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Weapons and Uniforms Stolen from a State Troopers Car May Have Been Used in an armed robbery in Middlesex County

NJ state police

December 18,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

North Brunswick NJ, according to State police an unmarked trooper SUV was stolen overnight in Middlesex County.

NJ State Police report the white Chevrolet Tahoe vanished sometime Saturday evening or early Sunday morning in the area of North Brunswick.

The vehicle was found Sunday in North Brunswick, but two uniforms and two weapons that had been inside the car were gone.

Police say the stolen weapons and uniforms may have been used in an armed robbery in Middlesex County Sunday morning.

John Longo a retire police officer said ,” In 26 years on the job, I never left weapons and uniforms in a vehicle overnight….this adds to that whistle blower female trooper’s allegations about unqualified applicants going through their police academy and appointed on the job. This makes me question their integrity and their abilities. People could have been killed during this armed robbery due to someone’s stupidity ”

So the question remains, Why are troopers leaving weapons in an unattended vehicle?