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Ridgewood High School Jamboree – Long Way Home

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Ridgewood NJ, RHS Jamboree 2019 has started its journey…. LONG WAY HOME IS THE THEME THIS YEAR…..

Since 1947 Jamboree has raised over $1 million in need based scholarship funds for graduating Ridgewood high school students. And we put on a show in order to do it! Save the dates! The show will run February 7th 8th and 9th. Bring a friend! Make a night of it! You’re in for an evening of good fun entertainment. There will be singing, dancing, and a little bit of humor now and then!

Can’t make it to the show? You can still donate to this great cause. Click on the “Donate to Jamboree” tab above, or click here: . Feel free to share this with friends and family.

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Reader says , schools should focus on a “quality educational foundation”


“Reader asks , “how could we only have 4, National Merritt Scholars””
Because we are more focused on transgender rights, solidarity with kneeling football players, supporting illegal aliens, and other virtue signaling social engineering objectives than with providing a quality educational foundation.
Any other questions?

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Reader says , “students were forced to participate “


“The RHS administration made plans for those who chose not to participate and for those who had a different gun perspective and they met during the walkout. I thought it was handled very well and having attended college in the 60’s , I have never forgotten our attempts at protest and or solidarity.”
This is not true in practice.
Ask students who went to see the protest then chose to not participate — forced to participate.
Also “plans for those who chose not to participate” – i.e. corraling students into a room inside the building smacks of “seperate but equal” segregation.

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Reader says , “Gorman should move to Chicago and be an Obama-style community organizer”


“Students should NEVER get the warm and fuzzy from adults when thinking about setting their own class schedule once the add/drop deadline has passed, regardless of what the political issue du jour happens to be. What if the students simply wanted to hold an ice cream social? Would the administration and the school board not have considered that unworthy and told them “cut class and suffer the consequences?”. No, it’s only when certain kool-aid drinking students scratch the sixties retreads’ special spot do their political hind legs go twitching and they become all luvvy duvvy and compliant like Gorman did. Absolutely pathetic and partisan.
Gorman only set about to scandalize and corrupt a much smaller group of naive second amendment supporters to similarly cut class and hold their own protest (inside the building and out of range of the videocameras of Gorman’s friends in the press, of course) to give himself the thinnest of a solomon-like veneer in the eyes of those of us who tend not to think too deeply about the menace of government-sponsored political action. Gorman should move to Chicago and be an Obama-style community organizer if that’s what floats his boat and leave the job of a high school principal to someone who actually wants to maintain or improve RHS’s academic performance and reputation.”

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Reader Revisits the “Marty Brooks Fiasco”

“Marty Brooks and his wife were hardcore constructivists. Thankfully Brooks quit before starting as the Ridgewood district superintendent or he and his wife would have turned Ridgewood into a reform math/constructivist education mecca. Regina Botsford, the assistant superintendent in charge of corrupting the district’s curriculum, mercifully quit soon afterwards, seeking greener pastures to satisfy her constructivist bent. The current superintendent, while also a generally ideologically driven progressive liberal (like they all seem to be), never developed a national reputation or following.
So he could never overwhelm the district with pure nonsense the way the Brooks family would have in short order.”

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Reader Questions ” Tradition of Excellence”

Ridgewood Police at RHS

“Tradition of Excellence” ?

OK, let’s look at the numbers, shall we…

Out of the 70 municipalities in Bergen County, we in Ridgewood pay the 37th highest property tax rates. This is to say that we pay *slightly less than* the average property tax rate. We certainly do *not* pay “high taxes” relative to some municipalities.

These guys pay the most (expressed per $1,000 of assessed value):

Bogota (Borough) 3.8
Ridgefield Park (Village) 3.723
Dumont (Borough) 3.525
Hackensack (City) 3.415

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Ways to Apply for a Student Loan

RHS 2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, You’ve just cleared high school and are looking into joining college. You’ve be told about taking a student loan, and since your parents credit is incredibly awful, your only option is to take it in your name.

So you did what lots of other students do when looking out for a loan – visit the government student loan site. But since the site doesn’t break the process into simple, easy-to-understand chunks, you end up getting confused. In which case, you found it hard understanding the terms used, the kind of loans being offered and how best you can access them or if there’s some other place you should visit to get the loan.

