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Village  Manager Heather A. Mailander

Ridgewood NJ,The 2019 Annual Commuter (Ridgewood Parking Permits – RPP) will go on sale on Monday, December 17,2018 at 8:30 a.m. at the Reception Desk in the lobby of Village Hall, and will continue to be sold Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to4:30 p.m., except holidays.  All applicants must bring their driver’s license and vehicle registration(s) for car(s) they wish tolist on their permits, as the RPPs allow up to 3 cars on each hang tag.  The RPPs allow commuters to park in designated Ridgewoodparking lots without having to pay the parking meters.  The following is a summary of the Ridgewood Parking Permits (RPPs) and their prices:

Premium RPP – $1,300 annual fee – allows Ridgewood residents to park in the Train Station lot, Prospect Street lot, and allRidgewood lots, including Route 17 Park and Ride lot.  A Premium RPP may not be used in the Hudson parking lot.  A maximumof 155 Premium RPPs will be sold, on a first come, first served basis. 

Hudson Lot – $1,300 annual fee – allows Ridgewood residents to park in the Hudson parking lot only, with a guaranteedparking space.  When the Hudson parking lot is closed, due to the construction of the parking garage, those residents with a Hudson parking lotpermit will participate in a ride share program, through December 31, 2019.  Residents who purchase Hudson parking lot permits must purchase apremium Ridgewood parking permit at the end of 2019 in order to continue to participate in the ride share program until the parking garage opens in2020. 

Non-Premium RPP – $975 annual fee – allows Ridgewood residents to park in Chestnut Street lot, North Walnut Street lot, CottagePlace lot, and Route 17 Park and Ride lot. 

Park and Ride RPP – $975 annual fee – this price is for both Ridgewood residents and non-residents, and allows parking in theRoute 17 Park and Ride lot.

Non-resident RPP in Central Business District – $1,950 annual fee – allows non-residents to park in the Cottage Place lot.

Ridgewood Resident Commuter Sticker – Free – All Ridgewood resident commuters who wish to park at the train station must bringin their driver’s license and vehicle registration(s) to obtain a free Ridgewood Resident Commuter sticker.  Free Ridgewood ResidentCommuter stickers will also be issued to all Ridgewood residents purchasing RPPs and the Hudson Lot permit.

The Village will accept checks, cash, or credit cards (with a 3% transaction fee to the user) for payment.

There are also Central Business District (CBD) Employee stickers and hang tags that may be purchased by those who work in the CBD and allows parkingat designated meters in the North Walnut Street and Cottage Place lots.

For more information, please visit our website:


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Reader says ,”we are entering what is most comparable to what was seen on Handmaids tale”

photo courtesy of RH

First, the parking garage; next, the Jehovah’s witnesses loitering the parameters. Here is my conspiracy: we are entering what is most comparable to what was seen on Handmaids tale… we are all under surveillance, and as a woman, I have fear for what’s to come for our humble village. Will there be any saving grace for our town. What is this tower? Why are there four cameras and tinted windows? Why hasn’t anyone told us what it is for? Why do we need a parking garage when we also have the Mount Carmel parking? Why are Jehovah’s witnesses than ever? Is our country under attack without our knowledge… tbd.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

last updated October 14, 2018

1. What is Our Village, Our Future?

The Village of Ridgewood, NJ is working towards preparing its next Master Plan. One of the first steps is to engage the community to think about and share its vision for current and future generations to love and appreciate. Our Village, Our Future is the name given to this visioning process.

2. What are the goals of Our Village, Our Future?

The primary goal of Our Village, Our Future is to implement a community visioning process that reaches out to a broad range of Village residents and other stakeholders (e.g., businesses, institutions, etc.) and encourages them to think about and discuss the values, principles, goals, and priorities that should shape the future of the Village. This community visioning process represents the one of the first steps toward creating a new Master Plan for the Village.

