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What to Do When You Need a Rehab


In the digital era, there are more than one million teens who rely on illegal drugs for a high. A huge number of them are into drug abuse and alcohol dependence. Not all of them require inpatient care or locate a rehab facility to help them deal with the addiction issue. Two things need to be achieved to avoid that, namely:

  • The total cessation of any substance abuse
  • The teen’s family need to demonstrate a willingness to talk about improving the addiction problem and finding a solution.

That is easier said than done. Particularly, if you are the parent of the teen in need of finding a rehab. What can you do if you need rehab? It is a case of helping them sooner than later. Their very psyche and brain fitness depend on it. Their quality of life will significantly improve far into adulthood.

How to make an informed decision regarding your nearest rehab?

First off, you need to obtain multiple recommendations or referrals for a drug rehab from your physician. Further to that, you should scan the website for rehab facilities that are nearby to see what they all include in their treatment program.

Where is the rehab facility located?

Location is of utmost importance as you will not just drop off your teenager and go away. It is crucial that the parent plays an integral part in their child’s addiction problem. Besides, you need to have your plans in place to visit your child regularly. Many rehab facilities are unwilling to accept your child unless you commit to playing an active role in their recovery.

How much do they charge?

Knowing the costs will assist one in making informed comparisons between different facilities. Additionally, it will help you gain a better understanding of what your insurance or Medical aid will cover. You need to ask what is available in the form of financial assistance.

What about their treatment philosophy?

Does the rehab facility to treat people within a group or are they separated? Research shows that drug rehab for teens has a higher success rate should the adolescent patient be isolated from adult patients.

Then there is the 12-step model you need to be aware of. You should be mindful of the fact that a spiritual component makes up a part of this. The parent of the teen needs to establish if their child is receptive to this. If not, it will hurt their recovery.

Does the rehab facility accommodate your child’s educational needs?

To find a rehab facility is not an easy task. Just because your teen is part of a drug rehab program, doesn’t mean their rights to education should be sacrificed. One needs to consider their emotional needs. Also, do they offer psychological therapy, and how regularly would the child meet with his or her therapist? Is there any parental participation required? What about a set “Family Day”? At a later stage, your child will be allowed to spend weekends at home once recovery warrants it.

You need to spend a lot of time doing so, in order for your child to gain back their normal and happy life, away from the abusive substance. But in the end, it is worth it as it will ensure your teen recovers faster.

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Van Dyk Manor Nursing Home on South Van Dien Avenue recently sold for almost $17,000,000

the staff of the Ridgewood bog

Ridgewood NJ, according to sources Van Dyk Manor Nursing Home on South Van Dien Avenue, which had been owned by the Van Dyk family since its inception, was recently sold to a healthcare conglomerate based in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. for and estimated $17,000,000 .

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NY Times: Mozilla CEO’s ‘Anti-Gay’ Stance ‘By Definition Disqualifying,’ He Needed ‘Rehabilitation’


The Soviet Gulag was a massive system of forced labor camps

NY Times: Mozilla CEO’s ‘Anti-Gay’ Stance ‘By Definition Disqualifying,’ He Needed ‘Rehabilitation’
By Tim Graham | April 5, 2014 | 18:59

Our web guru Steve Edwards passed along a tweet from Moe Lane that said  “New York Times confirms: Open Source advocacy is for liberals/progressives only. ”

Lane linked to an obnoxious blog post by Farhad Manjoo in The New York Times titled “Why Mozilla’s Chief Had to Resign.” You see, “Mozilla is not a normal company. It is an activist organization.” And activists apparently find it very distasteful to be less than “militantly tolerant,” as Manjoo put it:

Is this an instance of political correctness run amok? Is it a sign that Silicon Valley has become militantly tolerant, unwilling to let executives express their personal viewpoints on issues unrelated to their jobs? I’ve seen many such worries expressed online; even supporters of same-sex marriage have been characterizing Mr. Eich’s ouster as an awful precedent for giving in to moralistic mob rule.

But it’s a mistake to draw any such conclusions in this case, for one simple reason: Mozilla is not a normal company. It is an activist organization. Mozilla’s primary mission isn’t to make money but to spread open-source code across the globe in the eventual hope of promoting “the development of the Internet as a public resource.”

As such, Mozilla operates according to a different calculus from most of the rest of corporate America.

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