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Ridgewood falls to Piscataway at MetLife Stadium

RIDGEWOOD MAROON FOOTBALL12976921_810105139122012_7749683283141002550_o

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Maroons fell short in their effort to take down undefeated Piscataway. In a FINAL at the North Jersey Group 5 Bowl Game at MetLife Stadium on Saturday morning Piscataway 31 Ridgewood 21. Ridgewood scoring Will Cardew 26 yard TD run, McDermott 27 yard pass TD catch James Miller 2 pt conversion & James Hogan 1 PAT .

Ridgewood Senior Running Back Will Cardew has now passed Brian Mercer (2004) as the single season all time rushing leader at Ridgewood High School.

Ridgewood Football ended the 2018 season as New Jersey North 1 Group V State Champions with an Overall 10-3 / Division 6-0 vs TOUGHEST public school schedule in New Jersey and NJSFC Liberty Red Division Champ.

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RHS football Pulls Off a Huge Win Over Montclair 27-7

photo by Village of Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Congratulations to the RHS football team on a huge playoff win over Montclair 27-7. Ridgewood football is the 2018 Group 5 North 1 New Jersey Sectional State Champion! 2nd State Championship in the last 3 years!

One year later, second-seeded Ridgewood had its shot at revenge over last years loss on that same field . Ridgewood took advantage of the second chance toppling top-seeded Montclair, 27-7,

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Chuck Johnson Gets his 270th Career Win ,as Ridgewood Gets past Passaic Tech

RIDGEWOOD MAROON FOOTBALL12976921_810105139122012_7749683283141002550_o

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Maroons got the better of a fumble exchange in the fourth quarter to overcome a 13-10 deficit and pull out a 24-13 win over Passaic Tech. The win was the 270th win for Ridgewood coach Chuck Johnson’s 41-year career (235th at Ridgewood) and the Maroons improved their record to 2-1 on the season and also picked up their first division win after playing two independent games. eer Wins as Ridgewood will look to get a third straight win next Friday when they head to Bauerle Field in Paterson to take on Eastside.

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Ridgewood Football Sees Four Named to All County football Team

RHS football

photo courtesy of Ramon Hache 

December 6,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Bergen County Coaches Association selects the 2017 All Bergen County football team. Ridgewood had four players selected .
The Ridgewood players are Coleston Smith DL, Aidan Toomey P,  Paul Calvetti LB,  Dylan Black OL .
Ridgewood’s season ended with a bit of disappointment when the Maroons lost in the sectional semifinals.

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Reader says Chuck Johnson was right not to let his kids do the post-game handshake with Montclair after their supporters ran onto the field

RIDGEWOOD MAROON FOOTBALL12976921_810105139122012_7749683283141002550_o

Big end of game brawl yesterday btwn Hackensack and Teaneck.
Star Ledger had the story but Gannett / The Record did not.

And by the way, Chuck Johnson was right not to let his kids do the post-game handshake with Montclair after their supporters ran onto the field.

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It’s Not That Football Anymore , its a whole new style of play

jack Tatum

photo Jack Tatum

September 9,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it is back to school and the start of High School Football season .The latest media rage is the continued focus  on player safety and concussions . While many parents continue to voice concern about football safety . Other sports like soccer and lacrosse have proven to be equally as dangerous .

On September 5th Dr. Bennet Omalu  told the Today show : “Knowing what we know today, there is no reason whatsoever that any child under the age of 18 should play the high-impact, high-contact sports. The big six are: American football, ice hockey, mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling and rugby. Blows to the head are intrinsic to the game. That truth could be inconvenient, painful and difficult, but we should not deny it. “

So is no sports really the answer ? After all On August 18, 1967, the Red Sox were playing the California Angels at Fenway Park. Tony Conigliaro, batting against Jack Hamilton, was hit by a pitch on his left cheekbone and was carried off the field on a stretcher. He sustained a linear fracture of the left cheekbone and a dislocated jaw with severe damage to his left retina. The batting helmet he was wearing did not have the protective ear-flap that has since become standard. So even baseball can be dangerous .

Perhaps it is my age or just a different point of reference  but growing up we never wore helmets on bicycles , we drank water from a hose , swam in Saddle River ,ate trout we caught  and some how all lived to tell about it .

I can still remember August 12, 1978,  “Oakland Raiders free safety Jack Tatum levels New England Patriots wide receiver Darryl Stingley with a helmet-to-helmet hit in a preseason game, leaving Stingley paralyzed for life. Despite the sport’s hard hits and reputation for roughness, this was the first and only time a player was permanently paralyzed as a result of an injury sustained in a National Football League game.”

So is it really true as Dr. Bennet Omalu said that “Blows to the head are intrinsic to the game”  ? We placed a call to councilmen Ramon Hache who is very involved in Village sports programs especially football to get his take . Ramon reminded us that things have changed , that do to the size ,speed and weight of the players its not the football we grew up with . That players got bigger and faster and equipment didn’t seemed to up grade as quickly. Ramon stressed that awareness and training is the key to safety and reminded me the new game is often played more like Rugby or the old leather helmet football when tackling was or is much less dependent on equipment then technique .

photo Raised a member of the Sac and Fox Nation, Jim Thorpe was America’s original crossover athlete. As an Olympic champion, football player and baseball star, he excelled in nearly every sport he tried.

