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Reader says New parking system is not too hard to figure out . . . it’s too damn inconvenient to warrant my using it

New parking system is not too hard to figure out . . . it’s too damn inconvenient to warrant my using it. I’ve kept dimes and quarters in my car for the past 30 years so, no, I am not toting around rolls of quarters in my pockets . Grab a quarter, drop it into the meter and go. Easy. I don’t have to memorize my five license plates or kept that information stored on my phone. My trips to the CBD are short in nature . . . run into Rite-Aid, go the the ATM, post office, etc. I’d spend more time going to the meter and inputting my information than it takes my to run an average errand. And there is no way in hell I’m parking in a garage at the far end of the CBD to run a 5 minute errand. This system might work for diners and strollers but it’s not going to work for the bulk of Ridgewoodians who are conducting their every day lives. We will simply be taking our business elsewhere.

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Comparisons – rates & hours parking in “high end” municipalities with train stations

parkmobile_meter (1)

Taken from the internet:

Montclair, 8-7 M-Sat, 1.00 per hour street, .75 per hour off street
Millburn, ?-6 M-Sat, .50 per hour
Summit, 8-6 M-Sat, .50 per hour
Westfield, 10-6 M-Sat, .50 per hour
Red Bank, 9-6 M-Sat, 1.00 per hour street, .50 per hour off street
Princeton, 8-7 M-Sat, 1.25 per hour
Morristown, complex plan – depends upon where in City

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Reader asks can you imagine how much money must’ve been stolen throughout past 40 years before this incident ?


We wonder who else knew about this. Some say he had help you never know right. But really can you imagine how much money must’ve been stolen throughout past 40 years before this incident. Do you think he’s the first person, we doubt it very much. Back in the day when all the books used to be pencil and paper no computers maybe one or two people controlling all the funds coming in and going , It would not shock me in one second . In the end accountant has the full power see a file to invest not invest please. Maybe in the end the village deserved it. Can you imagine what he knows all the dirt skeletons yeah. And boy oh boy there’s a lot of it ‘ especially back in the day when the Ridgewood counsel controlled all the newspapers in town the local press the real estate market in So on , Just like the Nazis did in Germany same shit, just a different continent, and you know it’s sick they know it to

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Reader says parking meters were a foolish proposition


As a resident since 1969 I always said the meters were a foolish proposition. I’d be interested in th actual numbers of revenue , minus costs of meters , salaries of meters workers etc (less coin boy theft ). Simple solution …eliminate meters. Double th overtime parking fines. Meter maids can chalk the tires to enforce the overtime, or more likely today there is a video cam app for them to use. Make it a triple fine when a store employee gets caught wiping the chalk off their tires. I refuse to pay a meter to use th post office

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Angry Reader pitches Garagezilla for Ridgewood


“Limiting demand”?
ENOUGH of the posturing bullshit.
ENOUGH of the “planning”
ENOUGH of the “studies”
Build the garage and ignore the social gadfly ilk that screwed the pooch the first time around. The CBD needs the garage, it’s not just for the restaurants but it sure as hell is for the commuters. That’s what we all do here…commute. Except for the no life to much time on their hands ambulance chasing news photographers…they have WAY to much time on their hands.

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Ridgewood Councils Multifaceted Approach to Parking

Ridgewood Village Council

Their platform was a multifaceted approach. They did discuss tiered parking prices for commuters, one way streets with diagonal parking, a garage, subsidizing Uber, parking apps, possibly using the Zabriskie lot, employee parking, etc. The council discussed the parking rates in October and November, before voting on it. I don’t believe any member of the public complained about the price being tiered higher as you got closer to the train. The Financial Advisory Committee suggested raising the commuter passes as well as the meters, especially the meters on the streets closer to the train station (75 cents and hour was suggested). The council chose to keep the meters the same, except to lower 60 meters at Cottage to 25 cents an hour for CBD employee parking. These were both done to try to entice more people to use the Cottage Street lot, which remains mostly empty all day.
When the previous council was planning a garage, they said the garage would be mostly for patrons of the CBD. They said commuter parking would be on the upper levels.

Say the garage was built at Hudson. If 2 cars started from the same location, one drove directly to the Cottage lot, parked, & walked to the train platform. The other car drove directly to a garage at Hudson Street, drove round and round to the 3rd level, parked, came down to street level, and walked to the train platform- my guess is that the timing would be pretty much the same.

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Reader says I see the sign every day as I drive up Franklin and it says ” Town Garage”! can the message be any clearer?


The old town garage site which is in the process of being remediated due to gasoline and dry cleaning contaminants is the perfect place for a new garage if it is deemed needed. It is in the center of town baking it useful to employees, shoppers, diners and commuters. Franklin Avenue is in desperate need of a makeover. It is a wide much used street and could fit in quite nicely. In 2008 aproposal was made to put in apartments over some shops and a garage with a small park ( trees and a bench or two) on the Franklin Avenue side. At the time the developer would have done the cleanup.

Tanks have been removed already There is 900,000 dollars in the budget for cleanup and the DEP is coming in March to test soils in the area

It is now 2017, we are doing the remaining cleanup and could own the entire area with minimum difficulty. Now we have an asset and would be in control of how we develop it. An enviable position to be in and a much better spot than the Hudson Street location which is a narrow street, across from a church and could have a negative impact on small businesses in the area. I see the sign every day as I drive up Franklin and it says ” Town Garage”! can the message be any clearer?

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Reader says Ridgewood CBD parking instructions are “convoluted”

Ridgewood Parking signs

Just rec’d an email with convoluted parking instructions for various locations throughout town; spaces marked by special symbols for various uses – shoppers, commuters, employees…. Do they really expect us to remember all of these rules and symbols? I’m sure it looks like a perfect solution for the bureaucrat that designed it but to us regular folks it’s ridiculous and too complicated to be effective. We should have built the garage and voters only have themselves to blame. I went into town the other night at 4:30 for the first time probably all year, had to drive around half a dozen times to find a parking space, traffic was backed up, cars double parked, it was a mess. It will be another year before I return.

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Parking changes coming to downtown Ridgewood


Mark Krulish , Staff Writer, @Mark_Krulish5:37 p.m. EST December 21, 2016

RIDGEWOOD – To free up parking spaces for downtown shoppers, the Village council has made changes to employee and commuter parking.

Cottage Place, the village’s largest municipal lot, will have meters priced at 50 cents per hour.

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Turnover, trials and triumph at Ridgewood parking spot


file photo

Christopher Maag , Staff Writer, @Chris_Maag4:19 a.m. EST November 27, 2016

Parking spot No. 24 in Ridgewood is an excellent spot for parking. It sits across Walnut Street from Memorial Park, smack in the middle of the downtown shopping district, next to the Alex & Ani jewelry shop and close to popular places like Starbucks, the Warner movie theater and the Country Pancake House.

Spot No. 24 is so good, in fact, that it’s nearly impossible to park there.