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Organization For Economic Growth: Ciattarelli Offers Prescription For New Jersey’s Ills As He Moves Closer to Declaring Gubernatorial Run

July 28,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Mountain Lakes NJ,  Jack Ciattarelli sounded very much like a man running for governor Wednesday night as he addressed the first “Brotherhood of Business and Labor” reception hosted by the New Jersey Organization for Economic Growth in Morris County.

Ciattarelli, who ran for the Republican nomination for governor last year, presented his ideas to cure New Jersey’s economic and tax ills, which included the elimination of the state tax on capital gains, phasing out the corporate business tax, and ending the practice of raising property taxes on people who update their homes without increasing the size of the house.

Ciattarelli’s philosophical approach is to not punish people who take risks or who invest in projects that create value and jobs. That philosophy was enthusiastically received by NJOEG Chairman Joseph Caruso, who said he welcomed Ciattarelli’s bold candor.

When Caruso asked the keynote speaker of the event if he was running for governor, Ciattarelli smiled and reeled off the exact number of months and days until the next gubernatorial election before admitting that he would run.
Ciattarelli was warmly received at the Brotherhood event, which included a number of elected and appointed officials including New Jersey State Republican Party Chairman Doug Steinhardt; State Sen. Joseph Pennacchio; Business Manager for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 102 Patrick Delle Cava; and NJOEG Labor Liaison Christian Barranco
“I think Jack will be a great candidate and will make a tremendous governor. He understands economics and investment and he is willing to tackle tough issues without pandering to the special interests that are largely responsible for New Jersey’s horrid economic condition,” said Caruso, a business executive from Wayne.

Ciattarelli, a former assemblyman from the 16th Legislative District, stepped into the quagmire that is the state’s ongoing property tax crisis; saying bluntly, “You can’t fix the property tax problem in New Jersey without fixing the state’s school funding formula.”

Ciattarelli’s fix entails providing the same amount of per student funding for every child regardless of where they live.

He also waded into the pension crisis saying: “The state pension plan is busted. It was not designed to pay lifetime health benefits to people who live into their 90’s,” he said.

Ciattarelli took a few jabs at Gov. Phil Murphy and his progressive policies and tax increases, saying: “Murphy lights the fires of socialism.”

Della Cave, representing labor at the event, pointed out how his union is backing incentives for business investment because “businesses are not expanding in New Jersey without them.”

Delle Cave, who represents 2,500 electricians and has $1 million budget for political activity, said there are two main issues important to his members besides creating a robust economy. “Don’t do away with prevailing wage laws and don’t make this a right to work state,” he said.

Steinhardt said state officials need to address New Jersey’s problems by “resisting the temptation to do what is easy and what feels good.”

The State GOP chairman offered a few reforms he would like to see including a 2 percent cap on state spending (which now applies to municipal and county governments), public sector pension reform and a reduction in regulation that is killing business investment.

Barranco, who served as master of ceremonies for the event called it highly successful in furthering the dialogue among government, labor and business.

“New Jersey’s present economy is imbalanced with the few good things going to relatively few people, while everyone else – including private sector workers, homeowners, young people and business all getting squeezed to the breaking point. Through more events like this and more honest dialogue we can fix what’s wrong with New Jersey,” said Barranco.

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The Organization For Economic Development Urges Paterson Voters to Support Pedro Rodriguez In May Mayoral Election

Organization For Economic Growth

April 24,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paterson NJ, The Organization for Economic Growth endorses Pedro Rodriguez for mayor and his at large council team of Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman and Mitch Santiago in the May 8th election, announced OEG Chairman Joseph Caruso

“We believe the Rodriguez team has the most well rounded and realistic approach to economic revitalization to one of New Jersey’s most impoverished, but important cities,” said Caruso. The endorsement is based on responses to a questionnaire on economic issues given to all the Paterson candidates

“The Rodriguez Team responded with a sensible and detailed approach to restoring the city’s economic vitality rather than the general pie-in-the sky objectives that lead nowhere,” added Caruso. “His willingness to embrace public/private partnerships and tax incentives was a major factor for our support of Mr. Rodriguez.”

The city’s next mayor will inherit a city with many economic problems, including a 7.5 percent unemployment rate, a severe lacking of economic investment in the central city and significant problems in housing and crime. Previous administrations, dating back decades have failed to attract notable development to the city.

