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NJ Public Workers Starting to Make Their Own Choices

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TRENTON NJ, AFP Foundation State Director Erica Jedynak issued the following statement in response to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics survey data indicating a 30,000-member reduction in public sector labor unions in New Jersey following the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Janus vs. AFSCME in 2018.

“The SCOTUS decision in Janus vs. AFSCME was a game changer. Public workers in New Jersey are no longer forced to choose between their jobs and compelled speech and association.  They now have the power of choice—to decide whether their hard-earned checks are used to support unions or not. The latest data indicates workers are exercising their newfound rights by the thousands. AFP Foundation will continue its partnership with the My Pay My Say campaign to educate and support workers and would encourage workers who have questions to reach out.”

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Reader says ,”Funny how teachers & staff only go to a board meeting when THEIR interests are effected “

Ridgewood Teachers

Funny how teachers & staff only go to a board meeting when THEIR interests are effected, for example, when THEIR contract expired. How come they don’t appear at other Board Meetings? Funny how RBOE isn’t in the top 10 public school districts according the the State of NJ. Keep paying those high taxes for tenured teachers that can’t get reprimanded or fired. The teachers union sounds more like mafia. How about Ridgewood teachers spend a day in Newark or Jersey City classroom and see what a REAL school day is like.

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Reader says,” NJEA owns Governor Murphy “

Ridgewood EA teachers protest

Let’s talk about the “abbot districts” as established by NJ Supreme Court.
The state mandate the same $$$ is spent per student in every district.
Nice thought, but it won’t work. Why?
The teachers union objects to school choice so underperforming lazy tenured teachers can slide while the students do not learn.
More important is that in Paterson , an abbot district, students only need to attend in order to progress from one grade to another, and get a diploma.
So let’s get the secret out… A diploma from one of these districts is as worthless as a piece of toilet paper.
If the motivate students could choose a school to attend, with a voucher, they would excell.
But thanks to the NJ teachers unions it will never happen. They own Gov Murphy

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Murphy Healthcare Veto Cost County Colleges and their Employees Millions


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Trenton NJ,  Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland) issued the following statement in response to Governor Phil Murphy’s veto of legislation (S2455 – Sweeney, Oroho/Murphy, McKnight, Mosquera) which would produce substantial cost savings in health care expenses by transferring county college employees and retirees from membership in the School Employees Health Benefits Plan to membership in the State Health Benefits Plan:

“The Governor’s veto will cost the county colleges and their employees millions of dollars in future healthcare savings. Once again, the Governor has chosen to stand with the New Jersey Education Association’s union leaders and against the interests of the taxpayers of New Jersey, the county colleges, their hardworking professors and staff, and the students who will be forced to pay higher tuition. It is a terrible irony when we have a Governor calling for free county college tuition at the same time that he refuses to reduce health care costs and produce savings that could be used in support of the colleges and their students.”

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NBC4 I-Team Report Focuses On North Bergen Coerced Teachers’ Contributions

North Bergen NJ, ‘Several current and former educators and political insiders in Hudson County claim teachers are pressured to make political donations to a campaign fund linked to North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco. Some said their jobs and promotions can be affected by whether and how much they give’, according to NBC4’s I-Team, led by investigative journalists Jonathan Dienst and David Paredes.  The current dispatch from the I-Team follows a previous report from November focusing on Sacco’s family employment in North Bergen.

The report also includes an audio clip sent to them in which Mayor Sacco allegedly speaks about the I-Team investigation, saying of NBC “they are liars. They are incompetent.  ‘You’re either totally incompetent or totally corrupt.’  One or the other. OK, that’s both response to them.  They are not your friends. They will twist what you say.”  Sacco allegedly also says that the NBC4 team is ‘behaving like criminals’.

According to the report, Sacco’s team contends that the I-Team is colluding with Sacco nemesis Larry Wainstein, a claim they deny.

Read the I-Team report here.

