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Reader Comments On Night Time Solicitations in Glen Rock

” No permits should be issued by police to allow people to be bothered in their own homes. I would jump a mile if my doorbell rang after 8 PM when I wasn’t expecting anyone. I would not respond, but then there’s the chance that your house is being cased to see if anyone is home, so supposedly you’re better off yelling “No thanks!” Why should the burden fall on a person in his or her own home? All such permit requests should be denied, including political movements and fundraising. I believe this will eventually happen and I hope it’s not because of some awful incident. Sorry, but it’s a new world and the sanctity of the privacy of one’s home must be respected. Fundraising efforts should be directed elsewhere. “

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Is it Time for a “No-Knock ” in the Village of Ridgewood ?

Ridgewood Police quickly apprehended alleged shoplifter

file photo by Boyd Loving

March 21,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, after the recent spat what the Ridgewood Police Department called, “diversion burglaries” .A diversion burglary is when someone posing as a utility worker or chimney inspector or repairer comes to your door and while you are distracted speaking with them or when they request you take them to a distant part of the home, an accomplice enters and burglarizes your home.Readers say it time for a Village no-knock ordinance .

“More door knockers this week. Maybe a time for an ordinance change?”

Other posters agreed , “I have requested a no-knock ordinance for years and years. Time to end it. Sorry, Scouts. Of course, utilities wouldn’t be banned anyway. Just never open the door. I don’t even ask “who is it?” any more.”