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Reader Calls Out Race Baiters

A lot of “could be” “would be” “should be” being used to slander and convict a referee who has done nothing wrong in this situation so you can satisfy your racist beliefs that white people are racist towards black people.
Lets stick to the facts:
1) The sanctioned ref was cleared and allowed to continue refereeing in good standing – this is self eveident in that the ref WAS working the match.
Also no mention of any restrictions in place on this ref was mentioned in any report of the incident (and beleive me if there were any conditions appplied to the refs standing they would have been mentioned).
2) The fact that the ref DID follow the regulations AND the prior ref DID NOT follow the rules (exposing the failures of THE OTHER ref) has no bearing nor negative impact on THIS ref.
All it does is point out that the prior ref was negligent in his duties at least one time. It may or may not indicate a larger problem with the NJSIAA. You seem to be quick to judge and condem a larger group (NJSIAA) for the sub-par performance of one member (the other ref who did not properly enforce the regulations). This is text book prejudice on your part.
You are quick to imply racist tendencies on the ref who DID follow the rules.
How about the ref that DID NOT follow the rules?
Was he racist? Did he allow a black wrestler to compete while in violation of the regulations becasue he felt blacks cannot compete on a level playing field without additional help?
Was he racist? Did he have bias towards a black wrestler and allow him to compete while in violation of the regulations because he has a hatred towards non-blacks?
Of course making these “leaps of logic” would be wrong – but it is exactly what you are doing.
THIS is the type of logic that YOU are employing by making this a racial issue and assigning bad intentions to the “white ref” who “forced a black teen” to cut his hair.
The facts remain:
1) A ref enforced the regulations
2) An athlete made the decision to compete (by having his hair cut) and not forfeit the match.
But don’t dispair, racial bias like yours will prevail. I’m highly confident that the ref will be banned or punished in some manner and the athlete and his family will get compensation of some sort.
This will still not change the facts of the case and this outcome will still be wrong.

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New Jersey investigating incident of a referee forcing a black wrestler to cut his dreadlocks

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Updated NJSIAA Statement / Buena Regional High School Wrestling  from Larry White, Executive Director, NJSIAA , “Following up on yesterday’s statement concerning a Buena Regional High School (Buena, NJ) varsity wrestler and a wrestling referee, the NJSIAA can now confirm that the matter will be investigated by state authorities. The NJSIAA will be working with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, providing all requested information. The State investigation will take precedence over the NJSIAA process.

“Further, NJSIAA can confirm that those groups that assign high school wrestling referees in New Jersey will not assign the referee in question until this matter has been thoroughly reviewed. This will help to avoid disruption of events for student athletes .

“Finally, as an African-American and parent – as well as a former educator, coach, official and athlete – I clearly understand the issues at play, and probably better than most. The NJSIAA takes this matter very seriously, and I ask that everyone respect the investigatory process related to all parties involved.”

The NJSIAA was established in 1918, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) is a voluntary, non-profit organization comprised of 437 accredited public, private, and parochial high schools. A member of the National Federation of State High School Associations, the NJSIAA conducts tournaments and crowns champions in 32 sports. 

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Ridgewood Footbball : Tailgating banned at high school football title games, NJSIAA warns

Group 5 – Passaic Tech vs. Ridgewood

By Jeff Goldman | NJ Advance Media for
on November 29, 2016 at 8:15 AM, updated November 29, 2016 at 10:05 AM

ROBBINSVILLE — Don’t even think about tailgating at any of the 23 high school football sectional finals that will be played this weekend around New Jersey.

The New Jersey State Interstate Athletic Association issued a ban on parking lot festivities at the four sites hosting championship games Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In a statement issued Monday reminding fans that its events are drug and alcohol free, the governing body for high school sports in the state also said, “tailgating is strictly prohibited.”

“When you attend an NFL or Big Ten football game, for example, the entire environment is dedicated to fan entertainment,” NJSIAA Executive Director Steve Timko said in a statement. “But high school sports are different — even a state championship football game contested at Met Life Stadium is an extension of the classroom. And you don’t allow alcohol, drugs or tailgating at school.”