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Ridgewood High School Scores High in SAT Tests


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Ridgewood NJ, most parents feel the SAT test is one of the most important tests high school students will take. This year the state’s graduating class of 2018 posted an average score of 542 in reading and 543 math, a total of 1,085 out of 1,600, according to state data. The average score nationally in 2018 was a 1,068.

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Reader says “Last kid graduates RHS and the family decides to move to Florida or another lower tax state. Are they greedy, or being financially prudent? “

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” Man/woman works in NYC. They move to Ridgewood for the ‘whole package’ (let’s leave the school rank out of it for a sec). They have 5 kids, all go to RPS schools K-12. Worker contributes to 401k, 403b, SEP IRA, whatever, and has a possible cash flow from these investments of 5k/month. Last kid graduates RHS and the family decides to move to Florida or another lower tax state. Are they greedy, or being financially prudent? Same goes for government employees. It’s just a desirable financial move. NJ pols (R & D alike) have screwed over the system to fix budgets, cronyism, over-spending, and going on a fiscal bender for decades. I lived here when there was no income tax (thank you Gov Byrne) and the sales tax was 3%. The pension system is broken and the culprits have since split the scene: Byrne, Kean, Florio, Whitman, DiFrancesco, Mc Greevy, Codey, Corzine, Christie. Now, we’re stuck with Murphy who believes that he can tax us out of the problems. With a democrat senate and assembly, it’s his baby now and can ram through as many tax bills as he wants. We have the prerogative to leave. “

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Reader says when someone says , “something should not be brought to the attention of authorities” it means just the opposite

Ridgewood Police RHS

“whenever someone says “something should not be brought to the attention of authorities” it means just the opposite, that the issue should be brought to authorities, and firings are in order and policy changes are in order.
As American Citizens we the people have the right to bring anything to authorities any issue we are concerned about. And we should bring ANYTHING WE WANT to any authority.

ever hear of a WHISTLE BLOWER? I bet you hate those, right Joe. I bet you hate consumer advocacy Joe. I bet you hate all investigations that uncover fraud and corruption and hidden abuse and violence. “

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Outstanding Results for Ridgewood Crew with Two Gold Medals, a Silver and Bronze at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta!

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Philadelphia Pa , The 93nd Stotesbury Cup Regatta hosted by Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia took place this past weekend. One hundred and eighty-five clubs gathered at the Schuylkill River for what is now the largest high school rowing regatta in the world. Ridgewood sent 14 crews to compete in a selection from 31 championship events, against exceptionally fine crews from all parts of the United States and Canada.

Overall, Ridgewood came in sixth place in team points, second place in sculling crews and first place over all NY/NJ teams at the event.

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Ridgewood Maroons Reach County Finals for the First Time in 32 years


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Demarest NJ, Getting a three-run burst in the fifth inning was all it took , for the ninth-seeded Ridgewood Maroons ,earned a 3-0 shutout win in a game dominated by pitching over fifth-seeded St. Mary of Rutherford in the semifinal round of the Bergen County Tournament on Saturday at Demarest.

This ends a Ridgewood’s  32-year drought for the Maroons reaching Bergen County Tournament final . The Maroons will take on St, Joseph at Saturday May 25th 1 pm at home.

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Your Child’s Education Is In Your Hands. How To Choose The best College?


A College search is an overwhelming exercise for students. As a parent who wants the best for your child, it is your task to ensure that your child’s choice of college is the best. Some of the most important factors to put into consideration include, the happiness of your kid, the affordability of the college, and the quality of the college.

Seven factors to consider;

  1. Your child’s preference

Do not jump into the search before taking the time to understand the kind of college your child desires. Take time to understand your child’s interest and talent.  Keep the following questions in mind; is the college famous for any sporting activity? Is there particular scientific research that the college recently published? Finally, it is crucial to consider the distance of the distance of the university from your home. If your child is adventurous, a college far from home or even outside the country can be a good idea.

However, if your child’s priorities collide with what you think is best for them, seek a third opinion will help. There are occasions where such kind of advice backfires on your faces, especially when dealing with a rebellious child. Treat the discussion as open as possible to avoid a situation where your child feels as if you are ordering them. Well, make them own the final decision belongs to them, and your job is only to guide.

  1. Financial factor is key

In most cases, parents are the sole sponsors of their children’s education. Therefore, your child should understand the importance of choosing an affordable college. At the stage of going to college, a child is old enough to evaluate his/her parent’s financial capability.