Even RJFA PeeWee Football coaches now have to have a Youth Tackle Coach Certification even before they take the field. It is also It is mandatory for all RJFA coaches to be certified for HUF (Heads Up Football)  .

Shoulder Tackling and Blocking
Health and Safety
Fundamentals of Coaching

Coaches also must be Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y certified  . As we figured Ridgewood parents would do everything possible to assure the safety of their children , so mothers can feel confident everything is being done and then some to keep your child safe .

Let face the value of team sports for children has been well documented and it would be a shame to lose these benefits

Children who take part in organized sports receive many social, mental and psychological benefits over and above those that come from general physical activity.

Healthy habits

Starting a child in an organized sport gives them a healthy habit of physical activity to see them right through to adulthood and help them ward off many age- and weight-related ailments. Even before adulthood, teens who take part in sports are less likely to smoke, do drugs or abuse alcohol.


Learning the rules and techniques of a new sport and training for a particular purpose can give a child self-discipline that they can employ both on and off the field. Sports often help children learn that working hard helps them to achieve a goal.

Social skills and teamwork

When many people think of organized sports, team sports often spring to mind. Sports such as baseball, hockey or basketball can teach children to trust and rely on others to achieve common goals, value everyone’s individual strengths and put collective needs before individual wants.

Improved mental health

Taking part in a sport can greatly improve a child’s sense of self-worth. Whether it is the satisfaction of mastering a dribble or beating a personal best, sports-related exercise enables children to gain confidence in their skills. In an era of excessive focus on appearance, sports also provide an outlet for children, especially girls, to focus not on what their bodies look like but on what they can do. This has the knock-on benefit of improved body image.


Taking part in anything competitive requires an ability to handle disappointments and accept personal responsibility for any mistakes. It can take a while for children – and some adults – to learn not to blame others when things go wrong. However, organized sports can teach important lessons about the value of taking part rather than winning and about using setbacks as learning opportunities.


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‘The leading edge of a much larger iceberg’: New Jersey high school disbands football team

RHS football

file photo by Ramon Hache

WEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, N.J. — The nationwide forces that are beginning to uproot football have converged at a place called High School North.

Demographic shifts, concussions, single-sport specialization and cost — among the same issues that have caused youth football numbers to plummet around the country in recent years — have led West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North to drop varsity football this season. The Knights, with a roster of 37 players, will play a junior varsity schedule.

High School South, the other secondary school in the district, might have to do the same next year, along with high schools from four other neighboring jurisdictions, West Windsor-Plainsboro Schools Superintendent David Aderhold said.

The moves reflect a crisis for football all over the country, but one that has accelerated in this New York City bedroom community.

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Sullivan: Former Ridgewood kicker Younghoe Koo pursuing NFL dream


Tara Sullivan , NorthJerseyPublished 10:57 a.m. ET May 11, 2017 | Updated 1 hour ago

At first, it was the confusion. Then it was the loneliness.

Lost in this new American world, Younghoe Koo did his best to navigate the halls of Ridgewood’s Benjamin Franklin Middle School. But the sixth-grader didn’t speak the language, didn’t know the customs and didn’t, perhaps worst of all, know a soul. The lack of connection to kids his own age had built an imposing barrier from his old life in South Korea to his new one in New Jersey, cacophonous confusion by day, quiet solitude by night.

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Ridgewood Wins the North 1 Group 5 State Championship 14-13

Ridgewood Maroons
photo courtesy of Councilmen Ramon Hache
December 5,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Congratulations to the Ridgewood Maroons for winning the North 1 Group 5 State Championship at MetLife Stadium by defeating Passaic County Tech 14-13! The Maroons completed their 12-0 season and first perfect campaign since the middle fifties .

As chronicled on this blog MetLife Stadium had been the home of many disappointments both on and off the field for the Ridgewood Maroons over the years ,but this time thanks to a strong defense it was a different tune.

With the offense struggling to gain its rhythm, the Maroons defense stepped up and forced a pair of turnovers deep in the Passaic Tech territory. The takeaways led to all of Ridgewood’s scores and the state championship.

The breaks went all Ridgewood surviving an extra point try to tie with 1:24 remaining on the clock and the 14-13 victory led to the first perfect campaign since 1956.The win also marked the fifth state sectional championship for the Maroons and the first since 2004.

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Ridgewood Footbball : Tailgating banned at high school football title games, NJSIAA warns

Group 5 – Passaic Tech vs. Ridgewood

By Jeff Goldman | NJ Advance Media for
on November 29, 2016 at 8:15 AM, updated November 29, 2016 at 10:05 AM

ROBBINSVILLE — Don’t even think about tailgating at any of the 23 high school football sectional finals that will be played this weekend around New Jersey.

The New Jersey State Interstate Athletic Association issued a ban on parking lot festivities at the four sites hosting championship games Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In a statement issued Monday reminding fans that its events are drug and alcohol free, the governing body for high school sports in the state also said, “tailgating is strictly prohibited.”

“When you attend an NFL or Big Ten football game, for example, the entire environment is dedicated to fan entertainment,” NJSIAA Executive Director Steve Timko said in a statement. “But high school sports are different — even a state championship football game contested at Met Life Stadium is an extension of the classroom. And you don’t allow alcohol, drugs or tailgating at school.”