Ridgewood proposes parking ban on Sherman Place

Mark Krulish , Staff Writer, @Mark_Krulish6:02 p.m. ET Feb. 15, 2017

There will be a few more places residents on the west side of Ridgewood cannot park if an introduced ordinance is passed next month.

Brought to the table at the Feb. 8 council meeting, the ordinance would prohibit parking at several points along the northern side […]

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Aronsohn Cronies Continue to Undermine New Village Council

February 13,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, seems the attempts by the council to reconfigure parking have been met with new calls for “Garagezilla” .

In a recent article on struggling downtowns Englewood was mentioned for having over 2000 parking spaces available, including a 345 space garage, many new, upscale downtown housing developments, and […]

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Valentine’s day shopping in Ridgewood Central Business District

file photo

February 12,2017

Reader recounts his shopping experience to the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, My wife and I arrived at cottage place around 11:30 Saturday and noticed non-employee parking
Was at about 90 percent empty.The employee parking section was likely At 15 percent max.used.
we were at bookstore ..the Gap and rite aid.

And it was still […]

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Employee Spaces Left Unfilled in Ridgewood’s Central Business District

(Walnut lot aside town garage employee spaces less than 33 percent used 330 pm weds feb 8 2017)

Reader says , The commuters are generally the largest class of taxpayers with little voice as proven by the rushed misinformed December hail mary screw job just in time for the January to march slow season store wise.There […]

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Reader asks what is the official explanation for why already high Ridgewood Parking permit prices were raised even more

James – as I said, I am still waiting to hear to official explanation for why already high permit prices were raised even more, while simultaneously slashing slots and limiting access.

You counter by saying that the same would have happened had the garage been built. But at least in that case the justification would have […]

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For Immediate Release
For further information
Contact: Joyce Santimauro Municipal Clerk
201-891-7000 ext. 101

2017 Permits Still Available for Commuter Park and Ride at Cornerstone Church

495 Wyckoff Avenue, Wyckoff

Approximately 50 commuter parking permits remain available on a first come, first served basis.

The fee for a non-resident commuter park and ride […]

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Angry Reader pitches Garagezilla for Ridgewood

“Limiting demand”?
ENOUGH of the posturing bullshit.
ENOUGH of the “planning”
ENOUGH of the “studies”
Build the garage and ignore the social gadfly ilk that screwed the pooch the first time around. The CBD needs the garage, it’s not just for the restaurants but it sure as hell is for the commuters. That’s what we all do here…commute. Except […]

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Ridgewood discusses update to parking requirements

Mark Krulish , Staff Writer, @Mark_Krulish11:38 p.m. ET Feb. 3, 2017

RIDGEWOOD — With the growth of online retailing, suburban downtowns have undergone a shift toward more service-based businesses. And with that shift has come a greater demand for parking.

Ridgewood is grappling with that need. Recognizing that changing times call for changing parking strategies, officials are […]

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New Car park app offers users reward to snitch on people parking illegally

Car park app offers users £10 reward to snitch on people parking illegally

i-Ticket pays a small commission to users who upload a picture of the vehicle and its registration number

Aatif Sulleyman

A private parking firm has created an app that promises to pay users to report illegally parked cars.

UK Car Park Management’s (UK CPM) i-Ticket app, […]

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Reader says Ridgewood Still Short Commuter Parking

file photo by ArtChick

Paid $750 last year for a resident parking pass.  Always found a parking spot at the either the Train Station, Chestnut or Hudson lots.  Bought a $1000 RPP this year to have the same available lot options.  Have yet been able to find spots in any of those lots since many of […]

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