Well, don’t fret – this post covers all the possible ways you can access a student loan.

Look at the Possibility of Going to School without a Student Loan

A student loan is NOT free money, but a loan you’ll be required to pay after you graduate—and with an interest of course. So if there’s remotely a chance that you can still foot your school fees and your upkeep without relying on loans, then go for it.

For US based students, you have the option to access Pell Grant through FAFSA. Read this bearing in mind that grants don’t require you to pay back.

Also try looking at the possibility of securing a scholarship or securing a part time job to help you out.

Lastly, you might want to settle for a school with the lowest tuition fee. Do this and some time in future when your friends and family will be struggling with repaying their student loans, you’ll be looking back and thanking yourself for the decision you made.

But if you really must take a loan, here are a number of ways to apply for them:

Applying for a Private Student or Federal Loan

The application process to follow will vary depending on the type of student loan you wish to apply

Application Process for Federal Student Loan

To apply for a federal loan, you have to start by filling out the Free Application for Student Aid (FASFA) form. This form can be downloaded at Once filled, the form should be sent back to FASFA for evaluation.

Here’s a number of things to keep in mind while filling out the form:

  • Filling the form is absolutely free. You’ll NOT be charged for downloading and submitting the form.
  • You’ll be required to complete a FASFA form every year you apply for a loan.
  • Make a point to get the form as early as possible (starting from October 1st) to increase the chances of getting the loan.

Application Process for a Private Student Loan

Private student loans are mostly offered by banks, financial institutions, or a Mammoth Investor. Which is to say, you’ll be applying for it directly to the lender.

Instructions on how to apply for the loan:

  • Start by visiting the bank’s site and learn more about the loan. Check out for their interest rates, their repayment options and the highlighted benefits associated with the loan.
  • If satisfied, go ahead and fill out the application form. The instruction to follow should be provided on site, so no need to worry on how to go about it.

You’ll also be required to choose a repayment option that best suits you and the type of interest you’re most comfortable with.

  • You may be asked to include a cosigner. Don’t hesitate to add one as this increases your chances of being awarded the loan.
  • Lastly, the lender will go ahead and check your credit score and later on getting back to you with the decision they’d have made.

Getting a loan shouldn’t be that much of a tough task. If anything, there exist several avenues to access one. So if one fails, just knuckle up and check out for the next available option.

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Super Science Saturday: March 2 at Ridgewood High School


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Ridgewood NJ, Super Science Saturday, hailed as the “Greatest Science Extravaganza in Northern New Jersey,” brings fun and excitement to science through professional presenters and student projects. As a joint project of the Ridgewood Board of Education and the Super Science Saturday Volunteer Committee, we aim to bring all science lovers together for a day of fun and learning for all ages.

In an effort to make Super Science Saturday an even better experience, we have changed venues to Ridgewood High School, giving more space for student presenters in our “Hall of Science.” Our adult presenters will also have generous space throughout hallways, the Cafeteria, and the Campus Center.

Super Science Saturday will appeal to everyone from the casual observer to the aspiring scientists. Most of all, we hope to spark an interest in science among children, showing them the wonders of science. Through interactive exhibits such as a wheelchair maze, live animals, and demonstrations of chocolate making to more complex brain wiring demonstrations, Super Science Saturday will satisfy the scientific appetite of everyone.

We encourage everyone to join the fun! Check out our volunteer page to learn about getting involved. This day cannot happen without the support of dedicated volunteers. Sign up now and make this Super Science Saturday one to remember.

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RHS Alumni Association Commemorative Holiday Brick Sale

the staff of the Ridgewood blog 

Ridgewood NJ, The Ridgewood High School Alumni Association (RHSAA) is officially accepting orders for this year’s Spring 2019 installation.  We have already received many orders memorializing family members, declaring gratitude towards RHS teachers and coaches, and commemorating significant milestones and reunions.
These commemorative bricks make the perfect holiday gift for an RHS alum or soon-to-be graduate.  All orders placed before March 5, 2019 will be installed prior to Graduation 2019.  

Orders can be placed at   If you would like to learn more about this project, we invite you to enjoy our video:  

Ridgewood High School Alumni Association wishes you and your family all the best during this holiday season. Thank you for your continued support of the Ridgewood High School Alumni Association!