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Kids Ride NJ TRANSIT Free All Weekend with Family SuperSaver Fare

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Ridgewood NJ, NJ TRANSIT is kicking off Memorial Day weekend with “early getaway” rail and bus service on Friday, May 24 to accommodate customers escaping early for the holiday weekend. 

NJ TRANSIT is making it easy and affordable to have fun in the sun, with a variety of discounted summer savings packages. Memorial Day weekend is a great time for customers to take advantage of NJ TRANSIT’s discounted travel packages to destinations including the Jersey Shore, Six Flags Great Adventure and Monmouth Park.

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NJ Transit Bus Driver Saves Injured Pedestrian’s Life in Hasbrouck Heights

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Hasbrouck Hts NJ, NJ TRANSIT bus operator Ruben Valle was stopped at a red light in Hasbrouck Heights when he saw a female pedestrian struck by a car making a left turn in front of him. Ruben, a former EMT, quickly put the bus in park, asked his passengers to call 9-11, and ran out to provide assistance. Ruben told the conscious but injured pedestrian to stay still, and after another passerby came to stay with her went back to the bus for traffic cones.

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NJ Transit Moves to Maximize Rental Revenue

Ridgewood Train Station

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Ridgewood NJ, NJ TRANSIT continues its efforts to maximize non-farebox revenue by leveraging prime retail locations at its train stations. NJ TRANSIT is pleased to announce a new retail lease agreement in Newark Penn Station. The new tenant, Top Shelf Wine and Liquor, is located in the Main Concourse of Newark Penn Station between tracks 2 and 3. The ten-year agreement is anticipated to generate more than $2.1 million in non-farebox rent revenue over the span of the lease term.

“Maximizing this non-farebox revenue is a win-win for customers and NJ TRANSIT and it’s consistent with recommendations coming out of the recent independent assessment by The North Highland Company,” said Executive Director Kevin Corbett.  “It provides customers with conveniences and amenities at our stations while also delivering critical funding resources which we can reinvest in our transportation network.”

The store’s design blends the contemporary and historical elements of the station, enhancing the aesthetics of the Main Concourse of Newark Penn Station. Top Shelf Wine and Liquor is owned and operated by Stephen Penn and Kunal Kapoor, who bring more than 30 years of experience in the retail and beverage industries.

In August 2018, NJ TRANSIT’s Board of Directors approved the lease of more than 1,000 square feet of retail space in Newark Penn Station to Starbucks Corporation.  The agreement will provide more than $1.6 million in non-farebox revenue to NJ TRANSIT over the 10-year lease.  Starbucks will also make approximately $750,000 in leasehold improvements.  While providing an additional revenue stream to NJ TRANSIT, customers will enjoy convenience of the nationally recognized brand in Newark Penn Station.

In Fiscal Year 2018, which ended June 30th, 2018, expanded retail leasing opportunities increased annual revenue by more than $800,000.  This included leases at Metropark Station and Secaucus Junction, with tenants performing significant capital improvements at both locations. 

In Fiscal Year 2019, which began July 1st, NJ TRANSIT estimates that property leases will generate more than $8.5 million in revenue.  Overall, NJ TRANSIT’s Real Estate Department estimates that it will generate nearly $50 million in non-farebox revenue in FY19 through property leases, advertising, parking fees and property permits.

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ridgewood train station

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Ridgewood NJ, The NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors today approved a contract with Bombardier for 113 new rail cars, which includes the first self-propelled multilevel rail cars in the United States.

“This historic purchase is the perfect example of how NJ TRANSIT is reclaiming its position as a national leader in transportation,’’ said NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Kevin Corbett. “The new self-propelled multilevel cars break new ground in railroad technology and we’re proud that NJ TRANSIT is leading the way.  With this investment, we’ll be able to retire the oldest rail cars in our fleet, while increasing reliability, efficiency and customer comfort.’’

This order for 113 Multilevel III Passenger Vehicles, the largest order for rail cars in recent years by NJ TRANSIT, will allow the agency to replace the oldest rail cars in its fleet.

The cost for the contract will not exceed $670 million plus contingencies.

The purchase, which consists of 58 “power cars” with electric propulsion capability and 55 non-powered trailer cars, was approved as part of the Fiscal Year 2018 budget. A Request for Proposals (RFP) went out in October 2017.

The Multilevel III Power Cars are Electric Multiple Units (EMU’s), a multiple-unit train consisting of self-propelled cars using electricity as the motive power. An EMU requires no separate locomotive, as electric traction motors are incorporated within one or a number of the vehicles on the train.

The vehicles are scheduled to begin testing in the third quarter of 2022 and are expected to enter revenue service during the second quarter of 2023.

The Multilevel III Passenger Vehicles will replace the aging Arrow III EMUs, which are over 40 years old. The new cars increase seating capacity from 1,380 seats on a 12-car Arrow III train to 1,552 seats on a new 12-car Multilevel III train. The new cars will feature roomier two-by-two seating as opposed to the three-person bench seats that are currently on the Arrow III cars. Other customer amenities include USB charging ports for customers and new, onboard information displays.

The base order is for 58 multilevel power cars, 33 cab cars, 16 trailer cars and 6 trailer cars with restrooms. There are also options for an additional 636 cars to replace the remaining single-level cars and accommodate future growth

This purchase is allowing NJ TRANSIT to take a step toward the goal of having the overall average age of all rail vehicles under 30 years old, making for a more modern fleet that supports enhanced comfort, reliability and efficiency.

The benefits of the Multilevel III Passenger Vehicles include reduced operating costs, higher acceleration and an 11 percent increase in seating capacity. The Multilevels also have a higher Mean Distance Between Failure (MDBF); 370,575 miles, compared to 40,046 miles for the Arrow IIIs based on October 2018 data.

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Ridgewood NJ,  NJ TRANSIT is once again offering additional trains and buses this Thanksgiving holiday weekend to make it even easier for customers to unite with family and friends, travel to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, or get started on holiday shopping at various malls throughout the state. Plus, feel free to bring your holiday helpers, as kids ride free* the entire long weekend!


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NJ Transit : Beginning Sunday, October 14th, select trains will be temporarily discontinued or have changes of origin/destination.


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Ridgewood NJ,  Progress continues on the installation of Positive Train Control (PTC) equipment on NJ TRANSIT’s rail fleet to meet federal year-end milestones, requiring NJ TRANSIT to make a final set of rail service adjustments. The temporary discontinuation of some trains and modified times and origin/destination points are necessary to accommodate installation of PTC hardware on additional locomotives and cab control cars.

“Our customers will always be our first priority, and their experience must be safe and consistent. We thoughtfully reviewed all trains that are part of this adjustment and found the most reasonable alternatives,” said NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Kevin Corbett.

To proactively address the potential service adjustment impacts, NJ TRANSIT will offer a 10-percent discount on all NJ TRANSIT rail tickets and passes for travel in November, December and January while the mandated hardware installation is completed.

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