3. What will be the final outcome or product of Our Village, Our Future? When will the Master Plan be prepared?

The final outcome/product of this visioning process will be a Vision Plan. This document will summarize the community engagement process and synthesize the results of this process in terms of identifying and explaining the values, principles, goals, and priorities that should shape the Village’s next Master Plan. The process of creating the next Master Plan will start after the visioning process is complete.

4. What is a Master Plan and how is it relevant to my life in the Village?

A Master Plan, sometimes referred to as a Comprehensive Plan, is a guidance document that sets goals, policies, and priorities for investing in the physical, economic, environmental, and social future of a community. A master plan can address a wide range of topics and/or geographic areas of importance to residents and other stakeholders. It can provide an overall vision for a place and identify key priorities and strategies toward achieving the vision. It can provide direction in terms of investing in transportation improvements and public facilities, changing zoning regulations, protecting ecologically-sensitive areas, or becoming more environmentally sustainable. Concept plans and other visuals within a master plan can demonstrate ideas and hoped-for outcomes.

The master plan is also the basis for a municipality’s zoning regulations. In New Jersey, all municipalities are required to have a master plan and to “reexamine” it at least every 10 years. The reexamination process can represent a stepping stone for updating or creating a new master plan. However, the resulting Reexamination Report itself does not constitute the actual updated or new master plan.

5. Why does the Village need to prepare a new Master Plan? Has the Village “reexamined” its Master Plan yet?

Although there are certain parts of the Village’s Master Plan that have been updated more recently (for example, the section pertaining to housing, which was updated in 2016), the core sections of the Master Plan date back to 1983. A lot has changed since that time. The Village did “reexamine” its master plan in 2016, and the resulting Master Plan Reexamination Report can be downloaded and viewed from the Plans & Studies page.

6. Will the Our Village, Our Future process involve the whole Village, geographically speaking?

Yes, the whole Village is the subject of this visioning process. It is not limited to a specific part or aspect of the Village; we expect and welcome feedback on any part or aspect of the Village.

7. How can I stay informed about this process? How will I be able to contribute my vision for the future of Ridgewood?

First, visit This website will be the central public portal of information for this initiative. Next, make sure to sign up to receive updates when a new post is added to the page. Look for the phrase “Receive E-mail Updates” on the site and follow the instructions.

Press releases will be drafted and distributed so that local newsletters and newspapers can publish timely information for their readers during the course of the initiative. We anticipate utilizing various methods to get input from residents and other stakeholders. These might include surveys, workshops, focus groups, etc.

The Village’s website and social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) will also feature important dates and milestones in the visioning process, providing links to more details at this website.

8. What if I have questions or already have input about my vision for Ridgewood?

An online form is available on the Contact page at for residents and other interested members of the community to ask additional questions about or offer suggestions for this visioning process. If you have already been thinking about your vision for Ridgewood and would like to share it with us, visit the Your Vision page.  As the visioning process moves ahead, there will be more formal opportunities to participate in the visioning process through workshops, surveys, and other methods.

9. What if I or one of my neighbors is unable to access information or provide input through online means?

You or your neighbor can provide input in writing and mail or drop it off in a sealed envelope to Master Plan Subcommittee, Planning Board of the Village of Ridgewood, 131 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Furthermore, any important announcements will be posted in the main lobby of Village Hall.

10. Is there anything I can do to help with this process?

Yes! We can always use help getting the word out to people in the Village. If you are or know the point-person responsible for sending e-mail communications for a church, school, civic association, or other type of community-based organization, please include a link to the Our Village, Our Future website. We may have other opportunities for volunteers, which can include high school students (with parents’ permission), to assist in promoting Our Village, Our Future. We will post these opportunities to this website when they arise.

11. What is the timeline for completing this process?

We anticipate that the visioning process will take approximately seven months to complete.

12. Who is leading this initiative?

This initiative is being guided by the Master Plan Subcommittee of the Planning Board, with support from the Village Council. Through a request for proposals and interview process, the Master Plan Subcommittee and the Planning Board recommended the firm NV5, Inc., based in Parsippany, NJ, to lead this process and develop the resulting vision plan. The Village Council subsequently approved the recommendation. NV5’s Community Planning & Urban Design group has experience throughout the Northeast and in New Jersey with projects like Our Village, Our Future.

