Ridgewood Blog Poll : Biggest Issue in Ridgewood is Taxes

Parking   31 %
Unelected Special Interests   6.9 %
Urbanization 11 %
Taxes          33.1 %
CBD                 2 %
Development    7.3 %
Cost of Living   8.7 %

September 16,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the long running Ridgewood blog poll  gave us an interesting take on what […]

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Ridgewood may skirt bid process on new garage


Nicholas Katzban, Staff Writer, @NicholasKatzban Published 10:37 a.m. ET Aug. 28, 2017

Two years ago, the Village of Ridgewood proposed to ease its parking crunch by building a garage in the Central Business District.

As the chosen site for the project still lays in disrepair, and the council aims to designate the area “in need of redevelopment,” […]

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The beach towns most likely to slap a parking ticket on your car. A ranked list

file photo by ArtChick “snookie”

Updated July 15, 2017
Posted July 15, 2017

By Bill Duhart | For

Got any quarters? If you plan on parking for a day at the beach you’ll likely need plenty to feed the meters. And we all know what happens if your meter runs out and your car is still there— That’s […]

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Reader says State law requires 2′ of space between curb and any object so that cars can open doors

Regardless of Cronin’s permission, State law requires 2′ of space between curb and any object so that cars can open doors:

Where sidewalks are adjacent to a parking lane, an additional 0.6 meters (2 feet) of width is required to compensate for the opening of car doors.

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Reader asks Why doesn’t he need to follow the rules?

file photo by Boyd Loving

I can’t get anyone to answer simple questions in less than a week.

How did he get verbal permission from Cronin? Why doesn’t he need to follow the rules?

They should have removed the rock wall while they were there, unless Cronin gave him verbal permission to erect it.

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Reader says , Either pay the ticket or show up and sit through court

Same thing happened to me in Ridgewood, but I luckily used the Park mobile app to pay which does give you an emailed receipt as well as showing up on the Park mobile site. I called the violations bureau in Ridgewood and they told me to send in the receipt from Park Mobile which clearly […]

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Let’s buy the Town Garage for parking in Ridgewood

July 15,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, When will the Council apply Eminent Domain to buy the long-abandoned Town Garage site on Franklin Avenue?

This, in conjunction with other small fixes, such as repaving and reconfiguring the existing Hudson Street parking lot, which was never designed properly, would (at far lower cost than building a […]

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Ridgewood Village Council Special Public Meeting and Work Session


JUNE 28, 2017

7:30 P.M.

1. Call to Order – Mayor

2. Statement of Compliance with the Open Public Meeting Act

MAYOR: “Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided

by a posting on the bulletin board in Village Hall,

by mail to the Ridgewood News, The Record, and by submission to all persons entitled to same […]

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Ridgewood Planning Board approves apartment complex on South Broad Street

Mark Krulish , Staff Writer, @Mark_KrulishPublished 3:16 p.m. ET June 21, 2017 | Updated 8 hours ago

RIDGEWOOD — Two down, two to go.

After a literal 11th-hour change to the site plan, the Ridgewood Planning Board approved the application for an apartment complex on South Broad Street at the old Brogan Cadillac site.

The project, known as […]

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Reader says ANY Garagzilla project needs to INCLUDE FUNDING to rip out the idiotic Bike Lane

“However, we believe the actual reason is that grant money was used to construct the bike lane to nowhere and rules associated with the use of grant funds would require the Village to give the money used back if the project were removed.”
At the time, we were told that (a wondrous) grant would pay for […]

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