in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey before Judge Jerome B. Simandle.

Dallas Cowboys football fan Brittan Holland was arrested and charged following an argument and fight with a Philadelphia Eagles fan in Winslow Township on April 6.  He was subsequently ordered to be released wearing a GPS ankle monitor pending his trial.

His release imposed upon him by these specific conditions, Holland claims he was denied the option of bail, to which he should have been guaranteed in the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution.  Because he was forced to wear the bulky ankle bracelet — “a modern-day scarlet letter,” the suit reads — his “liberty is sharply curtailed…he cannot shop for food or basic necessities and cannot take his son to baseball practice.”

The suit contends that this action reflected the unlawfulness of New Jersey’s bail reform laws, which took effect on January 1.  Intended to make things fairer for defendants who lack the financial resources to be bailed out, the new system calls for judges to utilize a risk assessment tool to determine whether to hold defendants in jail or release them on a simple promise to appear.

Former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement filed the suit on behalf of the fan and Lexington National Insurance Corporation, which represents others in Holland’s situation.  Clement is expected to be present for the hearing.

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Ridgewood Native Patrick Murray Signs as New Orleans Saints Kicker

Patrick Murray

August 7,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Joining the New Orleans Saints 10 days into 2017 training camp, Ridgewood native Patrick Murray will compete with Wil Lutz for kicking duties. The three-year NFL veteran has appeared in 18 games for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cleveland Browns, drilling 21-of-26 field-goal attempts and 34-of-35 PATs.

Murray  attended Don Bosco (Ramsey, N.J.) Prep where he was a three-time letterman as a kicker and punter, earning All-State as a senior…Member of state championship teams from 2006-08…Played baseball and wrestled…Uncles, Ciaran and Brendan, and cousin Aeden, are national Gaelic football players in Ireland…Active in community as a member of Buccaneers, purchasing gifts for patients at children’s hospitals and visiting patients during the holiday season…Has also participated in events involving military veterans, service members and their families…Enjoys reading, playing guitar and playing golf in his spare time…Favorite movie is shooter and favorite TV show is Father Ted…Lists Christy Moore, Darius Rucker and The Pogues as his favorite musicians…Patrick Murray was born on June 22, 1991 in Ridgewood, N.J.

In his collage career Muarry appeared in 44 career games at Fordham, converting on 38 of 54 field goal attempts and totaling 7,985 yards on 186 punts…First-team All-American as senior, kicking 25 of 30 field goals and tallying 52 punts for 2,392 yards…Also won the Fred Mitchell Award, given to nation’s best non-FBS kicker…Earned Third-Team All-America honors as a punter during his junior year…Earned first-team all-league accolade as a freshman punter in 2009…Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

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The unpatriotic actions by some NFL players and the inaction from the League to stop their behavior are equally disgraceful

Boycott NFL #boycottNFL

The unpatriotic actions by some NFL players and the inaction from the League to stop their behavior are equally disgraceful. I realize players have the right to express themselves under the 1st Amendment but it should be done on their own personal time, and not while in uniform. The 1st Amendment certainly doesn’t protect any of us from saying whatever we want while at work.

Retired Marine Col. Jeffery Powers wrote to the NFL commissioners the following:

I’ve been a season pass holder at Yankee Stadium, Yale Bowl and the Giants Stadium. I missed the 1990-91 season because I was with a battalion of Marines in Desert Storm. 14 of my wonderful Marines returned home with the American Flag draped across their lifeless bodies. My last conversation with one of them, Sgt. Garrett Mongrella, was about how our Giants were going to the Super Bowl. He never got to see it.

Many friends, Marines, and Special Forces Soldiers who worked with or for me through the years returned home with the American Flag draped over their coffins.

Now I watch multi-millionaire athletes who never did anything in their lives but play a game, disrespect what brave Americans fought and died for. They are essentially spitting in the faces and on the graves of real men, men who have actually done something for this country beside playing with a ball and believing they’re something special! They’re not! My Marines and Soldiers were!

You are complicit in this! You’ll fine players for large and small infractions but you lack the moral courage and respect for our nation and the fallen to put an immediate stop to this. Yes, I know, it’s their 1st Amendment right to behave in such a despicable manner.

What would happen if they came out and disrespected you or the refs publicly?
I observed a player getting a personal foul for twerking in the end zone after scoring. I guess that’s much worse than disrespecting the flag and our National Anthem. Hmmmmm, isn’t it his 1st Amendment right to express himself like an idiot in the end zone? Why is taunting not allowed yet taunting America is OK? You fine players for wearing 9-11 commemorative shoes yet you allow scum on the sidelines to sit, kneel or pump their pathetic fist in the air. They are so deprived with their multi-million dollar contracts for playing a freaking game!
You condone it all by your refusal to act. You’e just as bad and disgusting as they are. I hope Americans boycott any sponsor who supports that rabble you call the NFL. I hope they turn off the TV when any team that allowed this disrespect to occur, without consequence, on the sidelines. I applaud those who have not.

Legends and heroes do NOT wear shoulder pads. They wear body armor and carry rifles.
They make minimum wage and spend months and years away from their families. They don’t do it for an hour on Sunday. They do it 24/7 often with lead, not footballs, coming in their direction. They watch their brothers carted off in pieces not on a gurney to get their knee iced. They don’t even have ice! Many don’t have legs or arms.

Some wear blue and risk their lives daily on the streets of America. They wear fire helmets and go upstairs into the fire rather than down to safety. On 9-11, hundreds vanished. They are the heroes.
I hope that your high paid protesting pretty boys and you look in that mirror when you shave tomorrow and see what you really are, legends in your own minds. You need to hit the road and take those worms with you!

Time to change the channel.

Powers originally sent his letter to former Florida congressman Allen West. West then posted the letter to his news website.
As of last week, at least 18 NFL player had protested the anthem by either kneeling during the anthem or raising their fists, according to USA Today Sports.
If you agree with what he said pass this on.

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Unrepentant hypocrite Colin Kaepernick defends Fidel Castro


Dolphins In Depth

Armando Salguero brings you the latest about the Miami Dolphins

The August evening the nation first noticed Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem at an NFL game, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback held a postgame news conference, as is typical league policy. At that news conference Kaepernick wore a T-shirt emblazoned with photos from a 1960 meeting between Malcolm X and Fidel Castro.

So after his first notable protest against what last week he called the “systematic oppression” of minorities in the United States, and saying he wants “freedom for all people,” Colin Kaepernick put on a T-shirt that featured a supportive image of one of the 20th century’s most enduring oppressors.

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