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Rutgers: We will protect undocumented immigrants on campus


By Toniann Antonelli November 15, 2016 9:23 PM

NEW BRUNSWICK — Hours after students and faculty members circulated a petition to make Rutgers a “sanctuary campus,” President Robert Barchi said the school will protect the privacy of undocumented immigrants attending the university.

Barchi released a statement Tuesday after many students raised concerns about their privacy and safety following the election of Donald Trump. The university president also said he expects those associated with Rutgers to protect the privacy and confidentiality of students and that information will not be provided unless it’s required by law or a court order.

“Rutgers police do not inquire into nor record the immigration status of students or other persons unless a serious crime has been committed,” Barchi said. “Rutgers University does not use E-verify for any purposes other than to comply with longstanding federal law regarding employment eligibility. Immigration status is not a factor in student housing decisions.”

The petition, addressed to Barchi and other administrators, outlined 11 actions students believe Rutgers should take in order to protect the university’s minorities and undocumented students on its campuses.

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Its2BIG Petition Rounds Up 1227 Signatures in Ridgewood !

April 12,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood
Ridgewood NJ, Its2BIG Garage petition was completed on Tuesday afternoon! It was cheerfully accepted with 1227 signatures ,many more signatures than were needed. It’s a great day for democracy.

“Thank you so much to everybody who supported our petition. Total signatures: 1,227. The BCIA ordinance has been rescinded. It is our understanding that the local bond is now suspended until the council takes further action on our petition. One level down, shovels in the ground. Power to the people!”

Saurabh Dani,Dana Glazer,Ellen Mcnamara,Lorraine Reynolds,Melanie McWilliams

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Is the Village Manager is really questioning spending 40K?


April 1st 2016

Ridgewood NJ, from the Take Back Ridgewood Facebook page , Your Village Manager is questioning spending 40K on an election (are we living in democracy?), while she was busy in spending 122K of OUR money to get construction documents for a design that was yet to be discussed with public?

They asked for change order of $120,000.00 because they had already spent the $295,000.00 on all of the plans for a design that was not finalized!! And we wonder why they won’t budge on the current plan. Do not blame us for wasting the taxpayers dollars!

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Support us in requesting the council to consider a garage that’s the right size for that lot

hudson parking garage ridgewood


Support us in requesting the council to consider
a garage that’s the right size for that lot
The currently proposed garage at Hudson Street
Text any of the circulators listed below
and we can give you an address to stop by to sign.
    • Near Van Neste Square, Saturday 11-4. Look for Orange Baloons.
    • Lorraine Reynolds, please call/text 201-264-8151 – Friday, March 25th -10AM-4PM
    • Melanie McWilliams, please call/text 201-675-8937.
    • Saurabh Dani, please call/text 973-903-5361.
    • Ellen McNamara, please call/text 201-874-0966.
    • Jacqueline Hone, please call/text 201-377-8556.
The petition seeks to protest Ordinance 3521 with the following ballot question:
Shall Ordinance No. 3521 authorizing the Council of the Village of Ridgewood
to issue $11,500,000 bonds or notes to finance the cost of constructing the
Hudson Street Parking Deck, currently contemplated as a 4 story, 5 level
Parking Deck, be ratified?
Do you know the difference in height between Option A and Design D?
It’s 2ft 6in. Would you call that a compromise?
We don’t.The in house funding for the parking garage passed 5-0 on 23rd, which is great. Everyone wants the garage funded in house.
Many people who want the garage, and want to fund in house, believe it’s just 2 tall, and should come down a level.
Why a petition to repeal an ordinance that we really want?
Because this petition will put funding on hold (for a short time),
it will allow the 5 council members to talk compromise (something three of them have been unwilling to do).
They have a choice, they can decide to seriously sit down at the compromise table, and see if 1 level lower will work
(all the numbers point to a yes, since any size garage relies heavily on the parking meter revenues).
If it’s agreed to lowering it 1 story to 3 stories, 4 levels, the petition will be withdrawn,
& we move forward immediately with a 3 story 4 level parking garage funded in house.So, it basically comes down to this:

If you’d rather see:
design D with 3 stories, 4 levels, approx 37ft building height & 52ft towers- approx 260 spaces- then you should sign the petition
If you are happy with the current design D of 4 stories, 5 levels, 46ft 8in building height & 60ft 10in towers- 325 spaces- then you should not sign the petition

You must be a registered voter residing in the Village of Ridgewood to sign the petition.