Unlike the past, when thesis writing was a strenuous activity for students, online sites such as professional thesis writers have made work cheaper and more comfortable for students. However, when your child is under a scholarship, finance should not be a significant issue. In most cases, scholarships only cover for the tuition fee. Therefore, as a parent, your child’s upkeep is left for you. Remember that your child needs an extra cost for college projects such as thesis writing.

  1. Make a list of your preferred colleges

The best way to start a discussion with your child regarding which college they can attend is by providing a list of your preferred colleges. Some of the factors to consider when narrowing down your list include, student loan default rates, programs offered and may program put into helping masters students in thesis writing.

Narrow down your preferred colleges to at most seven. Among the seven colleges, number them from your most preferred to the least. As I mentioned before, do not make the discussion look like you ordering your child to attend the college of your choice. Validate your preferences with the reasons that resonate with your child.

  1. Facilitate your child visit to several colleges

Every parent will argue that this is an expensive exercise. However, it will help in shaping your child choice. Also, there is a probability that your child will fall in love with one of your preferred colleges. If you have time, accompany your child during these visits.

During the tour, be as curious as possible. Your child is likely to get carried away with the outer beauty of the college. As a parent, it is crucial to look beyond the beauty of the school. Take your time and attend an ongoing class, visit the college lab. To get the first-hand view about the school, seek for the view from a few students. Ask them their experience with thesis writing and whether they have any regrets joining the college.

  1. Academic offering

What is your child’s dream course? Did she/he qualify to do the course? If yes, then you have no choice as a parent to prevent your child from pursuing his/her dreams. If you have a problem with research, sites such as Paperial can help you find the best-suited college for your kid. However, if your child did not qualify to do the course, it does not mean that his/her life is ruined. Identify your child’s strengths and weakness to find an alternative course. Some colleges are ranked low overall but very high in specific subjects.  Shift your focus to such universities.

  1. Make several applications before taking your time to compare their offers

There is always an application fee for most colleges. Therefore, making too many applications can be too costly. The best thing to do is to make between five and seven application. Four applications should go to high priority colleges. For the last two applications, consider your child’s talent, distance from home, and finally, the safety of your child.

If you did your homework well, your child would surely receive at least four feedbacks out of seven applications. From the four, let your kid make the last decision.

  1. Decision-making stage

The choice of college can make or break your child’s future. Choosing the right college is not an easy task for any student or parent. As a parent, make use of all the information within your reach to ensure that your child makes the right choice. I hope the information I have given will help you make the best college choice for your child. Good luck!

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RHS Stadium Lights

photo Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood High School leaves the RHS Stadium lights on. Beside a wast of tax payer money it shows and extreme lack of
eco-consciousness , after all according to some of you the world is going to end in less than 12 years , you would think you would at least make some effort ?

Boyd loving reported, ” RHS Stadium and Stevens Field field lights were on all evening with not a single sole playing/practicing on either field since the moment lights were turned on.

Go ahead, make my day by telling me that it’s cheaper/more energy efficient to leave the lights on then to have them turned off when the field is not in use.”

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US News Best High Schools 2019 : Ridgewood High School Ranks 27th


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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood High is now ranked 27th in NJ and 554th in the country in this influential survey… note there are lots of non-selective schools ahead of RHS in NJ’s top twenty-five, including Jersey City, Elizabeth, Princeton, Chatham, Millburn, West Windsor-Plainsboro, Ridge, Glen Ridge, Mountain Lakes, Summit, and Tenafly.

In other similar rankings RHS ranked #26, #32, and one where it wasn’t even top fifty in the state. I think we ranked 23rd for SAT scores statewide in a survey last year. Ridgewood only scores a 60.4/100 on the college readiness scale in this US News ranking.

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Board of Education Decides Turf is “Settled Science” Votes 5-0 to Re-turf flood Plain at Ridgewood High School


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Ridgewood NJ, last night the Ridgewood Board of Education voted tonight 5 to 0 to replace the artificial turf at RHS with the same rubber based turf that was installed in 2011 by the same company, Field Turf USA.

There was a small discussion in which Dr. Fishbein never mentioned that the field is in an active flood plain and because of that factor needs to be replaced earlier than  anticipated by the promotional material. There was no mention of the recent Maple Field installation using “geofill” and no mention that because the field abuts a brook, the crumb rubber infill ends up in the brooks and streams .

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