Reader says You wanted to make the village into your vision of a “Montclair light “. You lost

The carpetbaggers came to town, they hedged their bets, bought some real estate,.they had confidence their puppet council would accommodate their demands so they can build build build , pocket the profits, and leave while sticking the taxpayers with the tab for a garage to enhance their bets, You made a bet. You wanted to […]

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Today is National Lineman Appreciation Day


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April 18,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,In honor of National Lineman Appreciation Day, Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utility, salutes the men and women dedicated to keeping the electricity flowing for their customers every day, in all types of weather conditions. When the public is asked […]

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Reader mostly agree The settlement isn’t designed to address low income housing availability. It is designed as a club developers can hold over the heads of affluent communities

Seven low income housing units are planned for the Chestnut Avenue development that was just approved. How the heck does Ridgewood make any sort of real dent in its preposterous court-imposed low income housing deficit, seven units at a time?

Judicial fiat in any area of life over a time span measured in decades is utter […]

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Supreme Court refuses to dismiss Menendez corruption charges

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03/20/17 10:48 AM EDT

Updated 03/20/17 03:12 PM EDT

The Supreme Court has rejected Sen. Bob Menendez’s attempt to throw out the bribery and corruption charges against him, setting the stage for a trial for the New Jersey Democrat this fall.

With Monday’s announcement, Menendez can no longer block the proceedings against […]

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Reader says Arohnson sold the Village of Ridgewood out to the developers

Those who attended the hearings could easily reach the opinion that Arohnson sold the Village out to the developers. He pushed for a a formula where the Village allowed land speculators and developers to build 85 regular market units for every 15 coah compliant units. Do the math – – under the Aronson Plan, if […]

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Reader asks Why all of a sudden this hysteria of pushing for affordable housing. Whose agenda is this?

If you voted for Obama or any Democrat in New Jersey it is your Agenda 

This is such bullshit. Why all of a sudden this hysteria of pushing for affordable housing. Whose agenda is this? Why stuff nice towns and villages with buildings that are out of character? Why force villages that people have worked very […]

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Reader says Very important not to assume they are truly gone

Very important not to assume they are truly gone. They still have much skin in the game and want more. Every person appointed to a committee/board/etc. as a future source of information/votes should be dismissed, as should every preexisting staff member drawn to their questionable glow and continuing to feed them information and work on […]

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The Ridgewood Library Board of Trustees Needs an Update


December 11,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it has been pointed out by some readers that unless the published list of  Ridgewood Library Trustees is incorrectly stated on their website listing the ex-mayor and one of his appointees on the Library Board  as the current mayor .

Last time we checked there was a new […]

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Reader says Ridgewood League of Women Voters has been turned into mouthpiece for Paul Aronsohn

Anne is making some serious mistakes and she’s been brainwashed by her blond “friend”. You know, the one who does alllll the bidding for the dark side and causes massive trouble no matter what organization she’s involved with…? Name drops at every turn and isn’t actually suave enough to DO anything herself.
Well, Anne has managed […]

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Readers say Judge a person by the company they keep

Judge a person by the company they keep. Aronsohn and the League of Women’s Voters President Anne Burton Walsh were hanging out together that day. Anne Burton Walsh…..not impressed with your choice of companion. Not at all.

Aronsohn is going to run for something else, which of course will give all of us the opportunity to […]

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