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No 2 BCIA is moving forward still collecting signatures in Ridgewood

petition signing event at Elks Club
file photo Elks club by Boyd Loving 
February 24,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgwood NJ, The Ridgewood Knights of Columbus is the next stop on the signature drive . The Petition seeks to protest and repeal Ordinance 3519,authorizing the execution and granting of a lease purchase agreement until it can be voted on by registered residents of Ridgewood with the Bergen County Improvement Authority (BCIA),as a binding referendum question.

The Ridgewood Knights of Columbus will be open on Thursday from 7:00-10:00pm for those interested in signing the petition. K of C hall is on the corner of Hudson/S. Broad St. To enter the hall, you need to use outdoor staircase facing Hudson Street right across for the proposed parking garage .

According to No 2 BCIA petition signatures are still being collected  They ask you to please reach out to come and sign or visit the website for more locations and information. 201-675-8937.

The No 2BCIA website shows these other contacts :

Lorraine Reynolds house, 550 Wyndemere Ave/come to door off John St.,please call first 201-264-8151
Multiple circulators are ready to come to your place. Please call/text 201-264-8151
Anne Loving, call cell 201-723-8017 to make appt to sign.
Saurabh Dani, call/text cell 973-903-5361 and I will stop by to collect your signature.
Melanie McWilliams – 431 Bogert Ave: call/text to confirm 201-675-8937

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The Ridgewood Mayor Responds to No 2 BCIA Petition


Dear Friends/Neighbors,

I am writing to you with an update on our parking deck initiative … and I am doing so with a great deal of excitement.

Simply stated, we are very close to making a downtown parking deck a reality.  After months – in fact, years – of hard work and after 3,236 Ridgewood residents (65%) voted in support of a parking deck in last November’s election, we are in the final stages of the process … fine tuning the design, working through the finances and getting ready to put shovel in the ground.

In January, the Council voted on an ordinance to finance the parking deck on our own.  Specifically, we voted 3-2 in favor of bonding up to $12.3 million to pay for the deck.  Unfortunately, for bonding purposes, a simple majority of the Council is not enough.

So, in February, we voted on a different ordinance – one that would allow the Village to partner with the Bergen County Improvement Authority (BCIA), which would borrow the necessary funding and finance the deck.  Again, the vote was 3-2 in favor, but since the Village would not assume any debt under this arrangement, the simple majority was enough to pass the ordinance.

In my mind, either scenario is good for Ridgewood.  Both would result in a much-needed parking deck at comparable costs.

Some, however, have suggested that our vote regarding the BCIA was taken to “circumvent” the bonding process.  That is simply not true.  We began exploring a partnership with the BCIA in May 2013 – long before our current discussion – because there are many advantages to doing so.  Better interest rates.  Better amortization (payment schedule).  And such a partnership would allow the Village to finance and build a parking deck without adding to our overall debt burden.  Further, I am a big believer in partnerships – public/public or public/private – because they can lead to enhanced efficiencies, enhanced effectiveness and saved dollars.

Regardless, there is now a petition drive underway to prevent our partnership with the BCIA – a drive that has been fueled, in part, by misinformation and outright lies.  That is unfortunate.  The people of Ridgewood deserve better.

That said, in the spirit of getting this project done –once and for all – and in the spirit of doing it together as a community, I am willing to re-introduce the January bond ordinance at our March 2 Council meeting.  Although I still believe that a partnership with the BCIA would be a good thing for Ridgewood, I want to give my Council colleagues another chance to make this happen.

But let’s be clear – if the full Council is still not willing to support the bond ordinance – notwithstanding all of the statements recently made by Council members – we should continue to move forward with the BCIA.

Again, I sincerely believe that either approach – going it alone or in partnership with Bergen County – would be good for Ridgewood.  Either way, we must seize this unique moment.  Either way, we must keep moving forward.

Thank you.



Paul Aronsohn, Mayor

Village of Ridgewood