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Oil Rig Springs Up on Chestnut Street in Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ, observers say it has been in place on Chestnut Street since last Wednesday . There is even a police presence facing Franklin Avenue. While its been the focus of curiosity ,Village residents are at a loss to explain what is . Some claim its an oil rig ,while other a water drill and even some think is an attempt to remediate soil contamination ?

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As summer comes to a close, there are some important things the Ridgewood Chamber wants you to know

photo courtesy of the Ridgewood Chamber Facebook page
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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting hosted a platform for Village Manager, Heather Mailander, Councilwoman, Bernadette Walsh and Detective Captain Forest Lyons, to discuss new parking meter initiative effective Sept. 4th.

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Village of Ridgewood Extending Parking Kiosk Pilot Program

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Ridgewood Nj, the Village of Ridgewood will be extending the Parking Kiosk Pilot Program. In addition to the Chestnut Street parking lot, parking kiosks will be placed in the following locations:

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August 11,2018

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Ridgewood NJ, The Village Council approved the funding and the proposal from Epic Management, Inc., to move forward with the Hudson Street parking garage. This will provide additional parking in the Central Business District for shoppers, diners, commuters, and employees. The current timeline indicates that the garage should be completed by early spring 2020.

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Ridgewood Central Business District Choke Points and Congestion about to get a lot Worse

photo of Ken Smith

August 8,2018
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Ridgewood NJ , in April 2017 the Ridgewood blog suggested that the over looked issue for the central business district is not parking , but congestion . There are just to many choke points in the CBD. Be they caused by ill planned “traffic easing” with suicide bike lanes or PSE&G upgrades it has become increasingly difficult to get in or out of the Central Business District.

Bike Lane Traffic Easing Ridgewood

suicide bike lane

With 3 current projects going forward , Brogan Cadillac, Ken Smith and now the Hudson Street garage congestion will be far worse than it is now .We still need need a comprehensive plan that factors in moderate development, infrastructure , retail, restaurants , mass transit , pedestrians, cycles and parking .


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August 2,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village of Ridgewood has just advised that the Ken Smith parking lot area will be closed to all parking as of September 11, 2018.

Employees are advised that parking is available at COTTAGE PLACE (behind The GAP) – with parking permit of $20 it cost *25 cents and 50 cents  per hour (this is the least expensive place to park in Ridgewood) you can park at WALNUT STREET parking lot -with parking permit of $20 at *75cents per hour…still inexpensive.

Street parking is going up to *75 cent per hour STARTING September 4, 2018 with strict street enforcement for repeat parking.

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Reader says if you believe no children will fill those apartments, I have a nice bridge to sell you


We can’t afford to move but this means that we will never shop anywhere in Ridgewood again. Kings at least has its own parking. Our taxes have more than quadrupled in the time we have lived here. Now I assume they will quadruple again in the next 2 years. Ridgewood will soon be a town of only million dollar incomes because no-one making less will be able to afford to live here. Not only is the garage a financial disaster but the new apartments will require much more school space for all the children who will arrive with them. The quotes of”‘little or no children” were based on the one tall apartment building at the corner of Franklin and Maple. None of the garden apartments were surveyed at all. Why? Because children live in those. And, as someone said before, if you believe no children will fill those apartments, I have a nice bridge to sell you. Our council seems to have believed the hype that they will only be filled with hundreds of very very rich people who either have no children or are retired with a huge pension and who also don’t even have one car per apartment. I guess they were testers of the marijuana product before it comes on the open market. I hope they are planning to greatly increase the police budget because the garage and apartments will require many more police responses than we have police to cover the calls.