CALL or text 201-264-8151
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No 2 BCIA is moving forward still collecting signatures in Ridgewood

petition signing event at Elks Club
file photo Elks club by Boyd Loving 
February 24,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgwood NJ, The Ridgewood Knights of Columbus is the next stop on the signature drive . The Petition seeks to protest and repeal Ordinance 3519,authorizing the execution and granting of a lease purchase agreement until it can be voted on by registered residents of Ridgewood with the Bergen County Improvement Authority (BCIA),as a binding referendum question.

The Ridgewood Knights of Columbus will be open on Thursday from 7:00-10:00pm for those interested in signing the petition. K of C hall is on the corner of Hudson/S. Broad St. To enter the hall, you need to use outdoor staircase facing Hudson Street right across for the proposed parking garage .

According to No 2 BCIA petition signatures are still being collected  They ask you to please reach out to come and sign or visit the website for more locations and information. 201-675-8937.

The No 2BCIA website shows these other contacts :

Lorraine Reynolds house, 550 Wyndemere Ave/come to door off John St.,please call first 201-264-8151
Multiple circulators are ready to come to your place. Please call/text 201-264-8151
Anne Loving, call cell 201-723-8017 to make appt to sign.
Saurabh Dani, call/text cell 973-903-5361 and I will stop by to collect your signature.
Melanie McWilliams – 431 Bogert Ave: call/text to confirm 201-675-8937

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Petition to protest and repeal Ordinance 3519-An Ordinance authorizing the execution and granting of a lease purchase agreement with the Bergen County Improvement Authority

BCIA petition

This petition is to seek to protest and repeal Ordinance 3519-An Ordinance authorizing the execution and granting of a lease purchase agreement with the Bergen County Improvement Authority relating to issuance of County Guaranteed Lease Revenue Bonds for the Village of Ridgewood parking Deck Project (i.e. Hudson St garage).

You must be a registered voter residing in the Village of Ridgewood to sign the petition.

This has nothing to do with the design or scope of the parking garage-just to stop the funding of it with the BCIA, until Ordinance 3519 can be submitted to the electorate (Village of Ridgewood residents/registered voters) for a vote at next election as a referendum question.

If you have any Questions, please email
As of Monday Feb 15, the petitions will be available at following times/locations:

Lorraine Reynolds house, 550 Wyndemere Ave/come to door off John St., Monday, Feb 15th – 1pm-4pm.
Anne Loving, call cell 201-723-8017 to make appt to sign.
Melanie McWilliams – 431 Bogert Ave – Feb 15th-Feb19th (M-F) 9:15-12:15pm, call/text to confirm 201-675-8937

PLEASE EMAIL if you are a registered voter
and can help canvas neighborhoods this week when it’s not so cold out!!!

Please let us know if you want to be part of the petition to say No 2 BCIA,

Below are some reasons why people feel we should not have a lease/purchase agreement with the BCIA (Bergen County Improvement Authority):

1. The BCIA will cost us more than what it will cost us to bond through Ridgewood. Yes, the BCIA can get us a better interest rate by 0.03%- to 0.08% compared to what we get from a Ridgewood Issued bond, but that is so small and it eventually costs more to go with BCIA, because of their initiation fees, and annual fees as well as multiple lawyer fees. Here are the final costs -

2. The BCIA financial comparison from the above link, does not consider the fact that we will now have to charge out-of-town commuters the same price as Ridgewood commuters (a requirement by the BCIA to treat all county residents the same.). Suppose we issue 50 out-of-town commuter passes at $300 less than what we could have charged them, that’s $15,000 more per year for the next 25 years by going through the BCIA. Will non-resident commuters take many of the spaces, leaving few spaces for our own commuters?

3. Once we take money from the BCIA, it will be issued like a loan, not like a Home Equity Line of Credit. We cannot draw the funds when we need them, i.e. as the project goes along. We will have to start paying interest on ALL of the money from day 1, which is May 2016, and the garage will not be complete until Feb 2017. Once the BCIA bond is issued in May 2016, we won’t be able to pre-pay for 10 years. We are locked into the interest for 10 years, even if the design & scope changes to a smaller design and we need less funds.

4. The county will own the garage for next 25 years. They may add more conditions later, for now they have asked us to treat non Ridgewood commuters at the same price.

5.The lease agreement also mentions that the BCIA will build the garage and lease it to us. It’s not clear / not explained to us how much control they will keep during the ‘build’ phase.

6. Overall, all of the benefits explained to us for going through the BCIA route are financial. In the end, with all those benefits, if it still costs more, and if we don’t retain full control of the garage and the process, then why go through the county?

7. We can and should do this with a Ridgewood Issued bond. It is our fiscal and resident responsibility to make sure this bond is issued through Ridgewood and not the County.