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Citizens For Swimming 2018

August 7,2918

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Citizens For Swimming raises funds to host children from Paterson, NJ at a public pool for swim lessons and summer fun.

photo courtesy of Citizens For Swimming

Since 1968, Citizens for Swimming has hosted summer day campers from Paterson for 9 days of swim lessons and fun in the water.

The children we host have little access to swimming. C4S provides them with a few weeks respite from the summer heat, and swimming lessons that build water safety skills. Swimming is not just fun in the sun, it is a practical skill that many of these kids have limited access to. African American children ages 5-19 drown at rates more than 5 times higher than their white counterparts. YMCA swim instructors provide Citizens for Swimming kids with skills and experiences that will serve them for a lifetime.

We spend $110 per child for our 9-day swim program. This includes bus transportation to and from Paterson (by far our biggest expense), discounted Graydon Pool admission, and supplies like bathing suits and beach towels. Some of our kids arrive the first day wearing shorts instead of a bathing suit and carrying one of their mom’s good bath towels. We provide a bathing suit and a beach towel to every child who needs one.

Sign up to volunteer (even for just 1 hour)! Click here:

Make a monetary donation:

Donate supplies! We need new and gently used beach towels and suits for 90 campers, plus beach toys, goggles, and sunscreen. Why not clean out your closets or hit the sale racks for Citizens? Donations can be dropped at the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood office (yellow house), located at 113 Cottage Place, Ridgewood. We have a donation box on the porch marked “Citizens for Swimming”. Or, please bring your donations to Graydon Pool during camp hours. For your convenience you can also order from our Amazon Wish List and have your donation shipped directly to us.

Like our Facebook page, and share it with your friends!

For more information, please contact us by email at [email protected].

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photo Toro Groundmaster Lawnmower

20180808 – Village Council Public Meeting
AUGUST 8, 2018
8:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order – Mayor
2. Statement of Compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act
3. Roll Call – Village Clerk
4. Flag Salute and Moment of Silence
5. Acceptance of Financial Reports
6. Approval of Minutes
7. Proclamations
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over 2018 Statewide Crackdown
Declare September Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
Declare September National Preparedness Month

8. Comments from the Public (Not to exceed 3 minutes per person – 40 minutes in total)
9. Village Manager’s Report
10. Village Council Reports
18- Award Partial Contract – Southside Reservoir Rehabilitation (NTE $450,000)
18- Amend Current Contract – Pipes, Appurtenances, and Service Materials (NTE $250,000)
18- Award Professional Services Contract – Passaic Valley Water Commission Pipeline Project ($149,175)
18- Award Professional Services Contract – W-4 Licensing Coverage for Ridgewood Water
3662 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – Parking Meter Times at Train Station
3663 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – Parking on Overbrook Road
3664 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – Establish Multi-Space Kiosk in New Locations
3665 – Amend Capital Ordinance – Reappropriation of Funding for Stretcher for EMS
3666 – Capital Ordinance – One Hook Lift Body with Accessories (NTE $58,000) – Parks Department
3667 – Capital Ordinance – Reappropriation of Funds – Reconfiguration of Train Station Parking Lot ($330,000)
3668 – Establish Licensing of Sellers of Electronic Smoking Devices
3669 – Amend Chapter 190 – Land Use and Development – Allow Displays in Central Business District
3670 – Amend Chapter 190 – Land Use and Development – Permitted Encroachment of Stairs into Rear Yard
3671 – Amend Chapter 190 – Land Use and Development – Front Yard Setback in B-2 District
3672 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – Bus Stops
3653 – Amend Valet Parking Ordinance
3654 – Amend Chapter 105 – Animals – Establish Position of Municipal Humane Law Enforcement Officer
3655 – Amend Chapter 244 Smoking
3656 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – No Left Turn – In to and Out of the Driveway at 121 Franklin Avenue (Starbucks)
3657 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – No Turn from North Maple Avenue into Exit Driveway of 305 East Ridgewood Avenue (Jersey Mike’s Subs)
3658 – Amend Ordinance – Enforcement for Dead/Dangerous Trees
3659 – Amend Outdoor Café Ordinance – Enforcement of Rules and Regulations
3660 – Amend Chapter 265 – Vehicles and Traffic – Parking Meter Times
3661 – Amend Chapter 145 – Fees – Parking Meter Fees
18- Title 59 Approval – Furnishing and Delivering Sodium Bisulfite Solution and Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
18- Award Contract – Furnishing and Delivering Sodium Bisulfite Solution and Sodium Hypochlorite Solution – Water Pollution Control Facility (NTE $49,040)
18- Title 59 Approval – Furnishing Laboratory Analysis Services – Water Pollution Control Facility and Graydon Pool Facility
18- Award Contract – Furnishing Laboratory Analysis Services – Water Pollution Control Facility and Graydon Pool Facility (NTE $15,773.15)
18- Award Contract Under State Contract – Portable Radios – Police Department
18- Award Contract Under State Contract – Two 2018 Chevrolet Tahoes (NTE $72,649)
18- Award Contract Under State Contract – Emergency Lights and Equipment for Police Tahoes (NTE $34,864)
18- Award Contract Under State Contract – Two UHF Mobile Radios for Police Tahoes
18- Award Contract Under Bergen County Contract – Western Star Chassis (NTE $109,051)
18- Award Contract Under Bergen County Contract – Toro Groundmaster Lawnmower (NTE $26,027.33)
18- Award Contract – HVAC Upgrades at Village Hall (NTE $251,400)
18- Approve Agreement, Authorize Execution of Contract, and Designate Redeveloper – Hudson Street Parking Garage (NTE $10,992,000)
18- Declare Property Surplus – Police Bulletproof Vests
18- Appoint Municipal Humane Law Enforcement Officers
18- Response to Resolutions from Township of Wyckoff and Borough of Midland Park Regarding Ridgewood Water
17. Comments from the Public (Not to Exceed 5 minutes per person)
18. Resolution to go into Closed Session
19. Closed Session
20. Adjournment

