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Readers Rattle off a Litany of Complaints of the village choosing to support a business over the quality of life of tax payers

Habernickel HealthBarn USA protest

file photo by Boyd Loving

Many changes during my 28 years as a neighbor of the Habernickel Horse Farm. The once bucolic setting transformed into a chaotic mix of nonstop Health barn business activities and recreation programs. Hillcrest Road is a mess and wildlife is disappearing.Fear of retaliation keeps neighbors quiet.

Stacy Antine stalks the neighbors. She takes photos of them walking their dogs in the park and she instructs her employees to do the same.  She has a timeline in a few of them and they are NOT afraid to share it or speak out. This business destroyed a park and the owner made it personal and took neighbors to court. Ramon was aware of this situation and now as Mayor is promoting it. What a disappointment .

Be careful in that park. Antine keeps a list of all who enter even-neighborhood kids with backpacks what out. Unless you pay to go you get written up It is NO longer a friendly neighborhood park thanks to healthbarn and the village for still allowing it.

I heard that Antine was accusing neighbors of being racist, and now that I remember those hearings was back when Aronsohn and Sonenfeld ruled the dais that was the case then. People who spoke up against using a public park for a private enterprise were accused of not wanting children from Newark to come to lily white Ridgewood. Whenever the racism card is put down on the table all bets are off. She is despicable.

the neighbors are willing to let everyone know what Stacy Antine owner of healthbarn did to them in their own neighborhood where they must pay a ton of taxes to live Ramon should be ashamed to promote this business after the owner pulled a stunt like the one she did. Everyone should know and be aware that the village is choosing to support a business over the quality of life of tax payers