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Reader Only Sees Downside to Hudson Parking Garage

The garage is being built solely for the apartments who will then get a quantity discount that is lower than the actual cost to Ridgewood. Have you noticed the builders offering to pay part of the construction? Restaurants and stores much beyond Walnut will not get one bit of additional business from the garage but even those few won’t commit a cent to the construction. As many said, before you build a garage, see what will happen if Ridgewood starts enforcing repeat parking, marking the tires in such a way that they can’t be rubbed off or just rolling the car a little bit. Easily done with 2 marks on each outside tire at different locations so one would always be showing. Also these business complainers who blame everyone but their employees should enforce the parking rule as well. The lot where they wish to build the garage could be repaved and restriped with diagonal parking at each end and restriping of all the center lanes would provide much more parking than the garage is going to actually allow non-commuters if villagers cannot use but the ground floor. The ground floor as presently described in the garage will not even give as as much space as we currently have without the re-striping. If on the remaining downtown streets they would convert to diagonal parking on one side and parallel on the other, we would gain a lot of spaces. And lastly, take away the favored businesses extra reserved spots where their valet picks up, or where it has to be marked yellow for no parking because an illegal wall blocks parking spots. Do either of these precious to the Village properties pay the town for the parking meter charge that would be normally earned with removal of their illegal blockades? Two meters to a spot would really add up as you know they would be constantly used. Since Susan and Raymond think the Village will just curl up and die without this garage and are going to put it there regardless of objections–why don’t you two take it upon yourselves to count the total spots gained by restriping just in that one parking lot and the on the street parking? And removing the illegal obstacles! If you really wanted an accurate count of what is possible, why don’t you include as a second count all our current parking lots after repaving and restriping? I am sure you could easily come up with over a hundred. Yes, that may not help the commuters much, but who is Ridgewood really for? The commuters who park, maybe grab a coffee and a newspaper, go to work, return, unpark their car and go home? What money or convenience does Ridgewood gain from that? And again, a reduced fee for monthly parking that will not cover our costs. Or for the residents who you are expecting to pay much more in taxes to provide a convenience for the builders (do they leave any money here?). Instead you are forcing Mt Carmel members to use your garage on Sundays and other days that Church is in session (and I’m sure it won’t be free!). I’m going to insult you here but I wish you would rise up out of the poppy field in Oz, put your brains back in your head, and actually think and listen for a change. Are any of you, except Bernie, capable of doing that?
Also, many of the parishioners are handicapped or have several small children and it is a long walk from the garage even to the side door of Church.

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US Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Sales Tax For Online Purchases

Whole Foods installs Amazon E lockers in Ridgewood

June 24,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, US Supreme Court rules states can collect sales tax for online purchases nationwide . Online shoppers could find costs going up after the Supreme Court did away Thursday with a decades-old precedent limiting the ability of states to collect sales tax on certain out-of-state Internet purchases.

The 5-4 ruling called the current rules “unsound and incorrect.” The Court shot down the “physical presence” required .Currently, businesses shipping a product to another state where it does not have a “physical presence” — a store, office or warehouse — are not forced to collect that state’s sales tax.

The high court said that rule is outdated, “When the day-to-day functions of marketing and distribution in the modern economy are considered, it is all the more evident that the physical presence rule is artificial in its entirety,” Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote.

The current regulation “allows remote sellers to escape an obligation to remit a lawful state tax is unfair and unjust,” added Kennedy. “It is unfair and unjust to those competitors, both local and out of state, who must remit the tax; to the consumers who pay the tax; and to the states that seek fair enforcement of the sales tax.”

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Timeline for Hudson Street Parking Garage in Ridgewood

May 24,2018
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at Wednesday night council meeting the Village Council introduced Ordinance #3649 ,which is the Redevelopment Plan for Block 3809, Lots 12 & 13 – Hudson Street Parking Lot – Establishes a Redevelopment Plan for Block 3809, Lots 12 & 13, also known as the Hudson Street Parking Lot.

Timeline for Hudson Street Parking Garage:
June 5th Planning Board Curtesy Review
June 11th Open House for the Public 7-8
June 13th Public Hearing for adaption
June 14th Curtesy Historic Preservation Review
July 1st introduce bond ordnance
July 18th hearing for bond adaption for the bond for the Hudson Street Garage
August 8th award the contract to Epic Management to build the garage