Reader says Get rid of Roberta and her cronies already. Let those who love Ridgewood RULE

I was just at Van Neste,12:30 on Friday, a veritable slice of heaven, with people on benches quietly eating what looked like bagged lunches., some people just sitting and looking, walkers along the path, some dressed as workers, others as exercisers. Super peaceful and beautiful and calm, with even a working bubbler, water fountain, that […]

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Reader says Village Manager, Human Resource, Village Engineer, Superintendent of Parks and Rec. are running this town not the new council

First of all why is Christopher Rutishause e-Mailing plans for the park to Bill Gilsenan? Why is Gilsenan getting involved in the park? Im tired of all the so called Demigod running this Village. Paul Vagianos, John Saraceno Ed Sullivan, Tom Hillman and now Bill Gilsenan. Their names were not on the Village ballot for […]

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Readers Analyse Ridgewood “Garage Vote”


The first election was presumably simply for a parking garage. Many of us voted “yes” because we do need a garage. When Aronson and crew decided that we voters “really meant” to vote “yes” on that monstrosity that he wanted, a second vote was held. On that we voted “No” because it was supposed to […]

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Nonprofit Hospitals’ Business Relationships Can Present Conflicts

While not necessarily improper, administrators and board members might be forced to choose between what’s best for the hospital and what’s best for their private interests.


Aug. 21, 2016 12:31 p.m. ET

Nonprofit hospitals have extensive business ties that can pose conflicts of interests for their administrators and board members, a Wall Street Journal […]

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Reader says Bye Bye Ridgewood Garage

We ALL know that there is ample parking. Even Sonenfeld says so. The problem is that PROMISES WERE MADE to certain key people that a garage would be built near their properties and businesses in the business district. What Aronsohn, Saraceno, Pucciarelli, Vaggianos, Sonenfeld, Hauck and company failed to consider is that the town if […]

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Reader says I feel sick about the endless pathetic attempts to manipulate and deceive Ridgewood by Aronsohn and his minions

Does anybody actually believe the kid had anything to do with that letter? A show of hands, please. Letter ends, “Let’s get it done”–has a teenage boy ever said or written that sentence, especially about a parking garage? Comical idea. But mostly, I feel sick about the endless pathetic attempts to manipulate and deceive us. […]

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Aronsohn Floods Ridgewood League of Women Voters with Cronies and Political Hacks

August 18,2016

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Ridgewood NJ, the ex mayor Paul Aronsohn and his cronies have flooded the membership of the Ridgewood League of Women Voters. According to their website the League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization encourages the active and informed participation of citizens in government and influences public policy […]

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Reader says its Time to Ban the Ex Mayor and His Supporters from Grand Standing at Public Meetings

file photo by Boyd Loving

Clearly, this was an attempt on Ms. Winograd’s part to generate a newspaper headline that the current Council was seeking to limit public comment.

Siobhan Winograd is on the anti-Knudsen team.

Let’s list the mouthpieces for the former megalomaniacs so that we’ll know we can ignore everything they say. Sonenfeld, obviously. Willett and […]

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Former Ridgewood Council Attempts to Advance Failed Agenda

August 12,2016
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Why would the former council members, who were defeated resoundingly, come to the meetings to attempt to advance their failed agendas? Are they just spiteful? Do they need to grow up?

Clearly, this was an attempt on Ms. Winograd’s part to generate a newspaper headline that the current Council was […]

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Ex Mayor’s Attempt to Squelch Free Speech at Ridgewood Council Meetings Falls Short with Mayor Kundsen

file photo by Boyd Loving
August 11th 2016
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Ridgewood NJ, Siobhan Winograd, self-appointed Mistress of Niceness, went to the podium and started whining about why can’t everyone be nice and how people’s comments are not pleasant  and then she suggested that people’s comments should be cut to three minutes from five.  Said […]

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