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Village Hall Court Room – 7:30 P.M.
(all timeframes and the order of agenda items below are approximate and subject to change)
1. 7:30 p.m. – Call to Order, Statement of Compliance, Flag Salute, Roll Call – In accordance with the provisions of Section 10:4-8d of the Open Public Meetings Act, the date, location, and time of the commencement of this meeting is reflected in a meeting notice, a copy of which schedule has been filed with the Village Manager and the Village Clerk, The Ridgewood News and The Record newspapers, and posted on the bulletin board in the entry lobby of the Village municipal offices at 131 North Maple Avenue, and on the Village website, all in accordance with the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act. Roll call: Hache, Knudsen, Joel, Patire, Scheibner, Torielli, McWilliams, Barto, Van Goor, Wesner, Bandelt
2. 7:30 p.m. – 7:35 p.m. – Public Comments on Topics not Pending Before the Board
3. 7:35 p.m. – 7:40 p.m. – Committee/Commission/Professional Updates for Non Agenda Topics, Correspondence Received by the Board
4. 7:40 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. – Ridgewood Water, Informal Review, 205 East Glen Avenue, Block 3107, Lot 33.01, Construction of Granular Activated Carbon Treatment Facility – Adoption of Memorializing Resolution of Approval
5. 7:45 p.m. – 7:50 p.m. – Resolution Recommending Adoption of Ordinance for Hudson Street Redevelopment Plan
6. 7:50 p.m. – 7:55 p.m. – Resolution Recommending Adoption of Blade Sign Ordinance
7. 7:55 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Resolution Recommending Adoption of Ordinance for Front Yard Setback
8. 8:00 p.m. – 8:05 p.m. – Resolution Recommending Adoption of Ordinance for Stair Encroachment
9. 8:05 p.m. – 8:10 p.m. – Resolution Denying Recommendation of Ordinance for Freestanding Signs
10. 8:10 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. – 200/210 South Broad Avenue, LLC, Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan and C Variance, Block 3905, Lot 6 and 7 – Pubic Hearing continued from June 19, 2018 without further notice and without prejudice to the Board
11.10:00 p.m. – 10:05 p.m. – Adoption of Minutes: May 2, 2017
12. 10:05 p.m. – Executive Session (if necessary)
13. Adjournment – In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, all meetings of the Ridgewood Planning Board (i.e., official public meetings, work sessions, pre-meeting assemblies and special meetings) are public meetings, which are always open to members of the general public.
Members: Ramon Hache, Susan Knudsen, Joel Torielli, Melanie McWilliams, David Scheibner, Richard Joel, Debbie Patire, Frances Barto, James Van Goor, Alysson Wesner, Matthew Bandelt
Professional Staff: Christopher Martin, Esq., Board Attorney; Christopher J. Rutishauser, Village Engineer; Brigette Bogart, Village Planner; Michael Cafarelli, Board Secretary

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Ridgewod Water : A leak can waste up to 20 gallons a day for slow drips and hundreds of gallons a day for both toilet and faucet leaks

