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Reader says rather than write a story about perseverance and the competitive spirit we write a story to gin up racist hatred

a “black teen” WAS NOT FORCED to cut his hair by a “white referee”.
The athlete was not in compliance with the rules.
The referee was enforcing the rules.
The athlete elected to come into compliance, competed and won.
It’s as simple as that.
But rather than write a story about perserverence and the competitive spirit we write a story to gin up racist hatred.
1. The student athlete was NOT IN COMPLIANCE with the RULES.
2. The referee enforce the rules by giving the athlete the choice to come in compliance with the rules within the specified time limit or forfeit the match.
3. The student athlete was given a choice and he ELECTED to have his own hiar cut and compete since he did not have the proper head gear rather than forfeit the match.
He WAS NOT coerced nor FORCED to get his hair cut.

“A wrestling official who required an African-American grappler from Buena Regional High School to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his bout in a match against Oakcrest was acting in accordance with the rules, according to multiple South Jersey referees.
According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, wrestlers’ hair cannot extend past the earlobes. If it does, they must wear a legal hair cap to cover it.
Johnson was wearing a cap, but it wasn’t attached to the headgear as the rule requires, according to Buena graduate Ron Roberts, a wrestling referee of more than 20 years.
Johnson would’ve been in compliance in the past, but the rule changed within the past couple of seasons to require the cap to be attached to the headgear, according to Howie O’Neil, who’s officiated for 44 years.
“The interpretation of the rule was applied correctly,” said Roberts, who hadn’t seen the video, but had heard of the incident. “The kid had to have legal head cover by rule or he’s got to cut his hair.””

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Readers say too Much Non Compliance with Water Restrictions


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The new arrivals in my neighborhood, pus some here 10-15 years, don’t play by the rules and don’t care, they sprinkler water every day, morning daylight or night time in the cloak of darkness, they are only concerned that they have a nice green lush lawn. They didn’t care about stage 1 restrictions, let alone stage 2, even tho other neighbors mentioned water rules to them, it rolls off their shoulder and it is not important enough and ignored. Yes, they sprinkler water on Monday when no one is to. Shame on them.

…I never got a reverse robo call on water sprinkling rules, used to, but in the know, do follow the rules, use hand held hose and have burned out areas of lawn, it doesn’t grow – no water, no rain, dry hot season, and have the landscaper skip grass cuts at times.

…The town should have sent a postal notice to all customers, as they did in past years, as there are many new residents. Education and respect for our water resources could be in flyer form, to inform people of the artesian well water here, and that its not from a resevoir. They don’t know, don’t care, think its an endless supply. Parents should set an example for their kids, and not break rules – saying its ok to do so. If not, they could take their bad habits and move back to the city.

I agree with the above and also see neighbors breaking the rules. Besides grass is not a native ground cover and shouldn’t be the main cover of yard space anyway: requires too much water, and pesticides, herbicides to maintain. Many articles have appeared on this subject including a great one in the Ridgewood News from former Eco Ed Schwarz.

Send an email with the offenders address to dscheibner@ridgewoodnj.netHe is the boss at ridgewood water. When they are doing enforcement they can see it and do something .Police used to enforce but just like all jnight parking they won’t do anything unless a complaint is called in