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Do 60% of American Pet Owners Have Pet-Separation Anxiety?

cat in bag

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Surveying 1,000 Americans, the data researchers at Ooma] — a Silicon Valley company offering an innovative home security and monitoring platform and makers of the Ooma Butterfleye smart security camera — discovered that some people love their pets so much, they go to great lengths to spend every moment with them — even when they aren’t home.

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Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital is open from 8-5:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and closed on Monday

Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital , 12th Adopt-A-Pet Day!

may 27,2018

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital is open from 8-5:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and closed on Monday. If you have an emergency please call our office at 201-447-6000. We will re-open for regular business hours on Tuesday. Have a memorable weekend and summer!

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Multistate Outbreak of Salmonella Infections Linked to Pet Turtles, 2017


August 30,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, the CDC and multiple states are investigating a multistate outbreak of human Salmonella infections linked to contact with pet turtles.
Thirty-seven people infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Agbeni have been reported from 13 states.

Illnesses started on dates ranging from March 1, 2017 to August 3, 2017
Of 33 people with available information, 16 have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.
Twelve (32%) ill people are children 5 years of age or younger.

Epidemiologic and laboratory findings link the outbreak of human Salmonella Agbeni infections to contact with turtles or their environments, such as water from a turtle habitat.

In interviews, ill people answered questions about contact with animals during the week before becoming ill. Fifteen (45%) of the 33 people interviewed reported contact with turtles or their environments, such as water from a turtle habitat, before getting sick.
In interviews with 9 ill people about where their turtles came from, 6 reported buying a turtle from a flea market or street vendor, or receiving the turtle as a gift.
In 2015, state and local health officials collected samples from turtles at a street vendor. Whole genome sequencing( showed that the Salmonella Agbeni isolated from ill people in this outbreak is closely related genetically to the Salmonella Agbeni isolates from turtles. This close genetic relationship means that people in this outbreak are more likely to share a common source of infection.

Do not buy small turtles as pets or give them as gifts.

Since 1975, the FDA has banned selling and distributing turtles with shells less than 4 inches long as pets because they are often linked to Salmonella infections, especially in young children.

All turtles, regardless of size, can carry Salmonella bacteria even if they look healthy and clean. These outbreaks are a reminder to follow simple steps( to enjoy pet reptiles and keep your family healthy.
This outbreak is expected to continue since consumers might be unaware of the risk of Salmonella infection from small turtles. If properly cared for, turtles have a long life expectancy.

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“Just Pups” Pet Stores and Owner Vincent LoSacco Agree to Permanently Stop Selling Animals in New Jersey and Pay $326,000 Fine

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July 27,2017

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Paramus NJ,  Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino and the Division of Consumer Affairs today announced that pet shop owner Vincent LoSacco and his “Just Pups” Stores have agreed to permanently stop selling animals in New Jersey and pay $326,000 to settle allegations they misled customers about the health of the puppies they sold, failed to reimburse consumers for animals that got sick or died, and committed dozens of other acts of consumer fraud.

Under a settlement with the Division of Consumer Affairs, Just Pups is permanently prohibited from conducting business in New Jersey, and LoSacco is permanently barred from advertising or selling animals in the state in any capacity, including, among other things, as an owner, employee, consultant, or independent contractor at a pet store, kennel, or breeding establishment, either in a paid or unpaid position.

“We’re pleased to finally close the book on Vincent LoSacco’s long and troubled history of selling puppies in this state,” said Attorney General Porrino. “By permanently banning him from New Jersey’s pet sales industry, we are not only protecting consumers from fraud, we are shielding families from the heartache of unwittingly purchasing a sick puppy and then being forced to choose between paying costly vet fees or losing their pet.”

“Buying a puppy is an emotional investment as well a financial investment. We will not allow unscrupulous pet stores to deliberately deceive consumers in this very important purchase,” said Steve Lee, Director of the Division of Consumer Affairs. “As this action shows, we will vigorously enforce the laws in place to protect consumers from suffering the emotional and financial cost of purchasing a puppy suffering from an undiagnosed or undisclosed illness.”

The settlement resolves allegations contained in the First Amended Complaint filed by the State in September 2016. The Complaint alleges that Lo Sacco and Just Pups violated New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act (CFA), Pet Purchase Protection Act (PPA), the Pet Regulations and the Advertising Regulations, by among other things:

Selling sick or defective animals to consumers from stores in East Brunswick, East Hanover, Emerson, and Paramus.
Misrepresenting as healthy and selling dogs suffering from Kennel Cough, Parvo, Bronchitis, and Giardia.
Failing to reimburse consumers for veterinary fees associated with the treatment of sick or defective dogs, even after receiving veterinary certifications that the animals had been unfit for sale.
Failing to refund the purchase price plus sales tax of an animal that died due to congenital or hereditary cause, within six months of delivery to consumer.
Misrepresenting that dogs are healthy when such was not the case.
Failing to have an animal that was examined more than 14 days prior to purchase reexamined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery, as required by law.
Misrepresenting on the Just Pups website that Just Pups can prove that all of its puppies are free from adverse health symptoms, when such was not the case.
Selling an animal within the State of New Jersey without a completed animal history and health certificate.

The settlement also addresses the State’s concern that LoSacco violated the PPA in connection with his East Hanover store by accepting deposits and/or other payments from numerous consumers prior to Just Pups and LoSacco having the puppies examined by a New Jersey-licensed veterinarian.