August 6,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Ridgewood Water , a leak can waste large amounts of water; up to 20 gallons a day for slow drips and hundreds of gallons a day for both toilet and faucet leaks. Some leaks are easily detected while others are not so obvious. Any leak, big or small, can be very costly and wasteful and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Our water meters are equipped to assist you in leak detection. Turn off all faucets, water-demanding appliances, and outdoor hoses, etc. Be sure no one is using any water. The water meters feature a “leak detector”. To check if the meter detects a leak, shine a light on the top of the meter next to the flashlight icon to activate the display. After a startup sequence, the screen will cycle between the current reading and the current flow rate. As shown in the photo below, the word RATE appears with 3 digits below it. These digits represent the current rate in gallons per minute of water going through the meter. If the leak has been ongoing, the meter will also display a small faucet icon.

If the meter indicates that you have a leak, inspect all fixtures, appliances, and pipes to locate it, keeping in mind that there may be more than one source of leakage. Sometimes a leak may be hidden in the underground piping. If you believe this to be the case, call a plumber for advice. The meter can also provide further assistance in understanding your consumption. By request, Ridgewood Water will download a detailed log of your consumption for the past 96 days. Ridgewood Water needs physical access to the meter to perform this service. Please call our Customer Service department to schedule an appointment.

Common Leaks

– Most leaks occur at the overflow pipe in the toilet tank. The water level is probably too high. Gently bend the float arm down so the valve shuts off the water about a half inch below the top of the overflow pipe. If the valve is worn it may need to be replaced. You may need to call a plumber for help.

– Some leaks occur at the plunger ball or flapper in the toilet tank, which allows water to seep into the bowl and down the drain unnoticed. Drop some food coloring into the tank of clear water and wait to see if it shows up in the bowl. If it does, you most likely have a leak at the plunger ball or flapper. The mechanism may either be out of alignment or may need to be replaced.

– Faucets will also leak and are most commonly caused by worn washers. Faucets should be checked once or twice per year. Turn off the faucet. If the faucet continues to drip, turn off the supply line to fix it. Take the faucet apart and replace the washer. The washer size is important. It needs to fit inside the cup-shaped valve stem and spread out to the edges when it’s screwed down. Many newer faucet designs use cartridges and/or O-rings instead of washers and may present a bigger challenge to the do-it-yourselfer; you may need to seek help from a plumber especially if the faucet is a single lever or joystick-type control.

Shutoff Valves/Emergencies

Water heaters and pipes have been known to break. Faucets sometimes run like fountains. When these things occur you should be able to turn them off at their designated locations. Most sinks and toilets have shutoff valves below them that cut water off at that particular fixture. The hot-water heater also has a shutoff valve. It is not uncommon that bathtubs and showers don’t have shutoff valves since the plumbing is usually behind the wall. You should become familiar with the shutoff valves and check to see if they work properly, this includes the main shutoff valve for the entire house. The main shutoff valve is normally located where the water pipe enters the house. If any of these are faulty you should contact a plumber.

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Summertime 2018 Ridgewood Restaurant Week Starts on August 12th


valley hospital sponsors – summertime restaurant week 2018 in ridgewood
Sun, August 12, 2018
Time: 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Location: Downtown Ridgewood on both East and West Side, Ridgewood

August 6,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Valley Hospital presents in partnership with the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce  Summertime Restaurant Week 2018 For ten days, participating restaurants and caterers are offering you the chance to “experience” dining in Ridgewood or in your home.

Each chef is preparing a tantalizing 3-course, prix-fixe menu at $30.18. Call the restaurant for selections.

August 12-16 and August 19-23rd, 2018

Participating Restaurants:
-Latour- lunch only
-Leon Mexican- Dinner only
-Lisa’s Mediterranean Cuisine
-Manjal Indian Cuisine
-Office Tavern Grill
-Park West Tavern
-Pearl Restaurant
-Piccolo Bistro Italian
-Roots Steakhouse-lunch only
-Steel Wheel Tavern
-Truly Sichuan
-White Maple Café

Endless Possibilities

Sweet Treats:
Ben & Jerry’s
Carlo’s Bakery
Kilwin’s Ridgewood
Orange Leaf
Samba Bowl

Wine Selections

The Wine Seller
Super Cellars

Sponsored by the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce

Brought to you by The Valley Hospital

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Reader recomends Leaving your Vacation Plans off of Social Media


file photo

6. Get Insurance
7. Lock up your valuables.
8. Be a good neighbor (so they’ll watch out for your house)
9. Etc, Etc, Etc,
In other words .. don’t act like a FOOL or you and your money will soon be parted.

