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“Clear Cut” , “turf Field” Roberta has issues with the new tree ordinance


June 22,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in a letter to the editor former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld, Tree tax is a bad idea . Is it just us or does anyone else find in both ironic and ridiculous that one of the people who pushed the “clear cutting” several acres of trees at Schedler Property ,in order to build a new turf baseball field has issues with the new tree ordinance ?

The ordinance regulating tree removals on private property requires a permit to remove any tree larger than 8 inches in diameter. Any healthy tree removed must be replaced, or a payment made in lieu of replacement. Key provisions of the new ordinance are outlined below.

The ordinance was specifically established to protect the Village of Ridgewood from people like Roberta Sonenfeld and Paul Aronsohn who were looking to ‘clear cut” and  turf down every inch in the Village of Ridgewood . As they say “round up the usual suspects “, we bet most readers can add a litany of names to this list.

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Village Council Candidates Wietz , Brooks, Willett and their supporters play the “Gabbert Card”

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May 8,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Paul Aronsohn  and his coalition Village council candidates Wietz , Brooks, Willett  are trying to play the “Gabbert Card”once again but don’t be fooled.
Mayor Paul Aronsohn voted yes to every single budget from the day he got on the council until now. And was there during Tom Rica theft and never noticed parking utility discrepancies until then.

While Bernie Walsh’s record is far more thoughtfull, she didn’t vote in 2011 and voted no in 2012. Voted yes in 2013 and no to operating budget but yes to Capital budget in 2014.

During Bernie’s tenure the Police contract was renegotiated saving Ridgewood $250K for the lifetime of each new officer hired. and the Village reduced to one Captain and two Lieutenants.

The Ridgewood news reported that the Village Council at a special public meeting on Monday will lower the starting salary for officers coming into the department after Dec. 1 to $32,000, down from the previous starting salary of $49,273, according to the ordinance.

By the way unlike some current candidates and council members Mayor Killion ,do to a “30-year distinguished career” in the Ridgewood police department,recused himeself from all police contract negotiations .

And if they really want to play the Gabbert card maybe they should remember how many new people Queen Bee Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld hired  help her do her job such as the HR person for about hundred thousand and that not counting her platinum health care and pension. In hind sight Gabbert’s raise does not bad compared hiring a new HR person. It is important to note that even after Gabberts raise he still made far less than his predecessor and far less that the new combo of Village Manager plus HR person .

According to the Kelly Ebbels of the Ridgewood News an article Paul has on his own website , the “Incentive bonuses can be awarded from a total pool of more than $80,000, Gabbert said. He estimated that the change from automatic raises to incentive bonuses could yield more than $40,000 a year in savings”, which then Councilman Paul Aronsohn voted against the proposal.

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Is the Village Manager is really questioning spending 40K?


April 1st 2016

Ridgewood NJ, from the Take Back Ridgewood Facebook page , Your Village Manager is questioning spending 40K on an election (are we living in democracy?), while she was busy in spending 122K of OUR money to get construction documents for a design that was yet to be discussed with public?

They asked for change order of $120,000.00 because they had already spent the $295,000.00 on all of the plans for a design that was not finalized!! And we wonder why they won’t budge on the current plan. Do not blame us for wasting the taxpayers dollars!

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Readers may debate Village of Ridgewood Managers Effectiveness , but most agree Her opinion is of no importance to any discussion


Far as I know there are five elected officials. I do not recall seeing Roberta’s name in the voting booth. Her opinion is of no importance to any discussion and I wish she would keep her mouth shut. There are two very obvious misogynists in the bunch – one wears his balding head for all to see and one covers his with a cheap rug. They have no use for women, none. If Roberta were not doing their calling, talking their talk, walking their walk, they would oust her instantly.

Roberta has no business………..NONE WHATSOEVER………..interjecting her opinion into anything. She takes sides and argues with the Council Majority and with residents. No, Sir Rurik, this is not about her being a woman. What a pitiful sidetrack you are trying to get on. Her double-X chromosome is not at issue here. What is at issue is that she is way way too big for her britches, so to speak. She thinks she is an elected official when she absolutely is not.