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State Bill to Require School Districts to Adopt Nepotism Policies Clears Committee


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Trenton NJ, Legislation sponsored by Senator Joseph Lagana which would require school districts and charter schools to adopt nepotism policies cleared the Senate Education Committee today.

“We must ensure that our school districts are hiring the most qualified people for the job, without allowing personal relations to taint their judgment,” said Senator Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic). “All hirings should involve a competitive application process and end with the hiring of the best possible candidate.”

The bill, S-2637, would direct boards of education of school districts and county vocational school districts to adopt and implement a nepotism policy. The adoption of such a policy would be required to receive state aid. At minimum, the policy would have to include the provisions outlined in the bill.

The bill would also direct the board of trustees of a charter school to adopt and implement a nepotism policy, incorporating the provisions outlined in the bill.

The policy would apply to relatives of school board members, chief school administrators, school business administrators, school board attorneys and directors of personnel.

A school district or county vocational district could exclude per diem substitutes and student employees from its nepotism policy.

The bill was released from committee by a vote of 3-0, and next heads to the full Senate for further consideration.

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Reader Congratulats residents of HoHoKus for taking the lead and continuing to understand impact the runaway spending has on the quality of life

Congratulations to the residents of Hohokus for taking the lead and continuing to understand impact the runaway spending has on the quality of life within their town. School budgets and unending increases for the same are wreaking havoc on what has been a wonderful section of Bergen County to live in. Ironically the very things that towns used to tap out as being a reason to buy a home in the town has become the very reason to no longer want to stay in the town or buy a house in the town. We all support our teachers but it’s about time our teachers Now supported us and understood the damage full extent of the damage their Union and salaries are doing to the very Villages that pay them

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NJEA and REA Endorse Ethically Challenged Bob Menendez for U.S. Senate

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, back in August the New Jersey Teachers Union (NJEA) along with Ridgewood’s REA endorsed  the ethically challenged Bob Menendez ,

According to a Senate Ethics Committee report, Senator Bob Menendez broke federal law and completely abused his position as senator when he should have been serving the people,” U.S. Senator Bob Menendez received a strongly-worded bipartisan admonition from his Capitol Hill colleagues on the ethics committee.

Even more ironic is that the NJEA along with Ridgewood’s REA endorsed Senator Menendez after allegations that the Senator flew to Dominican Republic. to have sex with under age prostitutes .

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Ridgewood Education Association : Board of Education no longer in agreement with the contract settlement

Ridgewood Teachers

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to the Ridgewood Education Association , “Last week we were notified by the Board of Education that they are no longer in agreement with the contract settlement negotiated with the assistance of a state appointed mediator on Oct. 9. The issue pertains to the new salary guides that by agreement must be agreed upon by both parties. We submitted guide proposals to the Board on Oct. 10 and they waited almost three weeks to tell us they found them unacceptable and that they have a misunderstanding as to what the settlement actually means. Upon first learning this on Oct. 30 we informed the Board how we interpret the settlement and met again with the Board’s negotiating team on Friday to reiterate that point. Tonight the Board has indicated they need even more time to approve the settlement. We find this unacceptable and as such we find ourselves back at an impasse and potentially back at the negotiating table. Ridgewood’s teachers and secretaries have now been working for 128 days under an expired contract. Email Board President Vince Loncto at [email protected] and tell him to honor the agreement and settle now! “

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Reader says , ” There are still some dedicated teachers in the system but more often than not, tenure destroys motivation”

tradition of excellence

There are still some dedicated teachers in the system but more often than not, tenure destroys motivation. Ridgewood teachers are very, very lucky. They receive top teaching salaries and for the most part their students do receive support from homes where education is prized. The NJEA and its demands will continue to bankrupt the state. Nurses do not earn as much as teachers nor do they enjoy the same benefits packages. That is not to say that effective, caring teaching is not an extremely demanding job but all the complaints about their salaries/benefits are hard to entertain. Personally, I think those who teach in less desirable districts should be the high earners. That is where you find the dedication and what used to motivate those entering the profession – hoping to make a difference and inspire learning.