In addition to permanently enjoining Just Pups and LoSacco from any involvement in the sale, advertising, breeding or kenneling of animals in New Jersey, the settlement requires them to pay a civil penalty of $290,000, $30,163 in restitution to consumers, and $5,876 in reimbursement of investigative costs. Under the terms of the settlement, the $290,000 civil penalty will be suspended if the defendants meet the terms of the agreement.

The allegations against LoSacco and Just Pups stem from the Division’s statewide inspections of pet shops to ensure compliance with the PPA, which took effect in June 2015.

Just Pups stores in East Brunswick, East Hanover, Emerson, and Paramus were among 26 pet stores cited for noncompliance.

In the months following the Division’s inspections, LoSacco came under fire from authorities in the towns where his stores were located.

State and local authorities charged him with more than 400 counts of animal cruelty and neglect in connection with his stores in Paramus and East Brunswick, including charges investigators found a gravely ill, emaciated puppy in a cage in the East Brunswick store that later died, and that he left 60 puppies unattended in small crates inside a cold van parked outside his Paramus store in April. LoSacco was also charged with hundreds of health code violations in connection with all four stores.

In March 2016, the Just Pups store in East Brunswick was closed permanently when the town council revoked LoSacco’s shop owner’s license. Just Pups in Paramus closed permanently in May 2016 when LoSacco did not attempt to renew his business license there. The Emerson store was permanently closed in July 2016 when the borough council voted against renewing his business license. The final Just Pups location, in East Hanover, was permanently closed in March 2017 when the town council voted not to renew LoSacco’s business license. The vote came a month after the store was placed in quarantine by the East Hanover Board of Health amid allegations that LoSacco had illegally transported puppies to his store from out of state without medical clearance.

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Assembly clears Bucco bill helping disabled people retain retired service dogs as pets



June 26,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A disabled person who has relied on the loyalty of a service dog will not have to choose between a place to live and their beloved canine companion under legislation by Assemblyman Anthony Bucco that was approved today by the Assembly. The bill (S1359/A4096) exempts retired service or guide dogs from housing contracts that restrict pets.

Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, “There is a saying that a man’s best friend is his dog. That is never as true as when the dog is a service dog,” and continues , “A person who depends on their dog every day develops a bond that should never be broken by a legal technicality.”

Once an aging service dog is no longer able to work, it is considered a pet. Some leases prohibit pets, while others limit renters to only one dog. In some cases, when the retired dog is replaced with another trained dog, a housing contract provision may be violated.

“After years of loyal service, a guide dog becomes a beloved part of the family,” said Bucco. “There may be a need for a younger, more capable service dog, but the retired animal has earned the right to remain in a loving home.”

The legislation passed the Senate in August 2016, and now moves to Gov. Christie’s desk for approval.

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The Blessing of the Animals 2016 in Ridgewood

The Blessing of the Animals 2016 in Ridgewood
photos by Boyd Loving
The Blessing of the Animals 2016 in Ridgewood
October 1,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Blessing of the Animals and celebration of the life and ministry of St. Frances of Assisi at Christ Episcopal Church in Ridgewood has become an annual event .

Everyone brought their favorite pets: dogs, cats, goldfish, rabbits and even stuffed animals….any beloved creature, great or small. A short service celebrating all animals was followed by individual blessings of each animal. Mayor Susan Knudsen stopped in for a visit .

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Pair of Rutgers law professors call pet ownership immoral, form of torture

National Pet month Ridgewood

photo by ArtChick

By Craig McCarthy | NJ Advance Media for
on September 21, 2016 at 9:43 AM, updated September 21, 2016 at 9:47 AM

Two Rutgers law professors say that owning pets is immoral and would be considered torture if humans were forced to endure the same treatment.

Although Gary Francione and Anna Charlton live with six rescued dogs, the couple calls their abused animals refugees, and says they have the right to be free regardless of their quality of life with humans.

“Although we love them very much, we strongly believe that they should not have existed in the first place,” the two wrote in an essay in a digital publication onAeon. “We oppose domestication and pet ownership because these violate the fundamental rights of animals.”

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Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital hosts Adopt A Pet Day

scott garrett dogs

Congressmen Scott Garrett promoting pet adoption

September 4,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, If you have room in your home and heart, they will have 30 shelters and rescue groups with 300 pets for adoption. Experience the joy of unconditional love. Someone is waiting for you. . .

Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital hosts Adopt A Pet Day
Sunday, September 18, 2016 from 11:00 AM until 4:00 Pm
Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital, 320 E. Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood

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Reader says People Need to Get Control of Their Dogs in Ridgewood


I have an observation that people around here are taking out their anger and aggression with their pet dogs.

I have been accosted by dogs on their leash on side walk!! when taking walks. The dogs will attempt to run up to me and jump on me. The owners are sloooow to pull dog away, physically or verbally.

Just last Sunday a man let his huge dog jump on me on Meadowbrook. I think this should be against the law and justifiable reason to call the police. I have never walked with cell phone before, as I only walk a few blocks, near my house, but for now on I will never leave house without my cell phone.

Please don’t say I don’t like dogs; I love love love dogs; I regularly dog sit a family dog from out of state, when it comes to Ridgewood, very well behaved dog; and I grew up with a dog.

Dog owners around here ARE NOT training their dogs not jump on people. And it is sooooo easy to do. They are not training dogs because they HATE PEOPLE and its aggression. They say, hey, it’s not me; it’s my dog. But it is you, because it is sooooo very easy to train a dog not to jump on a stranger, or run up to a stranger. And you guys aren’t you the smartest as well as the richest. You know better than me. Any dog that touches me or comes within one inch of me is going to get that police call, dog owner.