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Runoff From Toll Brother Site Destroys Easter Celebrations in Upper Saddle River

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Upper Saddle River NJ, while New Jersey politicians plunder the state and spend their days contriving new schemes to raise your taxes, the NJ DEP is left ineffectual against polluters.

Derek Michalski of GreenUSR said,” Easter celebrations in GreenUSR has been ruined for the second year in a row!!! I never wished anyone to go to hell but if anybody deserve it it would be Chris Gaffney for his decision to allow its workers to pump heavy mud second year in a row during Holy Week. Shame on him, shame on Toll Brothers and Toll Brothers’ apologists. “

Posted by Derek Michalski on Sunday, April 21, 2019

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NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Fines Illegal Dumper

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Peaslee Wildlife Management Area , according to NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife back In October, Fish and Wildlife’s Bureau of Law Enforcement Lt. Craig James, Detective Todd Vazquez, and Conservation Officer Keith Fox began an investigation on a large solid waste dump site in the Peaslee Wildlife Management Area in Cumberland County.

The pile was over 50 cu. yards and was mostly construction debris. It was suspected that the person responsible might return, so a surveillance camera was placed in the area. 

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Phony “climate strikes” and raising taxes have not fixed New Jersey environmental problems

photo Apple Ridge, Mahwah NJ

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Ridgewood NJ, Students across New Jersey and around the world skipped school today to participate in “climate strikes” protesting global inaction on climate change.

Children are fast becoming the face of the climate change movement as teenagers, ‘tweens and even younger children file lawsuits, stage walkouts and lobby lawmakers. But question continue to be raised about whether the students are being motivated or manipulated.

Meanwhile closer to home right here in Bergen county many ecological disasters take place daily and no one blinks and eye .

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Local environment issue has become a matter of national urgency


April 30,2018

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Upper Saddle River NJ, Battle for Pleasant Brook continues and enters a second phase ,the Cleanup. This ”unimportant” to our local leaders environment issue has become a matter of national urgency.

Derek Michalski  , “It‘s up to us to make our officials accountable for their actions and if anybody wants to digest brown water from Toll Brother‘s April 20, 2018 massive mud dump please let me know. I should have some saved in jars with appropriate labels. No one should underestimate danger of accidental digestion of arsenic and Lead. Better be save than 40 years later sorry. Last March EPA provided this warning: “Lead is a neurotoxin and increasing amounts build up in the body. Even at low levels, lead in children can lower I.Q.s, cause learning disabilities, damage hearing, reduce attention spans, and cause hyperactivity and other behavior problems. Arsenic is toxic, can damage people’s health, and can cause cancer. This cleanup reduces the potential for harm to people’s health from coming into contact with, or accidentally ingesting, soil or creek sediment contaminated with lead and arsenic”

Unprecedented Silt Pollution Runoff Near Apple Ridge Construction Site

Unprecedented Silt Pollution Runoff Near Apple Ridge Construction Site

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The 11 counties with the worst air pollution in N.J.

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Bergen County received a grade of F, with 22 “orange alert” days because of bad air quality.

Updated April 20, 2017
Posted April 20, 2017

By Len Melisurgo | NJ Advance Media for

The air quality in New Jersey has gotten better during the past year, but it still ranks among the worst in the nation because of high concentrations of ground-level ozone pollution, according to a new report issued by the American Lung Association.

The New York-Newark metro area was listed among the “25 Most Polluted Cities” for both ozone smog and fine-particle pollution. The Philadelphia metro region, which includes Camden County and other parts of western New Jersey, was ranked the 22nd worst for ozone, even though it met the national standard for year-round particle pollution, the report says.

In terms of ozone pollution, 11 New Jersey counties received an F grade, one received a D and three received a C.

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Garrett Demands that EPA Re-Evaluate Cleanup of Ringwood Superfund Site

House Budget Panel Holds Hearing to Receive  Views on Fiscal 2012

Apr 25, 2016

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Ridgewood NJ,  Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ-05) today called upon U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy and EPA Region 2 Administrator Judith Enck to re-evaluate their decision to place a barrier over the 166,000 tons of contaminated materials at the Ringwood Superfund Site instead of pursuing complete removal of the toxic substances.

Recent discoveries of significant levels of 1,4-dioxane, a probable human carcinogen that may result in liver, kidney, and upper respiratory damage, at levels close to 100 times the state maximum standard, raises new concerns about the EPA’s decision to cap the site. Congressman Garrett demands that the EPA identify all potential toxic substances that may be present at the Ringwood Superfund Site and ensure that a new cleanup plan rectifies the presence of all hazardous substances once and for all.

“As you know, the Ringwood Superfund Site is a decades old and continued concern for New Jersey residents,” said Garrett in his request to the EPA. “The discovery of an additional toxic substance has increased public concern about the EPA’s decision to approve the plan to cap the site.  New Jersey residents deserve to know that a plan to mitigate hazardous substances in their communities will be successful and will permanently remove the public health threat posed to them.”

The Congressman is also demanding answers from a February 2016 letter where he requested information about groundwater tests when it came to light that they had knowledge of the presence of 1,4-dioxane. To date, the EPA has not responded to these requests.

Congressman Garrett’s Specific Requests from the EPA:

1. Is the EPA reevaluating the decision to cap the site instead of a full cleanup due to the discovery of a new toxic substance and the possibility that other toxic substances may be present?

2. What were the reasons behind approving the plan to cap the site despite the EPA initially supporting a full cleanup?

3. What are the criteria for pursuing the plan to cap the site and does the presence of a new toxic substance affect these criteria?

To read the entire letter, click here.

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Valley construction and Ridgewood Schools

April 5,2016
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Ridgewood NJ, Somerville, Hawes and Travell parents: please try to attend one or more of the remaining Valley expansion hearings. There are maybe 5 elementary school parents here tonight, and this massive construction plan will affect our children the most over the next decade and beyond in terms of pollution, noise and nonstop truck traffic back and forth in front of Benjamin Franklin Middle School.

Video Courtesy Dana Glazer