Composition of the Master Plan Subcommittee:

  • Richard Joel, Planning Board Chair
  • Joel Torielli, Planning Board Vice Chair
  • Susan Knudsen, Deputy Mayor
  • Melanie McWilliams

NV5, Inc.:

  • Neil Desai, AICP PP, Project Manager
  • Annette Schultz, AICP PP
  • Rachana Sheth
  • Chris Lucas, AICP LEED ND
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Reader says , ” Financially, it’s a disaster that’s being foisted on the Ridgewood taxpayer”

parking garage cbd

Hey, ‘OMG guy/gal’…it’s not the garage as much as it is the a) wrong location and b) being built for the wrong reason. We’re going to shoe-horn a ginormus building in a tiny area with one-ways and narrow streets? Dumb. Financially, it’s a disaster that’s being foisted on the Ridgewood taxpayer at the behest of the shopowners who want people to buy their crappy, overpriced items after walking 5 blocks. One only needs to see the big smile on the mayor’s face when he stood net to Josh at the tree lighting. Perfect photo op time to build his Democrat resume.

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Reader says , “Rome is Burning “

Clock CBD

Rome is Burning and we are writing story books about a leantoo shed close to not having any heat nor light , a filthy facility that the NJ Transit should rebuild in brick and
offer some protection from the elements ; that can be cleaned ,then locked at night like a real town.We need to check the water in this’s getting a bit to wobbly intellect
wise. They keep shifting the happy together talk to avoid dealing with the real issues that are hard to address manage and take intelligent approach to.Happy Holidays Ridgewood a town worth fighting for …2019 needs a more realistic plan on cost containment and cancelation of massive Hudson st garage plans in order to cut our longer term losses .

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Readers think It’s a Little late for “VISIONING “

This is bullshit and too little too late. They should have reached out to us before they started the digging all around CBD. The destiny for RW is on the wall regardless our feedback in this phony “survey”. They have their own image in mind, all of them including this and past VCs and they will implement that. I hate this hypocrisy. They know it is too late, many people have given up fighting and the majority of residents does not care (only 400 people responded). It just makes them feel better……

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Reader calls the Hudson Garage , “The biggest Scam is the massive non conforming concrete Hudson street parking structure”

parking garage cbd

The biggest Scam is the massive non conforming concrete Hudson street parking structure planned right across the street from that historic church ; who did little to stop this assault of that neighborhood.Reap what yee shall sow from these out of town developers ..they will be the first ones getting out of
ridgewood with the loot ,leaving taxpayers with the massive liability for Schools , Services and more town employees with pensions ! to service more apartments and children with multi family
developments.Just wait..

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Reader asks ,”So did Tommy “coin boy” Rica ever even pay the Village back the $230,000 he’d agreed to as part of his plea conviction in 2014?”


So did Tommy “coin boy” Rica ever even pay the Village back the $230,000 he’d agreed to as part of his plea conviction in 2014? The forensic accountant said more like $850,000 was stolen, so where is the other $620,000? And why weren’t his supervisor Chris Rutishsuser or the the cops who saw Tommy boy coming and going from the room in their part of the building with 50lb coin bags ever implicated? Was this mob related ? James, what is the update?

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Reader asks , “$500K golden toilet anyone?”

"Golden Toilet" by Maurizio Cattelan retrospective at the Guggenheim

So far we have about $13mn in debt obligations related to parking garage bonding’s… given the historical pattern of delays, expensive ‘change orders’, and cost overruns associated with any project the Village has financed ($500K golden toilet anyone?), my guess is this will come in over $20 million and run at an operating loss of more than $1 million annually. And that’s without ‘coin boy’ and his enablers stealing our quarters. All this, just as interest rates spike. It adds up to more financial lunacy from the Village, and taxpayers get screwed again.