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NJTPC General Meeting -Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Al Frech : The dangers of HUD grants

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September 20, 2016

“Do you know how HUD (US Dept of Housings and Urban Development) entices towns to take money and then …………..HUD takes over your rights with the Mayor and Council – you nor your Council have say in the decisions of the town in which you live and pay taxes.”

Teaneck NJ, Dr. Al Frech has been following HUD for the last eight years and is making a difference in Ringwood and Wayne by alerting citizens and town councils on the dangers of HUD grants.

Perhaps your town has taken CDBG grants in the past.  Everything changed in July 2015 with the affirmative fair housing. They added 377 new pages. In one section they say they won’t change your zoning, but if your zoning happens to conflict with the Fair Housing Act, then that is of concern. They never really spell out for you what the Fair Housing Act now happens to control. Once you sign on the line, you sign a contract that you will do whatever the plan turns out to be for that Fair Housing Assessment.

The wording in the AFFH ruling is accurate, but somewhat deceptive. Actually, HUD wants nothing to do with a community’s zoning laws.  However, to affirmatively further fair housing, grantees may be required to ignore or change them themselves. In other words, HUD will CONTROL.

The rule does not impose any land use decisions or zoning laws on any local government. However a paragraph later says, but we will assist recipients to adjust their land use and zoning laws to meet their legal obligation to Affirmative Fair Housing.

You can’t afford to be in the dark – your town, your property value and your community could be in the hands of others – not you nor your town council!

American Legion Hall, 650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck, NJ