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Reader says It is The Garden State no more


I grew up in Ridgewood during the 40s, 50s, and early 60s. Ridgewood is an entirely different town now. I feel sad about the changes. When my generation passes on, no one will be left who remembers what it was like. Some of the comments replying to this post clearly reflect what Ridgewood has become.
I think that entire part of the country has been ruined both by developers and by the ever expanding levels of government required to manage the tangled mess they create and leave behind.. There is no going back to the standards and values of a bygone era. My Dad used to say we lived there at the last good time. From what I have seen firsthand and from what I have read on this blog, I think he was right.
Those who can do so are leaving New Jersey; it is not hard to see why. It is The Garden State no more.

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Ridgewood Teachers Make the Grade

fast times at ridgemont high pic

August 6,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Niche Ridgewood School District placed #3 for 2019 Best School Districts in Bergen County and several Ridgewood Schools placed very highly in the Niche survey of 2019 Best Teachers in Bergen County .

Travel placed #2 , Ridge placed #4, Somerville placed #8, Hawes #9, Orchard #12 and Willard #24 in best elementary schools.

George Washington Middle School placed #2 and Benjamin Franklin #21 in Best Middle School and Ridgewood High School placed #7 for High Schools..

The 2019 High Schools with the Best Teachers ranking is based on rigorous analysis of academic and teacher data from the U.S. Department of Education along with millions of reviews from students and parents. Learn where our data comes from.

Factors Considered

Factor Description Source Weight
Academics Grade Based on state assessment proficiency and survey responses on academics from students and parents. Multiple Sources 30.0%
Parent/Student Surveys on Teachers Niche survey responses scored on a 1-5 scale regarding teachers at the school. Self-reported by Niche users 25.0%
Teacher Absenteeism Percentage of teachers missing 10 or more days for sick or personal leave per school year. Civil Rights Data Collection 15.0%
Teacher Salary Index Average teacher salary normalized by Median Household Income by county. U.S. Department of Education 10.0%
Teachers in First/Second Year Percentage of teachers in their first or second year of teaching. Civil Rights Data Collection 10.0%
Average Teacher Salary Average teacher salary in the district. National Center for Education Statistics 5.0%
Student-Teacher Ratio Ratio of students to full-time teachers. Please note: Student-teacher ratio is not a representation of average class size. National Center for Education Statistics 5.0%

The same methodology is used to produce the Niche Teachers Grade for each ranked school as well as additional schools. Statistics obtained from the U.S. Department of Education represent the most recent data available, as self-reported by the schools. Niche also collects data directly from schools via our school data update form. If you work for a school and would like to update your data, please claim your school.

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SAVE the DATE: The Ridgewood Art Institute 2nd Annual Plein Air Paint Out

ridgewood art institute

August 4,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Call to Artists, Members and Friends of The Ridgewood Art Institute! Save this Date: September 16, 2018
Please join us for our 2nd Annual Plein Air Paint Out!
This year we will be hosting in our gardens at The Ridgewood Art Institute.
The Ridgewood Craft and Art Street Fair is 12-5pm that day and we are just a short walking distance away.
• Live costumed models with props and inspiring still life set ups, will be provided. Further details to be announced
• Artists should bring their own easels and paint supplies
• There is no registration fee – but donations will be appreciated!

A great opportunity to share the day with family and friends too!
Come meet our members and see why The Ridgewood Art Institute is such a treasured haven for so many!

The Ridgewood Art Institute is a non profit organization providing the finest instruction in Classical Realism in a variety of mediums. Classes are offered on an open enrollment basis, and can be joined at any time.
Each student is taught in direct relation to their personal skill level. For more information on class scheduling, this and future events please visit

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Reader dreams about the “good old days” in Ridgewood

I can only fantasize how magnificent this place may have been in the 80s. I Imagine a beautiful, quiet village, super clean and orderly, where neighbors were cordial and friendly and people respected each other, where residents shopped in downtown and just shrugged off any 10 minute delay to find a parking spot, where residents greeted each other in the streets, when you could sometime forget the house or car door open at night and not being told by some genius that “if someone violates your property it is your fault”, when people were more concerned with their family well being than that of the world, when they elected politicians they really trusted, when local government was as frugal with costs as they were in their family, when kids in schools were taught science and math and not pulled into ugly politics of different colors and brainwashed with socialist ideas, when USA flag was the only visible flag and people were proud of it, when people moved here to live the Ridgewood village life and not try to bring the NYC way of life and try to impose it to everybody else, when giggling about someone’s way of life wasn’t a a crime etc etc. Those who lived here are welcome to tell me if and how wrong I am.