Caruso said Rodriquez is on the right track saying he will overhaul the building department to insure that it is business friendly; hire a professional to oversee economic development and will employ the use of PILOTs (Payments in Lieu of Taxes) and encourage public private partnerships.

“The city desperately needs to be more cooperative with those willing to invest in Paterson and it needs an outside economic development professional – not a political patron – with real world experience to guide the next administration in developing a vision for where the city wants to be in a decade.” said Caruso.

Noting that PILOTs are sometimes criticized as sops to businesses, Caruso said they are a necessary tool to incentivize developers to invest in areas that offer marginal return and significant risk. Rodriguez also said he wants to develop a grant application program to help spur redevelopment and embrace incentives for mixed use development to encourage construction of new housing. Paterson’s housing conditions, particularly in the North and Central wards, are in bad shape and must be addressed, says the OEG executive.

In his responses to the OEG questionnaire, Rodriguez said: “I have a comprehensive plan to place vacant and dilapidated properties into the hands of Patersonians. I vow to reduce the number of abandoned properties by introducing programs such as the 203K loan which will ease the ability for our residents to not only purchase a home but also renovate it. We must provide easier pathways for our residents to achieve the American dream of owning a home which has been statistically proven to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep.”

Rodriguez also recognized the city’s crime problem as a major stumbling block to investment and to attracting people to shop in and visit the city. To help combat crime, Rodriguez said he will commission an independent audit of the city’s budget to identify wasteful spending and redirect those resources into hiring more police officers and to take more cops from behind desks and put them out on the street. He also said he wants to invest in repairing existing — and installing — new surveillance cameras to protect the city’s residents.

“Mr. Rodriguez and his running mates Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman and Mitch Santiago provided thoughtful, well rounded responses to our questionnaire, showing that they have put in the time to consider the problems Paterson must overcome and formulated a way to overcome them,” said Caruso.

“Paterson doesn’t need a cheerleader for mayor; it needs someone who will roll up his sleeves and provide the hands on, serious leadership that will lead to investments, jobs and better housing. We are hopeful that Mr. Rodriguez may be that person.” added Caruso.

The NJOEG was founded to support candidates and policies that improve the state and regional economies. To learn more about the NJ OEG visit our website; or visit us on Facebook

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Organization For Economic Growth says Tedesco has no intention of fighting for the taxpayers of Bergen County or doing anything to promote business growth

February 6,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood

Hackensack NJ, Alex Cucciniello, the Executive Director of the Organization For Economic Growth commented on Jim Tedesco’s announcement he plans to run again for Bergen County Executive, “Apparently Tedesco supports the senator’s recent churlish behavior as Menendez remained seated and scowling while President Trump delivered a well received State Of The Union speech highlighting the growth in the U.S. Economy and honoring the heroes who have given so much to this country.”

“It is truly troubling that our the current county executive chose to announce his re-election bid in a room filled with state politicians who are out of touch with Bergen County residents. Tedesco’s choice of supporters says a lot about where he stands on the issues – and he apparently stands far to the left – too far for most Bergen County residents.

“The fact that Mr. Tedesco invited U.S. Senator Bob Menendez to be by his side, after Menendez’s his recent federal corruption trial is curious. Apparently Tedesco supports the senator’s recent churlish behavior as Menendez remained seated and scowling while President Trump delivered a well received State Of The Union speech highlighting the growth in the U.S. Economy and honoring the heroes who have given so much to this country.

It is also instructive to see that Tedesco is so overwhelmingly supportive of a governor who wants to make New Jersey a sanctuary state and force taxpayers to fund legal aid for illegal immigrants who are flouting federal law.

Apparently Mr. Tedesco has no intention of fighting for the taxpayers of Bergen County or doing anything to promote business growth.”

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Josh Gottheimer and Phil Murphy are playing games, using gimmicks and illusions to take the eyes of the public off the true issue in New Jersey

phil murphy

New Jersey’s career politicians, like the Clinton Speech writer Gottheimer and out of touch elitist Phil Murphy are playing games, using gimmicks and illusions to take the eyes of the public off the true issue in New Jersey, the grotesquely high taxes it squeezes out of its very own citizens. They want to deflect the blame to D.C. and take the voter’s attention off their fellow Democrats. My friends, the citizens of New Jersey are not that stupid, our people want the politicians to cut the ever ballooning taxes that plague our state.

