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Breaking News North Jersey Media Outed on the Ridgewood Blog

>the Ridgewood Blog has learned from a poster that someone using the North Jersey Media (ISP) has been posting comments on the Ridgewood Blog …..hummmm

Anonymous has left a new comment on your postReaders Comment on the Ridgewood News Editorial“: There is one or two anonymous posters on this blog who work for the North Jersey Media Group…I find that very interesting…

Anonymous has left a new comment on your postReaders Comment on the Ridgewood News Editorial“: Reverse DNS LookupResults204.91.248.42 resolves to””Top Level Domain: “”Johnny, one thing you should know: nothing on the net is confidential…

Its seems that more then “anti goverment grumblers” read the Ridgewood Blog

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The RRC Blog rides to my rescue


The Ridgewood News, a smaller, less important rag of the leftist North Jersey Media Group, declared war on the Ridgewood Blog ( today. Dismissing the proprietor of that website and it’s posters as a bunch of anti government grumblers, the Ridgewood News promoted its own version of a blog. The promotion of their own blog underlines the real reason for the attack. The Ridgewood News is losing circulation to the bloggers and ad dollars are very dependent on circulation numbers. And another problem that is worrisome to the Ridgewood News is the fact that the Ridgewood Blog scooped them on a number of issues. The blog uses the input of the entire community instead of a small set of reporters looking for a story (and usually missing the elephant in the room). Having those types of resources is priceless and the paper knows it.The Ridgewood News editorial writer delighted in the fact that the Ridgewood Blog was banned from the computers of village hall. They pointed out that this did not surprise them as the blog used “anonymous” postings from people. Sadly, the paper missed the point again. Anonymous or not, a lot of people are upset with the way the village is being handled. Dismissing the posters as a bunch of anonymous crack pots misses the real story. Oh and by the way, the editorial in the Ridgewood News was unsigned.So the battle is joined. On the one hand is old media, with an ever shrinking stream of revenue and readers on one side, and new media emerging and engaging the public in a way that the news papers could never do. The real issue here is control of information. The Ridgewood News is no longer the only game in town. And if it keeps this attitude up, it won’t be in town much longer.