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Ridgewood Library Sought Architectural Plans before Public Input

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Ridgewood NJ according to Steve Kim on the Facebook page ,” It Takes a Ridgewood Village” Kim points out that in Library minutes excerpts from 2015 there is no mention of user survey. The library went straight to architects and Gisolfi was chosen. What are the chances they back up and incorporate resident input?

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I imagine a Taj Mahal money pit.

I imagine a Taj Mahal money pit.

The HS library was “re-imagined ” a few years ago.

Library has stats on how many people use their facilities. They should do a survey by an impartial outside company. How many RESIDENTS use the library each month? Each year? How many RESIDENTS have not used the library in the last month, in the last year? Their current numbers seem high. I wonder if they counted people walking through the door, using the bathroom, attending a children’s piano recital, browsing, checking out material, returning material, using conference rooms …. I need to see the survey.

I do not know many people who go to the library anymore. I have access to an online University Library. I also have a Kindle. I have driven through the parking lot and found no spots available while attempting a visit to Village Hall.

I thought the Elks Club was for the water department.

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Reimagine the Ridgewood Library Public Forum

photo courtesy of Ridgewood Library

MON, JUN 10  7-8PM | Open Public Forum

Ridgewood NJ, All Ridgewood residents invited to attend an open public forum on Library renovation concepts.
We look forward to sharing ideas.
Conference Room, 3rd floor
Please register here.

Also introducing: the Reimagine website,
Information about Reimagining the Ridgewood Public Library.