What needs to be done requires strength, intelligence and an uncompromising will to reduce spending in this state. It requires the leadership that will reverse this state’s anti-business climate to increase the tax base while reducing the tax burden. Sadly, I do not see any of this in Trenton. I see the grandstanding we are all accustomed to, not the leadership we so desperately need.

Gottheimer, who faces a challenge this November, may have gotten this idea from his former employers, the Clintons. Maybe his next suggestion is to have the Clinton foundation administer the charity.

The municipal, county and state officials should do what taxpayers want them to really do — cut taxes, cut spending — not come up with tax loopholes that either won’t pass muster or won’t be sustainable.

Gottheimer said, “The tax hike bill Congress passed last year is a ticking time bomb for New Jersey,” we are proudly declaring that New Jersey won’t shy from a fight. We won’t be America’s piggy bank.” I say to him, I no longer want to be Trenton’s piggy bank and the only ticking time bomb you need to worry about is the mad as hell citizens that want real tax reductions, not a pass the potato blame game.

“This is not partisan,” Mr. Murphy said. “This is a smart versus not smart.” I say, this is lazy and opportunist verses hard diligent work and tenacity. New Jersey is done with tricks and gimmicks, bring us change or resign! Pension reform, re-working the school funding formulas and instituting a pro-business environment is needed now.

Joseph Caruso
Your Friendly Neighborhood Taxpayer

Organization For Economic Growth

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Organization For Economic Growth

December 14,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Wayne NJ, the Goal Is To Promote Economic Growth & Candidates Who Will Improve Economy. Citing the need for immediate improvement of state and regional economies, more pro-business policies and effective tax policies, New Jersey businessman Joseph Caruso has launched a new Political Action Committee- – The Organization for Economic Growth (OEG )

The NJOEG will serve as an advocate for economic policies that create jobs and spur investment, as well as a supporter of candidates for elected office who back pro-growth policies, says Caruso, who will serve as chairman of the organization.

Caruso, who will serve as chairman of the organization said, “The birth of the PAC comes from the large number of people I meet in and out of business who are completely frustrated by the state’s failed taxation and economic policies. There is a need for an organization that can turn that frustration into action that will change the economic climate of New Jersey.”

Caruso said that many elected officials from both parties seem oblivious to the economic peril that New Jersey is in and they fail to comprehend the burden that both homeowners and business owners live under and what will happen unless drastic changes are made.

“It is shocking to me and many other business people that there are legislators and other elected officials who continue to advocate for higher taxes and more regulations while ignoring the state’s lousy business reputation, its existing tax burden and its monstrous debt problems,” said Caruso, a partner in a corporate consulting firm.

“Our goals is to work with well intentioned officials on both sides of the aisle to help create a path to economic prosperity that both Democrats and Republicans can support,” added Caruso


The OEG has attracted bright, young and energetic talent like: John DePinto of Bloomfield, who will serve as Vice Chairman, Ray Cottiers of New Milford will be the Director of Strategic Services and Alex Cucciniello of Mahwah will run the day to day operations as the Executive Director.

“If New Jersey doesn’t alter course soon, the jobs of the future economy – the jobs that will employ our Millennials — will be gone, followed by catastrophic economic consequences for the state,” added DePinto. “I’m a young professional and I would like to raise a family New Jersey, but currently that does not seem practical– or possible.”

Cucciniello said the OEG will serve as a information center to help educate the public and elected officials on economic and tax issues and to be a voice against the state’s bad economic policies.

“Much of the readily available economic information that is published or broadcast about our state and region is politically charged and often misleading. Our goal is to distill information from people actually working in business and interact with the media in a constructive way that will lead economic change,” said Cucciniello, who formerly worked in Washington D.C. as an intern in the White House Office of Political Affairs.

“I also believe people need to fully understand the consequences of New Jersey’s continued bad economic policies,” added Cucciniello.

Cottiers stated, “many public officials who want to improve the economy lack the information or the forum to persuade their constituents or colleagues about the best course to follow. Part of our mission will be to provide data to officials who are seriously committed to breaking down the barriers to economic growth. And part of our mission will be to be a the voice — across various media platforms — that argues against policies that harm businesses.”

The new Organization will host its initial fundraising event in January; details will be available shortly. For more information visit and follow and like us on Facebook at Organization for Economic Growth (@StrengthThroughIndustry).