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Ridgewood Wins the North 1 Group 5 State Championship 14-13

Ridgewood Maroons
photo courtesy of Councilmen Ramon Hache
December 5,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Congratulations to the Ridgewood Maroons for winning the North 1 Group 5 State Championship at MetLife Stadium by defeating Passaic County Tech 14-13! The Maroons completed their 12-0 season and first perfect campaign since the middle fifties .

As chronicled on this blog MetLife Stadium had been the home of many disappointments both on and off the field for the Ridgewood Maroons over the years ,but this time thanks to a strong defense it was a different tune.

With the offense struggling to gain its rhythm, the Maroons defense stepped up and forced a pair of turnovers deep in the Passaic Tech territory. The takeaways led to all of Ridgewood’s scores and the state championship.

The breaks went all Ridgewood surviving an extra point try to tie with 1:24 remaining on the clock and the 14-13 victory led to the first perfect campaign since 1956.The win also marked the fifth state sectional championship for the Maroons and the first since 2004.